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Operation Clean-Up

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1500AT | People's Palace ,Moskovo, Ahrana | Office of the Secretary General

8 October 2018


It had only been three hours since taking Office and Sigrid was already outlining her plans for "Operation Clean-Up" as she called it, ultimately she was going to start what the Military Generals called the "War on Drugs" because that's what they foresaw in this Operation a massive War against the unyielding Drug Lords of the Federation. But Sigrid refused to take a no for an answer when she asked her Generals if the manpower could be ready by 1900AT tonight as they were going to start the raids on the Drug Dealer and Drug Lords. She may start this War but she is determined to see it done for the greater good of the people. 

She had a feeling since she made her first speech that most of the Drug Lords and Dealers saw what would happened and have either left or turn their stocks over, but their are those few who yield at nothing and will stop at nothing to gain more profit. As the Generals and Sigrid battled out the last few details she would make a televised statement to the entire Federation while the first Raids were taking place. The order to go would be made as soon as she said the first word on TV tonight at 1800AT. The Generals and Sigrid had finally come to an agreement on how they would procced with such and operation and decided that the First Wave would consist of a Moderate Heavy Raid Force in the Capital and other areas while the rest of the Country would face a Heavy Force involving few Tanks and LTVs that would intimidate the large Drug Lords. They had decided that under no reason will they fire on innocent Civilians only those who held weapons.

Sigrid then proceeded to walk to her Desk to give her speech to her proof reader and to put her Military Jacket back on and to walk to the Press Room where she would give the Televised Speech. They would reherse for a few hours and to get any makeup that would be needed and to get word to the Press that a statement would be released tonight.


1800AT | Press Room, Peoples Palace

The room was packed tight with reporters and Staff and Generals and one Agent that held a radio to give the signal to the others on when to fully mobilise to all locations across the Country. The lights in the back of the room dimmed and the March was sounded and in walked Sigrid in her White Military Uniform all medals showing, she got to the podium and looked at each person in the room with a stern look and then looked down and started talking:

Ladies and Gentlemen and People of the Federation thank you for joining me on such short notice, whether your viewing from your home or here in the Press Room today is momentous occasion no doubt. I took Oath of Office Six hours ago and I have already begun giving orders out Nationwide and inside my Government. Tonight as I am speaking to you now Operation Clean-Up has begun, all Drugs will be seized if they are not in possession of Pharmaceutical Companies or Pharmacies across the Nation as of today. Statements were realized prior to the end of term of the Former Secretary General that all Drugs must be handed over to Pharmaceutical Companies for equal amount of compensation or face further reparations later down the road. Well today is that day, today as the Generals of the Military Call it, the War on Drugs have started and will not end till all Drugs are confiscated from Drug Lords and Dealers. All License given by the Federal Government prior to and on this Day are now rendered Null and Void and hold no legal weight.

It will be the mandate of this Government to rid this Country of such filth that has plagued so many Families and individules, I have allotted more funds to the Rehabilitation Services of the Federation to help do more for those who will need recovery from such Drugs. These Services will be done in a controlled manor and Environment and it is my hope that everyone who struggles with such Drug Addictions will seek the help willingly.

Thank You for joining me on this night and please do have a good Rest of your night and sleep knowing that the Federation will soon be rid of such things that plague us so much.

Thank You.

Sigrid walks off the Podium after receiving a nod from the agent that the Operation has begun now all she could do was hope for the best and to wait for the reports to start rolling in.

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0900 AT | Palace of the Presidium of the Federation, FR Moskovo

9 October 2018


Operation Clean-up had commenced and as the results from the first night of operation came flowing in the worst fears of the Secretary General were realized, the fact that these Drug Lords could put up such resistance in such a short amount of time shown that there were two possible reasons. One, some in the Federal Government tipped them off or Two they are Militarized now and the data received was inaccurate. In the coming weeks the Federal Government was under surveillance by the ADI and its Sister Branch the SNB, for possible Information leaks, the order for such Surveillance was given by Former Secretary General Core which Operation Clean-up was created by.

As Sigrid kept reading the reports she came under the assumption that it was both options and just a single one, if this was the case then the entire Operation was in jeopardy of failing. She wanted to rid the Federation of the Drug problem but couldn't do it successfully if her own people accepted bribes and dirty money. As she stood in her Presidium Office she walked to the desk and dialed the ADI Director,


Director, we have a problem with the Operation and its contents make this line secure for Classification 6 Discussion please and keep it off the books.

Aye Ma'am, one moment please.....Okay Ma'am Line is Secure for Level 6 Discussion and off the books, go ahead.

I am well aware of the Order of Surveillance given by Madam Core and I am curious to know what has come of that Order and its results. Meaning have you found anything of use to me in a case of Information Leak from the Federal Government?

One Moment please Ma'am let me find the reports gathered in the last two weeks....Alright Ma'am as I see it the Legislature had no clue and in-fact they are furious with the entire Operation as it seems...The Judiciary was informed by a member of the Presidium Delegate Greggory of Lockiee who said as quoted, 'The Secretary General will get us all killed with the Operation as it oversteps her Powers to the most highest extent in my knowledge. If there is anyway we can end her tenure Constitutionally it would be of the upmost importance of my Federal Republic.' The reply from the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court was, "We support the Secretary General in her Executive Decree and it is fully Constitutional as it is not an Act of War on another Sovereign Nation, so therefore it is in her Executive Power to Decree and enact such an Operation, however I suggest to you Mr. Greggory that you either shut the hell up or get out of Politics as it will be the death of you if you talk this way again."  It went that way with the Chief Justice lecturing him of his role in the Government and ended with that he was a fool to call him concerning this issue that he created since he was a cowered Ma'am. There was a lot of chatter in the Presidium the day before the Operation and it seems to stem from well none other than Mr. Greggory himself. He called a few unknown Numbers that have the prefix number of burn phones. Ma'am if there was a leak....Well here we go pure evidence of who it was. It was a line from the Office the Deputy General of Tatani and Lockiee, Delegate Ivan and Greggory seemed to have known in weeks advanced of the Operation and It seems they also made several withdraws from their Personal Bank Accounts of Several Thousand Krone. I suggest that they be brought to the ADI for questioning on these calls and withdraws Ma'am. Do I have you're go ahead to do such a thing Madam Secretary?

Yes and make sure all information is recorded I will be at the ADI in less than and hour do not Interview them till I get there understood.

Aye Ma'am as you say.


She hung up the phone and walked into the Presidium Chambers to commence the meeting of the Executive Council which two members would be detained at, she grabbed her files and walked to the chamber. The Guards opened the door and she was announced and walked to the end of the table and took her seat. Ivan and Greggory were sat near one another and she looked around and nodded to the Chamber Host to leave and make the call.


As you all are well aware of now the Operation has met severe resistance to the Military and Federal Police as it is common Knowledge what the Executive Office, Secretary General, Decrees is Law and has full and complete Backing of the Constitutional Court and the Constitution of the Federation as well as the Commitment of the Federal Republics Premiers. The only Federal Office not known of the Operation was the Congressional Houses which are currently infuriated at such use of Executive Power which was told to me by the Director of Intelligence. The following is only known to two other people in this room and myself, the ADI was order by the Former Secretary General to begin Surveillance on the Federal Government Offices to watch for Information Leeks which have proved fruitful. Sigrid stopped and took her glass of water and took a drink while staring at Ivan and Greggory intensely. It is now common knowledge between me and the Director of Intelligence of the conversations of all Members of this Presidium and all Other Government Offices....and as it is common Knowledge I want to answer a few questions here. First, I was elected by the People unanimously to lead this Federation forward and to rid the Country of the pests of Drug Lords which have now Militarized thanks to a few donations by a few members of this Council. Not just one donations but exactly twelve Donations of several Thousand Krone! Its sickening knowing that my Own Deputy Generals and Ministers would take Dirty Money for themselves and not think of the People they are Governing! Second, the Powers of my Office are outlined in the Constitution and are granted to me by the Constitution and the People of this Federation, I know the Constitution and I even wrote part of it while I was in exile! So trust me I know the extinct of my Executive Powers and I do not need my own Members of the Executive Council defying me!

**Knock knock knock**

Please enter and step to the side and lock the doors behind you Director!

The Director and five ADI Agents entered closed the doors and locked them and stood at all points of exit.

Hello Director so nice to see you after having our lovely conversation this morning we are almost done here give me a few then its all yours Director.

Aye Madam Secretary take your time I'm in now rush.

Thank you, and so the fact that such disloyalty to your oath you all took under Madam Core and me sickens me. I do not understand why such disobedience to the Law and to the Oath that you promised to uphold is so hard to keep. All I ask is that you serve this Government in Honesty and Loyalty to the Greater Good of the People of the Federation. Now, would the Delegated of the following please stand up, Ivan of the Federal Republic of Tatani and Greggory of the Federal Republic of Lockiee. It has come to my knowledge that you two have broken the Oaths you took in-front of thousands of Ahranaians and myself by providing funds to the Drug Lords of the Federation and deliberately seeking to destabilize the entire Operation by leaking Classified Information of Level 7 to non-government personnel. Greggory it has also come to my knowledge of your subornation of my Authority as the Highest Executive Authority of the Federation. You were lectured by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court about you disloyalty and he was correct to do so. So I am stripping of you Governmental Rank, Military Rank and all Federal Classification Authority. You will follow the Director to the ADI and will be questioned with a Lawyer of your choice and will then be send to the Supreme Court of the Federation for you Disloyalty to the Government and the People of the Federation. Do you have anything to say before you are taken away for questioning?

Madam Secretary all I ask is for your forgiveness and that may your Government find stability.

Thank you Greggory I do forgive you but the People my not forgive you and this Government can make their own decision on whether they forgive you, and you Ivan anything.....No okay well I shall see you guys later today. Take them away Director please. Now for the rest of you, this is what will happen to you if you follow the same path. The goal of this Government is to rid the Drug Vermin from these lands and to create a better Ahrana, if you do not wish to do so and instead want the Dirty Money they give then please stand up now and announce your resignation from the Federal Executive Council and Government all together. Also you will forget that the ADI is gathering Intelligence on all Agencies and when you do if you mess up I will know for now on so please do not follow the same fate of Ivan and Greggory. Now lets continue this Council Meeting.

1230 AT | Directorate of Intelligence HQ, FR Moskovo

The Council meeting went on for two hours covering mainly the Operation Intel and what can be done. Once it ended Sigrid left and headed for the Directorate HQ and took with her the Court Order which was needed for the Director. Since it had to be signed by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court and the Procurator of the Federation along with her as well she took the task of doing the work of gathering the signatures. Upon her arrival the Director was notified and met her in the Interrogation Room opposite of Ivan and Greggory. She handed the Court Order to the Director and the Lawyers were shown the Order and permitted the Director to talk to them.

Mr. Greggory and Mr. Ivan here I hold the Official Court Order for your questioning and detention signed by the Courts of the Federation, the Procurator and the Secretary General of the Federation. Do you have anything to freely tell me before we begin the Questioning? Okay well first do you guys understand what you did was a breach of Security and completely undermines the Oaths you took and that since its a breech of Security that you can spend up to ten years in prison for such an act?

Aye I do understand. (Both men)

Very well then, knowing this before committing these acts why would you follow through and not expect there to be any reamends?

I honestly didn't expect that the Directorate would be listening or even watching the Government Offices.

I knew they were listening and watching I just believe in letting the Drugs stay as its more money for the economy, who cares what happens to the people of the federation. As long as I make a profit on the trade I am happy to not look at the effort.

Very well Mr. Ivan that's all I needed from you. The guards will escort you to your cell and you will be sent before the Supreme Court tomorrow. Your Lawyer will notify you of the Chargers being brought before you and whether you can appeal them or not. Mr. Greggory have you anything else to tell me?

I only did it for the sake of getting some more money they had called me a week before the operation was to happen and they asked what and how and they promised me 3 Million Krone if I helped them militarize in the Federal Republic of Lockiee. The Fara Cartel are who called me they control the entire Drug trade in Lockiee.

Thank you Greggory your information will be useful which we already knew just wanted you to tell us. You will be escorted by guards to another cell till tomorrow to face the Supreme Court, but since you co-operated better than Mr. Ivan I will tell the Justice that some of the charges to be lightened compared to Ivans. Your Lawyer will tell you the Charges brought before you and you will be able to Appeal some of them due to your co-operation with us.


The Guards took Greggory and Sigrid entered the room and shook hands with the Director and left for the Palace of the Presidium again.

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