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Lautus Perambulo Automotive: Precision and Passion.

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Lautus Perambulo, also known as simply Lautus is an Adapton automotive manufacture, and the commercial arm of Lautus Peramulo Technologies Formula One, both of which are subsidiaries of Lautus Technology and Engineering. Lautus is based out of the Lautus Technology Centre, Heracidium, just outside of Tellakois. 

Lautus Automotive specialises on luxury and high performance production vehicles for multiple markets including the Europan and Argic markets. Lautus are also known for their tuning house. Lautus have a long history of partnering with other automative manufactures and motor sport teams to produce high performance orientated models of production vehicles, as well as specialist modification and adaptions to existing engine and drivetrain platforms. 

Recently Lautus has reopened it's tuning division with it's lates partnership with the @Prymont automotive manufacture Kaldestad Aamot Group (KAP). With this new partnership Lautus is proud to announce it's first production vehicle in 25 years. 

Welcome to the Centurion...


The Centurion L2 GTR is based on the previous KAP R3 platform, which now has since been discontinued. Lautus opted to continue the platform over the R3's successor the R4 due to it's lightweight chassis and mid-engined layout. This proved to be the perfect layout for Lautus' first foray into the production car market in 25 years. 

The L2 GTR will be sold in most markets under the KAP name, however a limited run version, the Centurion L2-80 GTR will, will be sold in a limited number of 80 cars, directly under the Lautus brand. 

The goal of the Centurion project was to take an already capable car and take it to the next level. As well as offering a test bed for future Lautus/KAP projects, as well as a future motorsport ventures. 

To achieve this project goal, the R3 platform was striped of it's entire drivetrain and and engine, as well as an extensive lightening process. Carbon fibre was used in the entirety of the body construction, as well as key components to the drivetrain, such as the drive shaft and wheels. 

The shell of the R3 has also been redesigned to produce a higher percentage of downforce over it's former body. The new body shell, along with front and rear splinters, and new rear wing combine to add an additional 17% downforce over the original design. The front of the car has been redesigned to increase airflow into the now twin turbocharged powertrain. To help remove the increased combustion gasses, the L2 has a redesigned exhaust system, that is not only efficient, but also helps to move 28% more of the exhaust gasses over the original design, and increased the performance significantly. 

However all of this additional work wouldn't have been complete with the addition of a Lautus power plant. To this end, Lautus have slotting their latest version of the 5S-FTK-K23 Engine. the 5S is a twin turbocharged 3.6 litre V6 engine, that produces 643BHP, in a vehicle that weights only 1088kg. This produces a powerful machine that hits 0-60mhp in around 3.2 seconds. To handle this power the L2 hosts a reinforced 6 speed manual gearbox, of which a new design by Lautus, that help to send the power to the rear wheels. To help maintain traction, not only are were new tyres designed with the co-operation of perfomance tyre manufature Birelli, but an entirely new ECU and traction control system was developed by Lautus to help maintain maximum grip, and get as much of the 643 horse power to the road. 

The Centurion will be sold from November 1st, for an estimated value of around Æ900,000 (β1.4 million) Around 300 of the main production cars will be made, with the limited L2-80 cars to follow. Prices for the L2-80 will be released closer to its release. 

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