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Expansion Ahrana

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As my dear neighbor @Prymont had stated I have a few expansion areas Im looking at for the future of Ahrana and the last of all expansions of Ahrana for the foreseeable future and such. The expansion will come in three phases with te first phase starting next year and the other two phases being six months between the first one. They all are going to be Role-played out and will have many justifications and reasonings.



(please do ignore the sub-territorial lines inside the federation that's for something else)

Anyways the first Phase is to the West of the Federations Borders, the Role-play that will go with this is the territorial claims by the Federal Republic of Xara as Ahrana only annexed one segment of the entire old Country. The other Capitals of the Old Country, Remus and Romulus make Xara whole having three Capitals in all. How it will start is that the Government of Vulgus Supra receives Signals from Remus and Romulus as coming under attack by the Religious Fundamentalist that plagued Xara till the Armed Forces of Ahrana stepped in. So after the defeat they fled to what the Ahranaian Government to be no mans land but instead was Greater Xara and the Old Country of Ahrana. Within this Phase the Religious Radicals will finally be named and we will see exactly what they are capable of doing.


Phase 2 will be started and pursued to create a land border between the Federation and the United States in hopes of further advancing relations and lower Travel Restrictions and so forth. With this instalment Ahrana will begin to ally itself closer with the United States helping usher in Peace in Argis and the northern part of the World. It is with this that I hope that @Prymont grow closer together in some form of another yet to be discussed. The RP for this phase is to give the Federation some more farm land (yes I know it stays cold most of the year here but what we can grow will help!!!!) and more land for factories and so much more. This Phase will start Six months after Phase 1.


Phase 3 will be started Six months or more depending on my life status (haha) after Phase 2. This phase will mainly be a way for Ahrana to be part of Central Argis and to be able help stabilize the area that is in a consistent state of war in my words. OOCly this will also give the United States a corridor into the Central of Argis to help with the stability and so forth. I know Pryguy might have more to say OOCly but we haven't got there yet. This RP will consist of having access to the south and to bring easier trade to the region and giving the Federation more warmer lands for a longer Farming season and another water access area. This Phase has no time table yet, and I have yet to know what others will think in the area but hopefully none to bad (haha).


So there you guys have it the total expansion of Ahrana for the near future and probably the last one for Ahrana at that, I do not see the Federation growing bigger after this unless invasions happen and so forth. So do feel free to leave your thoughts behind!

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I will be dropping the claim to the west of the Federations current boundaries to allow Dnister to have that area of land. So I will keep the two other claims unless there are any objections.

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So with the drop of Phase 1 not taking place I have also decided to dismiss the idea of having a Phase 3 and just expanding into the Area of Phase 2. The idea going on the Phase 2 area is something like how Israel has done with the Settlements in the lands that are to be Palestinian. Now with that idea comes NPC Nations in that area, that land would be divided up between two or three Countries that are isolationists and do not like outsiders. The Settlements pushed some of the former people out but some stayed preferring to work with the Ahranaians. The Imperial Government would begin the program to help create more farm land and more produce and much needed agriculture for the Ahranaian People. The new Government would recognized the efficiency of the program and allow it to continue with the funding it was getting.

The Isolations soon become tired of the Ahranaians coming further inland in their Country and soon start attacking the settlers, which at first doesn't get Ahranaian Government Attention, but after a raid on the Local Government Office there and a few important People are killed the Eye of the Ahranaian Government is on the Areas of Settlements. The Isolationists soon start invading into the Settlement Territory and start killing all those who are Ahranaian (Sparking a genocide) and burning down the settlement towns and crops and killing all Animals that were used for the agriculture program. This soon caught the extreme eye of the Secretary General sparking her attention due to the amount of people dying. She would begin talking about Military Intervention and the use of force to take over the entire Lands as they are very beneficial to the economy and the agriculture industry.


If anyone has any objections or input they would like to place I am more than welcome for it. I am having a hard time figuring out the entire RP so I really wouldn't mind some outside input honestly.

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After revisiting this and some recent additions and events I have decided to change the direction of the expansion and the RP involved. After careful thought and planning the Expansion of Ahrana is going to take a different tone and direction. With Prymont moving to the Northeastern Section of my border where one of the Phases were going to take place I have decided to drop that Phase as well as the remaining Expansion Phase, Phase 2. However the Expansion of Ahrana is not dead YET!

This expansion is going to be Ahrana re-entering the political affairs in different ways that will be explained in the RP for these new expansions as Ahrana is being rebranded so to say.

The Map for the Expansions (please ignore the opened tabs)



So as you can there is only Two Phases total and they go south from the Southern Boarder of Ahrana, each Phase will represent a NPC Nation that will have a historical connection to Ahrana to which I am currently developing.  

So what's the RP Plan?

Okay so given the current state affairs in Ahrana is slightly improving but not enough for a full blown scale war between these NPC Nations and Ahrana, After talking with a RP Mentor, my lovely and wonderful neighbor to the north of me, and thinking last night (didn't sleep very much last night) there are a few options on the table. 

Option 1: Ahrana could purchase the land. 

Not to sure about how exactly that would work haven't been able to truly wrap my head around that one, so that option is still in the process of development. (Any input on this option would be greatly appreciated!)

Option 2: Reintegration into the United Kingdom of Ahrana

The People in these NPC Nations are historically connected to Ahrana and would have left the union with Ahrana during the period of the Republican (Nationalist) Government due to overthrow of the Monarchy in 1912. in the history it would be and should be noted that some of the Imperial and Noble House members fled to these NPC Nations due to their sympathies with the Ahranaian Imperial Family.

Why did these NPC Nations not rejoin the union when the Monarch was re-established?

Well as I sat thinking last night the reason given would be those Royals and Nobles who fled would haven gotten to power in these nations and due to the saying, "Power corrupts and warps those who gain it and have longed for it for so long..", simply these nations did not rejoin the United Kingdom as the people in power did not wish to give up their power had gained.

Why would they rejoin the Kingdom now when its at its lowest point?

Ah goo question, they would want to be part of a United Ahrana again during the time of reconstruction because they have strong economies and many people who could help Ahrana stabilize and grow to what it was before the Socialist Revolution. While Ahrana went through a Revolution these two nations were growing and having a period of prosperity while taking in any Ahranaians fleeing the war.

Would both nations rejoin at the same time?

No, which is why there is two Phases for two separate NPC Nations. 

What are the names of these two NPC Nations?

Phase 1 is the Grand Duchy of Elde to which the Grand Ducal House is the House of Elde.

Phase 2 is the Kingdom of Uppsund to which the Noble House of Asplund is the King/Queens of the Kingdom.

How are these Houses connected to the Imperial House?

The Grand Ducal House of Elde is a descendent of the Romano Imperial House through the Female Line, however due to the succession laws in the past the Grand Ducal House was not able to be in the line of Succession and were granted the Title Grand Duke/Duchess of the lands called Elde. The Dukes and Duchess would change their surname to Elde to have no claim to the Imperial Throne by law. When the nationalist came to power the House of Elde seized power for themselves becoming the Absolute Rulers of Elde.

The Noble House of Asplund is related to the House of Chayka through the Male Line. The House of Asplund was created for a Son of King Alexsander II. A reason has never been given for the creation of this House as it is still unknown exactly why it was created. The House of Asplund has no claim to the Imperial Throne due to the claim being withdrawn in favor of Gostov XV.


When would Phase 1 start?

Phase 1 would start in June of 2021 and would end sometime in the middle of January 2022 giving it about a 8 month RP time window

When would Phase 2 Start?

Phase 2 would start sometime in 2022, when is currently unknown just in case the Phase 1 RP is not completed by January 2022.


I would like some input for sure so if you have anything no matter it be questions or concerns please do express them!


(pinging @Greater Serbia and @Girkmand due to the expansion being near them)


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The expansion for Elde has started and the expansion for Uppsund will start sometime next year. I am also asking that Elde and Uppsund be placed as NPCs on the Map for RP Purposes.

Flag of the Grand Duchy of Elde:


Capital City: Victoria (named after a daughter of the Grand Duke from the 1800s)




Flag of the Kingdom of Uppsund:


Capital City:  Havsborg


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Hello, it's me once again 😱👋 and I have debated a few things and discussed ideas with a few people in the community and I have reached the following as an idea and possibility for Chapter 3 to the Union United series!🥳

Following the completion of Chapter 2 of, A Union United, the next step and chapter in the series is Chapter 3 which will be called The Dniestrian Threat. So, I will answer some basic questions here and introduce the idea and core things.

What is the Dniestrian Threat?

The first thing to keep in mind on this is that Dniester currently is a hotbed for Terrorist Activity that has been threatening Ahranaian stability and security along the border Dniester and Ahrana share. Ahranaian Terrorists which are members of the expelled Communist, Socialists and Nationalist Parties that were deemed too dangerous to allow continuation inside Ahranaian Politics and Government. Most of the people who would flee the country are people involved in atrocities and crimes committed in the Revolution and the Socialist Governments tenure of power. These Terrorists fled to Dniester and were given refuge by the new Dniestrian government that is run by the group called, The Circle (We will talk about them soon). So, with the Government harboring Terrorists and fugitives from Ahranaian Law and allowing the members of this group called the circle to attack the border cities in Ahrana has earned them to be labeled a Threat, a Dniestrian Threat.

Who is The Circle?

If this name is not somewhat familiar to some of you then you were not here for one part of Argic History or Modern Argic History, this group is an arm of the main group, The Circle of Death, that ruled and governed the Hellenic Rus before Prymont took over and ran then out of the country. The Circle is a splinter group from the original group but has climbed to power in Dniester in a power vacuum and has abused their power and authority and allowed Terrorists to settle into Dniester and cause havoc among the people.

Why is Ahrana getting involved?

Funny you should ask this, Ahrana is involved because of the Border Attacks and the Government is tired of allowing these people avoid justice and wants to make sure these people are punished and that the People of Dniester can have a prosperous country!

This Sounds a bit like Ahrana has gone Imperialistic and wants land?

Yes, Ahrana is a Monarchy or Diarchy with an Imperial Throne but NO it is not going on an Imperialism run. BUT! Ahrana is now a reformed and Peaceful country that wants Peace and Stability in the region where it resides and currently the current makes up of Dniester threatens that desire.

Okay, so what's the Plan man?

Ah ha that's the question of the hour! The Plan! Okay, so eventually the People and the Government of Ahrana will get tired of the attacks especially after two horrible attacks and bombings on two major cities on the border that the Government Policy will change with an Act of War declared on the Circle and the Government of Dniester that backs Terrorist Groups. The goal of the Ahranaian Armed Forces is to enter Dniester and apprehend the Ahranaian Terrorists and other Terrorists and make them responsible for their Acts (Means another Court Trial RP better than Ivanoff's!). In the process the Military will be actively trying to stabilize the country so that upon withdrawal from key areas they remain free and under Dniestrian Control.

Are there Dniestrian Rebels helping Ahranaians?

Yes, and kind of ironically and uncreatively I am calling this group the White Dniestrian.

Can Foreign Countries join in this RP?

Yes, I plan on making this RP one that brings the Argic Community and other together to create a two-state solution Dniester.

A Two-State Solution?

Ah Yes. Two State Solution Dniester, North and South. The South will be a member state to the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana while the North will become the United Socialist Republic of North Dniester. (see the IIwiki for more information on these two states)

When will this RP happen?

So far, I have not confirmed exactly when this RP will happen as Chapter 2 of the current expansion has yet to start. Once chapter 2 is done and confirmed I will announce when Chapter 3 will start and ask those who want to become involved to let me know so we can communicate this RP perfectly.


If at any point you are curious or have any questions for this RP let me know and I will gladly talk about i! Cheers! 🥂



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As promised some links to the two states that will become Dniester.

North Dniester:

North Dniester - IIWiki

South Dniester:

South Dniester - IIWiki


ALSO, I will start making news posts setting the mood for this phase and as soon as Chapter 2 is done this will begin.

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On 12/15/2021 at 8:50 PM, Ahrana said:

Who is The Circle?

If this name is not somewhat familiar to some of you then you were not here for one part of Argic History or Modern Argic History, this group is an arm of the main group, The Circle of Death, that ruled and governed the Hellenic Rus before Prymont took over and ran then out of the country. The Circle is a splinter group from the original group but has climbed to power in Dniester in a power vacuum and has abused their power and authority and allowed Terrorists to settle into Dniester and cause havoc among the people.

This should definitely prove interesting.  I know Seylos is definitely on the lookout for groups like this as they follow many of the same types of themes of the radical Sentists. I wouldn’t be surprised if radical Sentist lend their help to this fight and corrupt the Circle even more. And Seylos would definitely want to help in putting down such an organization.


On 12/16/2021 at 2:23 PM, Tagmatium Rules said:

How will you have this NPC act as not just another expansion in all but name?

Def a question worth answering.

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On 12/16/2021 at 1:23 PM, Tagmatium Rules said:

How will you have this NPC act as not just another expansion in all but name?

The plan is that I will set up the rest of the Lore for both North and South Dniester as a whole. I will also write a Constitution for North Dniester and create everything else it will need to be an Independent NPC. Every now and then I will partner with some of the RP Mentors and Admins to redraft the Numbers for population and Military when needed. But as agreed with the Admins and Moderators North Dniester will be an Independent NPC not part of Ahrana at all.


If there needs to be more clarification on this let me know that's for anyone.

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This is more for the staff, but the Uppsund Expansion is complete on my account. If a revision of the expansion titled, A Union United, Chapter 2 could be reviewed to see if it is satisfactory to the requirements.

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Everything appears to be in order, I found no issues within your actual RP (even if the merger between Uppsund and Ahrana is, unorthodox to say the least :P)

May the expansionist Empire of Ahrana live for a thousand years! (I jest)

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Good morning, all!

So I know this will not come to the surprise to many people here but, its planning time again!

I bet you are wondering or maybe you have been wondering what these pesky Ahranaians are eyeballing next, because it seems that when I say I am done expanding it turns out I really am not! Lol!

Well, this time I swear it'll be the last that Ahrana seeks expansion. So, what are the areas you ask? Well let's jump right into it then!!


1. Veskoniemi

After talking with Prymont on this and after I considered what it was, I wanted to achieve in this endeavor I was given permission by Pry to take his expansion to my Northeast in the state he was calling Veskoniemi. I do have the conversation saved of where Pry and I talked about this and where he agreed with it.

So what is my plan here?

I plan to treat it as another Elde and Uppsund RP admission to the Union of Ahrana. The State of Veskoniemi will apply for Member State Status in the United Kingdom and the Government will allow the status to happen. 

I am still in the progress of making this RP come to life in my head so I will give an update to this expansion request when I have more details.

Did you have any other ideas on the RP for this State?

As a matter of fact, I have one other possible RP idea for Veskoniemi. This one revolved around having three foreign powers plus myself come to the table of diplomacy and see what would be the best course of action for Veskoniemi. These Foreign Powers include Baltica, Mokhavia, and Ateenia. However, with this RP path I have not decided if I want to pursue this RP or the Statehood RP so it is still in the air here.

When I decide what will happen I will update this Thread.

2. Kattegat

The lovely State of Kattegat. What can I tell you about it? Not much currently as I am planning it out still! However, this will follow after Veskoniemi once it is complete. (see map above 😊)


3. Hvarf

I am still in the planning stages of this State as well, what is known it is part of the Southern Scandi Langauage Tree with some Slavic Groups in the borders. It has been at a state of peace for over a century. It was part of the Empire of Ahrana before the collapse of the Empire.

4. Stemas

Yet again I am still in the planning stages of this state also! The State of Stemas was part of the Empire of Ahrana at its peak of power even being the Naval Powerbase of the entire Empire. After the fall of the empire Stemas and Hvarf did fight a war that was instigated by Stemas but since that dispute Stemas and Hvarf have been great neighbors even training with Elde and Uppsund.


Overall, I know much of this phase of expansion is still under heavy construction, but I only wanted to get the idea of what I have been brewing in my mind to everyone! Naturally if a newcomer comes into the region and they want to be in the area of States 3 and 4 then I will allow them to do so. 

So now for the mass pings!! @Hinterlands @Transbaltia @Baltica @Mokhavia @Ateenia

If I forgot anyone and you are near me do not hesitate to get mad at me for forgetting you. (I promise it was on accident please forgive me I love you all equally).

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As this is largely a post on putting down the foundations of expansions in the future, not much for me to say until your immediate neighbours (who you've already pinged) gets back to you and gives their opinions/ideas.

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Regarding Stemas and Hveradular status, I have a new plan for those NPCs. Like with Volhynia these two NPCs will follow the route of the rules for colonies. These two states will rely on Ahrana economically, defensive, and politically. They will become Protectorates or Client States of Ahrana once again. I am using the interference of Anglia in Southern Argis as my reasoning for this Protectorate Status and for the reason that these two NPCs do not have a large Military force.

This will come after, and whenever I finish, the Dniester project.

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Mostly for Staff and our lovely Cartographer, I have pretty much finished the Dniester Expansion Arc and a few follow-up posts will follow in the next few weeks of having South Dniester elect its Regional Government and me setting up a separate RP for the North Dniester government Transition. I am in need of help trying to figure out a way to split Dniester into two sections. The plan is to basically give the South a good position and ability to strike the North if ever needed again. So, if you have any ideas on how to split Dniester into two sections that basically gives the South a good foothold over the North while not completely neutering the North, I am all ears!


Also here are the links to the iiwiki for the flag of North Dniester. The flag of South Dniester is not needed as its a full member state to the Union.

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The Expansion for Stemas will start at the beginning of Book Two of the "A Day in the Life" thread; I am not sure how long this expansion arc will last, but I am just updating for the powers that be.

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