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Theme music plays.


“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brett Bear and this is NSBN.  Our main story of tonight revolves around the civil war raging in Dniester.  We go to Port Trinity for that story with Michael Finley.”

”Evening Brett. The Salvian government released a statement just last week declaring their neutrality in the conflict, the statement released only promising humanitarian aid.  However, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo promised the hospital ships the CN Sanctus and the CN Trinity, which would depart September 25.  This date was pushed back until the morning of today, in which the crew of both ships were sent off with an escort of two destroyers and three cruisers to ensure their safe travels.   Brett.”

”Thanks Mike.  Now let’s go to our stocks.  The market was mixed today, the Salvian Manufacturing Company dropped 4.5, the National Agricultural Market rose by 23.7 and the Murway-Kirk Company  rose by 3.

When we come back: we’ll discuss events beyond our borders and more.  Stay tuned”


Theme music plays, cuts to commercial.


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Theme Music Plays


”Good evening, my name is Brett Bear and you’re watching NSBN.  A few stories tonight but first let’s check up on the Rugby League.

The Trinity Stags pulled an upset last night against heavily favored Deopolis Crusaders last night, winning 26-19.  This advances them out fo the quarters to the semis, and will play against St. Paul’s Legion tomorrow afternoom.   

 The Department of Commerce has recently announced plans to negotiate a trade deal with the archipelago nation of @Andalla.  Head of the Department Anne Kirken stated that the government was seeking to negotiate a deal over shipbuilding, a major sector of the Salvian economy.  Andalla has so far made no comment.

Let’s go to our stocks.  Market was good today the Salvian Manufacturing Company rose by 2 and a half, the National Agricultral Market by 18 and the Murway-Kirk rose by 4.3.


When we come back we’ll discuss events outside the beltway and more.  Stay tuned.”


Theme music plays, cuts to commercial 

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Theme Music Plays


Good evening, my name is Brett Bear and you're watching NSBN.  Slow news week but we do have some stories to cover so let's get into it, first with an update on the Rugby League.  The Trinity Stags, the heavy underdogs heading into the tourney are heading into the finals after a very close game against St. Paul's Legion which ended 14-12.  They face the number 1 team, the St. Mark's Saints on Thursday.


Heading outside of sports St. Leo's Cathedral has released more details on the upcoming Council of Deopolis.  As the number of nations announcing their participation grows, the report was released last night as promised.  The report states the intention of discussions on Christian topics as well as negotiations between the Christian nations.  The election of the new pontiff of the Salvian Church is also expected to take place then.


The federal government has announced plans to participate in Derthalen's own Feats of Strength, a competition featuring many physical activities.  Around 20 athletes have announced their plans to compete, with more expected to follow.


Stocks were mixed today, the Salvian Manufacturing Company fell by 1.3, the National Agricultural Market gained 7 and Murray-Kirk stayed almost stagnant, gaining only by three-tenths.  When we come back, we'll discuss things happening outside our borders.  Stay tuned."


Theme Music Plays, cuts to commercial 

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“Good evening, my name is Brett Bear and this is NSBN.  Tonight we have a few stories but first we go to Michael Finley in Deopolis.  Mike.”


“Evening Brett.  Three notable events have occurred here in the last week.  Firstly, the Trinity Stags did pull the upset, dominating the  Minotia Saints 54-7 last Tuesday, winning the Rugby League Championship.  This is their first championship win since 1973.  

Next, trade negotiations with @Andalla have been confirmed by the Foreign Ministry. Negotiations are expected to happen this weekend, where the discussion will be focused on sharing the expertise of Salvian and Andallan shipbuilders, as well as investment from major Salvian and Andallan companies in each other’s nations.  


”Thanks Mike.  Finally, lets go to stocks.  The market was good today, the Salvian Manufacturing Company rose by 1.6, the National Agricultural Market rose by 23 and a half and Murway-Kirk gained almost 5. 

When we come back, we’ll discuss events outside our borders and more.”


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"Good evening, my name is Brett Bear you're watching NSBN.  We'll get right into the news tonight starting with the trade deal in @Andalla.  We go to Michael Finley in Arkhavn.  Mike."


"Andallan and Salvian diplomats have been negotiating a deal since last Sunday, when the Department of Commerce announced that the two nations had agreed to talk.  The two nations came to an agreement last night here in Arkhavn.  The deal is broadly broken down into several parts, in which it details future cooperation with Andallan shipbuilders and the establishment of companies from both nations factories or other company buildings in each other nations.  Brett."


"Before we head to break let's discuss stocks.  The market did well today; the Salvian Manufacturing Company rose by 1.3, the National Agricultural Market rose by 22 and the Murray-Kirk gained just below 3.

When we come back, we'll discuss more.  Stay tuned."

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New Trade Deals and New Clergy

“Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I’m Brett Bear and welcome to NSBN.  A couple stories for tonight and we’ll start with correspondent Michael Finley in Tagmatika.”

“After centuries of unfriendly relations between the Tagmatine Orthodox and Catholic Salvians, Tagmatium [@Tagmatium Rules] Foreign Affairs announced that it wished to establish embassies, leading to these two nations establishing embassies as well as talks of further treaties and agreements.  This is historic due to church leaders from both sides criticizing the others, and shows a sign of rebuilding relations between two heavily religiously influenced nations.  Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo also discussed exchanging embassies with the Republic of @Rihan and suggested opening relations to nations that have been previously disconnected such as @Morheim and @PyeMcGowan.  Brett.”

“Leo's Cathedral has announced new clergy changes including more information on the big one.  After retiring, Bishop Lithio’s spot at St. Paul’s was vacant for now 3 months, however has just been replaced by Monsignor Kevin Rogers, a surprise move by many who pay attention to the clergy.  Leo's Cathedral has also been discussing when the election for a new pope would take place, presumably after the new year.

Before we cut to break let’s go to stocks.  The market was positive today with it reacting positively to the update on foreign relations, with the Salvian Manufacturing Company gaining 8, the Agricultural Market 14 and a tenth, and Murway-Kirk rising almost 4.
When we come back, more stories to come.  Stay tuned.”


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December 25, 2018


Archbishop Patrick Saulius had a special celebration of Christmas early morning, as the midnight mass saw the addition of a new bishop to replace St. Paul’s Bishop Lithio, Monsignor Kevin Rogers.  The surprise move was the result of Lithio’s retirement in September due to his waning health, the same reason for Pope Thomas I’s retirement from the presidency and papacy earlier this year.  Papal elections are expected to begin in February at the latest with preparations starting earlier this month, with many cardinals visiting from overseas including one from @Orioni jut this last week.

The Christmas celebrations did not, however, drown out the domestic runnings of the nation.

As 2018 fades into 2019, many questions are still left unanswered.  With Archbishop Patrick Saulius possibly leaving, who will take the papacy and presidency?  Will the economy continue to grow?  What of relations to the new nations that the government as tried to open up to, like those of Rihan and the Tagmatines?  And the building of defense?    This questions must remained unanswered until 2019.

The government was not totally inactive on Christmas, either.  With Archbishop Saulius gone for the day, VP Seámus Finley and the Concilio Populi was in session for part of the afternoon, with more debates looming over next year’s budget.  Many are arguing for an increase in defense as well as in transportation.  The Concilio Populi also passed the SB Railroad Act, allowing the beginning of construction of the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad. The railroad is to connect Trinity and Minotia with the Bulgenstazi capital at Khenkhourt.  The job will most likely be done with the joint effort of private and government companies.


Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 5.7

National Agricultural Market: Up 2.1

Murway-Kirk: Down 3.9

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January 11, 2019 

Saulius Comments Over New “PROGRS,” Government Gets Busy as Christmas Season Ends 


With the recent invention of the new genetic modification technology named PROGRS, researched and invented by @Sunset Sea Islandsian Dr. Giang Ngo and his team, modification of a fetus’s genetics inside the womb is now possible as proven by the fact of the birth of two girls made immune to HIV/AIDS in December.  Archbishop Patrick Saulius recently made light of this new discovery and commented on it in a recent interview with him. 

He went on to say, “[PROGRS] is a dangerous tool indeed.  God’s creation in its most vulnerable state is being tampered with more and more each day.  It can be used for good, and has been with the birth of those two babies, right? But if you mess with it so much you foil it, or completely alter it for only your benefit, then it should be stopped immediately.” 

Saulius clarified later after being questioned about it, saying, “Christ took the form of a man, did He not? Why should we, in attempting to follow him, stray away from what He did?” 

The Church does not technically have a formal response to genetic modification, however many take stances such as His Eminence’s or those more radical.  


With the end of the Christmas season, the Concilio Clerici joined the Concilio Populi after a week and a half recess over New Year’s Day.  With the government in full session today, debates continued over the fast-approaching budget vote, expected to take place sometime in March.  Other discussions were held over the potential purchase of new Harrier jets from @Prymont, which was originally proposed in November. 

The Transportation Ministry also found some activity in the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad, with offers coming in from private domestic and foreign companies, including one from @Rihan the Ministry is expected to accept. 



Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 2 

National Agricultural Market: Up 1.5 

Murway-Kirk: Up 1.1 

Sluggish start kept stagnate for most of the day, leading to small changes in the stocks. 


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Bulgenstazi-Salvian Alliance Treaty Under Renewal 

An agreement between Salvia and the neighboring nation of @Bulgenstaz is under renewal as stated in the original treaty, negotiated between Salvia and Bulgenstaz as the former reemerged as a new socialist state.  

The treaty was written at first as a simple non-aggression pact, however as time progressed and the two nations came into contact more, it was decided to expand the treaty’s areas of effects in 1989.  The treaty establishes economic deals, military cooperation, and a defensive alliance among other things between the two nations.  Under the treaty's last article, it is under renewal and potential amendments to the document after the elapsed 30 years, however both leaders have stated that they do not intend to edit the document at all. 

Archbishop Saulius and a group of representatives are expected to meet at Khenkhourt this Saturday, where they will sign the document once more and the 30 year period will kick in again, being under renewal once more in 2049. 

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People’s Address Slated for Monday 

The annual People’s Address, originally started by President Leo Angelo after being elected to the presidency in 1709 is scheduled to occur at Leo's Cathedral on Monday, at around 6:00 PM.  It will be the most watched address since it was first broadcasted in 1959. 

Top officials have said that Saulius plans to cover topics related to the economy, infrastructure, healthcare and welfare, and international relations.  This address is of particular note, as it comes after a year of warming relations with @Tagmatium Rules as well as Salvia’s emergence back into international diplomacy after a long period of quiet isolationism following the Great Alharun War. 

The People’s Address was established by Leo Angelo in 1709, a month after being elected to the presidency.  Angelo, after aiding the overthrow of the corrupt and secular monarchy, was elected to the presidency, where a month later he addressed the first Concilio Populi.  This began the tradition of the People’s Address, which is now scheduled for the third Monday of February each year. 


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This article was originally featured on Tuesday, February 19 

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Saulius Speaks Out Against Communism, Other Liberal Ideas in Address 

As the clock struck 6:00 evening in Deopolis, millions of Salvians tuned in on their televisions and radios to the several channels and stations broadcasting the annual People’s Address, this year made by Archbishop Patrick Saulius.  As Saulius exited from the main balcony overlooking Joseph’s Square he was greeted by a cheering crowd, and quickly began his address.  And an address it was. 

Saulius wasted no time with formalities.  He rapidly began to discuss pressing issues, influences, and problems he and many others deemed threats.  He did this while also intertwining moments of pride for the nation- the economic boom, foreign relations with former rivals warming, and otherwise a generally great year for the people of Salvia.  However, Saulius also kept coming back to a certain topic, that being the attempted modernization of the Church and liberal ideas, especially communism, becoming more of a threat. 

A surprise to many, Saulius directly denounced communist nations such as @Fulgistan and @North Dniester, stating, “These nations, their ideologies, are a scourge to Eurth and God’s people.”  Saulius intentionally left out two members of the ICEB, @Ahrana and @Bulgenstaz.  The former due to religious ties, and the latter- and more important one in the eyes of Saulius- in order to maintain good relations.  Saulius has always been soft on Bulgenstaz, previously commenting on them before he was elected that they were “good reds.” 

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It's Old vs. New In Salvian Voice Finale Contest


Three Brothers From the Singing Group "The Monks of St. Leo's Abbey" Singing Salvian Chant During Mass at their Abbey


Salvian Chant.  An old, traditional, and beautiful religious chant that millions of Salvian listen to everyday, in Church or on the radio.  Believers and nonbelievers appreciate it alike, and it has been on Salvian minds and lips for a millennium.  It may not win any awards at music contests or the like, but it still is widely popular.  But the former part of that last sentence might just change next Saturday, when a group of monks, calling themselves simply "The Monks of St. Leo's Abbey," will compete against the rising pop star Ariada Venté on the popular singing contest TV show Salvian Voice.

"I never thought we'd make it this far," stated one of the monks in the group, Brother Hugo. "'Salvian Voice' has always been pop music since as long as I can remember, and to even think that we'd be here singing Salvian Chant is mindboggling."

The group, comprising of some two dozen members, originally applied to be on Salvian Voice as a joke says another monk. Brother Hugo explained, "We sing at the abbey and sometimes the local churches, and some music producer even invited us to record some chants to put on the internet.  He joked with us on how we were so good that we could even beat the people on [Salvian] Voice, and so one day a few months ago we decided to just do it and audition."

The group has gone through the group stage and knockout rounds, beating other popular pop artists like Ed Sheers and popular rapper 2 Trainz.

Ariada Venté posted on social media that she's excited to face off with the group and has been "rooting for them the whole way."  She'll face off with them next Saturday where they'll each perform a song and the judges will discuss each song and decide a winner.  Venté has stated she'll perform her hit single "Maintain Good Relationships With Your Girlfriend" while the monks have yet to announce the song that they will perform.


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New Plans to Further Construction of Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad Announced 

The Transportation Ministry has announced further plans involving the construction of the newly proposed Salvian-@Bulgenstazi Railroad, including possible routes, deadlines, and plans of further negotiations with the Bulgenstazi government over the specifics of the construction of the railroad. 

The Ministry has also announced that further talks will be held with the @Rihannsu based companies Kovex Heavy Industries and Amosarr Railworks over cost and construction and planning aid. 

The railroad was first announced in December of last year as the project was approved by both nations’ governments after being proposed back in 2016.  It has gone under several revisions and the leader of the project on the Salvian side, Representative Cory Maggio, has hinted that a lot of work is still needed before construction can even begin. 

The respective governments are seemingly taking their time as they hammer out specifics over the rail line, as well as facing pressure from environmental and native protection groups.

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A Monarch Chosen By God, or a President Chosen By the People? 

July 16, 2019 

Joshua Behr 

This a transcript from a recent radio program that aired on July 14. 

As I walked by Alexis Hall, the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze as I walked through Joseph's Square in front of the entrance of the building, a group of protestors caught my attention as I walked past.  I began to hear chanting from the group- a somewhat larger than average gathering of what I perceived to be around a couple thousand protestors.  While it was not a large, city-wide protest, it was certainly a large crowd for an average day in Salvia. 

As I approached the group, the chanting became decipherable, and the words on the banners and posters that they held were visible.  The police there to maintain order looked rather bored- their presence more of a formality than an actual deterrence.  The protestors were passive, even if their message might seem threatening to another leader elsewhere on Eurth.  Their request?  The complete abolition of both Concilios as well as the presidency and the installation of a Catholic monarch. 

The historic relationship between the Church, people, and executive has always been muddy and unclear.  All three seem to be supreme- sometimes only 1 or two, other times all of them- in a constant struggle for ultimate power.  The executive- first under the monarchy and now as a presidency- seem to be the ones who yield the power, however answer to the people through the Concilio Populi.  Yet, it seems that the people are usually willing to follow the executive with no resistance.  Factoring in the Church makes it more complicated.   A large portion of the population- 81% according to the 2017 census- are Salvian Catholic, and a majority are traditionalists.  The Church also factors in through the Concilio Clerici, and let’s not forget who the Head of State is- the Salvian pope.  Oh, and the current president and former vice president is also an Archbishop.  Despite this, the pattern is once again repeated, in which the Church rarely sticks its nose too deep into the affairs and running of the nation, so far as they more or less follow the moral code of the Church.  The three powers seem to be in each other’s way and isolated all at the same time, each supreme in their own way. 

But these protestors want a clear line drawn, and the return of a king that once ruled Salvia before the People’s War, in which the presidency was established.  They want the return of a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia and the abolotion of any trace of democracy in the nation that has existed since the Imperium’s founding in the 13th century.  As I asked several of the protestors on what they thought, consistent themes emerged.  But one was repeated by every single protestor I asked- they want a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia to salvation. 

I was able to interview the organizer of the event and a chairman of a pro-monarch organization called Repartus Salvia [Salvia Reborn], John Valle, and ask about their stance and goals. 


Thanks for meeting with me Mr. Valle.   

It’s a pleasure to meet with you Joshua.  I really do believe our message needs to be heard by more people in Salvia so more can learn about it and understand us better, and I appreciate that you’ve reached out to me for an interview. 

I just want to start out with a quick introduction: what is Repartus Salvia, its goals, beliefs, and why? 

Well, Repartus Salvia is just an organization that supports and campaigns for the return of a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia, and this is also our main goal.  We believe that democracy simply leads to mob rule and is easily subject to the misguidance of a nation. The return of a Catholic monarch, with the support of the Church, would guide Salvia to salvation, especially through the coming of these troubling times.  I mean, you look overseas and see these nations besieged by these liberal ideas and it worries you. 

Many people see Repartus Salvia as a radical group with extreme ideas.  Some more liberal Concilio members have even labelled you as a threat to democracy.  What do you think about both of these things? 

I mean, I suppose we are a threat to democracy [chuckles].  But for what we see as a good reason.  A democracy is easy to attack, exploit and misguide a nation.  It’s easy to infiltrate their ranks and it susceptible to indecision and making the wrong decision.  A capable and strong monarch with competent and holy advisors ensures none of these happen.  As to being extremists- if wanting a strong and holy Salvia is extreme, then label me an extremist.  We don’t seek to harm anyone, just save them and Salvia from its potential downfall. 

Looking back on the history of monarchs in the Medieval period, you can see there was a lot of corruption in both the Church and monarchy.  Do you think it will just repeat itself within a few generations, even if the first few kings or queens are strong and capable? 

I think nowadays it would be so very hard for something similar to happen.  We have learned from history; we are more educated in general.  Everything is much more open these days as well.  Any corruption would be sniffed out pretty fast.  And the old struggles of power between the sons of the king are long gone.  Incapable leaders or other people in power could be replaced through some process.  You know, we aren’t saying that we should be ruled by tyranny. 

Speaking on that last note, many people resist the idea of a monarchy due to the fear of a repeat of King Peter the Third and his tyrannous rule, which as you know resulted in the formation of the democracy and presidency we have now.  What do you think about that? 

Tyrannous rule is certainly something to be avoided.  All people are children of God, and the repression of their rights is violating God’s law in of itself.  But if you look at the history of the Gaullis or del Monte dynasties and lines, you can trace almost all of their problems in terms of their faults to either incompetent underlings or anarchists or non-Catholics trying to undermine the Imperium.  I think that an alert public and strong executive can solve these problems.  We aren’t proposing tyranny in the slightest- that's not what monarchy means. 

My last question: would you be willing to settle for the restoration of a “God-chosen” monarch that could work together with the Concilios? 

[He paused here, serious contemplating for a few moments, before hesitantly replying,] I suppose I could.  I obviously believe that only the monarchy should be in charge as I’ve explained, but if it meant that a monarch chosen by God could once again come into power, then I’d be willing to work that relationship out. 

Well, thank you so much for joining me.   

Thank you Joshua. 

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Laren Treaty ‘Adaptation’ Proposed to Concilio Populi, Garners Support 

July 31, 2019

Joshua Behr


Jeremy Kilney, one of the writers of the bill, talking to reporters about it last Saturday

A resolution has been introduced into the Concilio Populi today.  The resolution is loosely based off the recently signed Laren Treaty, which was first introduced in @Morheim last December. 

The treaty calls for limits on everything from food waste to plastic materials to cutting pollution, plus more.  While the main proprietors of the bill, Representatives Jeremy Kilney and Kia Moreno, have called some of the Laren Treaty goals “unreasonable” and “fantastical,” both have stated that the problems addressed in the Laren Treaty need to be dealt with as soon as possible.  And to them, it starts now. 

The new bill has also been supported by several members of the executive, including acting president Archbishop Saulius, as well as Foreign Minister Alvon Russo and Trade and Finances Minister Leo Conway.  This support is most likely the result of nudging from @Tagmatium Rules, who have been encouraging Salvia to adopt the Laren Treaty since it became a signatory. 

The bill has also received support from a majority of Salvians.  A survey published by NSBN last week showed that 62% of the population support environmental measures, while 51% also said that environmental problems including climate change was in there top 5 most pressing issues.  The Catholic Church has even thrown support behind the bill, with Cardinal Mark D’Angelo, one of the Church’s top officials, saying that “combatting environmental damages are an endeavor blessed by God.” 

The bill is not without opposition, however.  The bill is unpopular with most industry companies, including the largest corporation in Salvia, Murway-Kirk.  The Concilio Populi are divided as well, with Representative Finley Nerback from Minotia calling it a “waste of time, funds, and effort.”  

 Due to its popularity, the bill is expected to pass.  It’s set to be voted on this upcoming Friday. 

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July Job Reports Released by Ministry of Labor and Jobs, Surpass Expectations 

Alexis Mereda 


The July jobs report was released yesterday by the Ministry of Labor and Jobs, the government ministry reported.  Intended to monitor the labor market and unemployment, the “Employment Situation Assessment,” or ESA, is a summary of employment and other components of the labor market released monthly. A final annual assessment is also released at the end of each year. 

The report shows that another 14,000 non agriculture-based jobs were added, surpassing expectations of labor market analysts who predicted the economy slowing faster than it has, and as a result less jobs being added.  The unemployment rate remained steady at 4.8%. 

Minster of Labor and Jobs Gregory O’Conner went on record saying, “The market is still growing, and while showed signs of dipping in the last few months, also shows signs of remaining strong and recovering from the decline experienced in late 2015 early 2016.” 

Vice President Seámus FInley went on to parade the new report on social media, stating “Economy and jobs are the best they’ve been in years.  The economy of Salvia is really on the world stage and shows no sign of receding back.” 

The market reacted positively to the report, with SMC, NAM, and Murway-Kirk all having a good day with stocks.  This, paired with ongoing trade negotiations with @Tagmatium Rules and continued benefits from the previously brokered trade agreement with @Andalla, has given the market a boost for July, which is expected to last through August. 

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Controversy Over Censored ED Medication Commercial

Joshua Behr


A still image from the restricted ad.

Controversy has surrounded a recent commercial advertising the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medication known as "Aroman."  The medicine has only recently attempted to open its market in Salvia, having been previously invented overseas, however advertisements for the medication were immediately hit with restrictions.  The commercials are not allowed to be shown during "main hours," or the time when people are most likely to be watching TV, typically in between the hours of 6am to 11pm after which the commercial is allowed to be aired.  Any network that violates these restrictions are given heavy fines, as with other restricted commercials and programs.

Sex and anything that accompanies it is seen as taboo in Salvian culture, and so medication marketed towards "sexual-related" conditions are typically restricted as in the case as the Aroman ED commercial, however this one differs from typical cases in that the makers of the ad say that they will take the case to the High Court of Salvia.  The last time this happened was in 2000, in which the court ruled in favor of the government as it "protected children and others who did not want to be exposed to immoral or taboo subjects" in their own home.

The Communications State Department, a subdivision of the Ministry of Commerce, has released an official statement clarifying their actions, stating, "Like many times before, we have placed restrictions on ads that are viewed as taboo or inappropriate for younger ages.  This type of marketing can not be aired at times when children or teens are potentially exposed to this material and so we have taken action, like we have done before."

Salvian legal experts, including NSBN correspondent Prof. Nolan Adris, expect the case to be dropped by the High Court of Salvia.  "The Court wants to maintain consistency, and the case is pretty recent," Adris went on to say.  "It wouldn't hear a case from so recent ago just to make the same verdict- they don't have to reinforce or in anyway alter their verdict if it still applies in this context, and its the exact same context as before."  Despite these predictions, the company behind the ED medication has teamed up with similar companies to prepare a lawsuit against the Communications State Department.

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Salvian Rugby League To Start Up August 31st


The Trinity Stags celebrating their championship win over the Minotia Saints last year, their first since 1973

The Salvian professional rugby league, the Rugby Salvian League, is set to begin August 31st, with the first game happening at 7pm local time at Trinity Stadium.  The defending champions, the Trinity Stags, will host the their rivals in the St. Paul's Legion on their home turf in a rematch of the Champion's Cup Semifinal that took place last October.  The Stags won a close match winning 14-12, and ultimately dominated the Minotia Saints in the finals 54-7. 

The matchup is hotly anticipated after a momentous offseason, in which St. Paul's was able to secure star hooker Jake O'Connor and hired a new assistant coach by the name of Sydney Mallory, who led the 2015 and 2016 Minotia Saints to the finals where they won both.  The Stags, not to be outdone, have acquired a few key players from other teams and overseas to replace their inexperienced and undermanned bench.  The most notable of these pickups was flanker Neil Martin from the overseas territories of @Gallambria, a rising star and a player many experts predict will do well with the Stags.

Three other games will also be played, however all three will start an hour later at 8pm local Salvian time.

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DM Vernon McCoy: Salvia is ‘very interested’ in joining TRIDENT  

Joshua Behr


Defense Minister Vernon McCoy has stated that the Saulius Administration wants to pursue TRIDENT membership

In a statement yesterday afternoon, Defense Minister Vernon McCoy stated that the Saulius administration has been seeking to join the multinational TRIDENT alliance for ‘a few months now.’ 

“Salvia wants to maintain the safety of its citizens and its interests at home and abroad.  We already have ties to key members of TRIDENT in @Iverica and @Gallambria.  It’s time we move forward and put Salvia on the international stage.”   

He continued, “We’ve been very interested in joining TRIDENT for a while, a few months now.  The Saulius Administration believes it’s the best move for Salvia to take right now, I think TRIDENT could use another naval-focused nation in the alliance. 

TRIDENT, or the Tricontinental Defense Treaty, is a joint military alliance between Gallambria, @Variota@Girkmand@Andalla@Prymont, and Iverica.  Their most notable operations have been mainly internal besides the Verde Sea Blockade in which TRIDENT forces were mobilized to blockade the Verde Sea due to Ahranian aggression.  Salvia already holds close ties to Iverica due to religious ties, Andalla due to recent negotations and deals, and Gallambria due to their proximity on the continent of Marenesia. 

None of the participating members of TRIDENT have commented on McCoy's statement at time of writing. 

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14 Confirmed Dead in Synagogue Shooting in Minotian Province 

Joshua Behr


Police say the gunman was motivated by extremist Catholic groups online.

14 people have been confirmed dead and a further 27 injured when a gunman opened fire in a Juddish synagogue last Friday during the evening prayer service.  The attack happened in the small town of Matera, 30 miles north northwest of Minotia.

The gunman, a white man in his early 30's, reportedly began firing at 7:09 PM local time, minutes after posting anti-Juddish messages and images on social media.  9 were killed at the synagogue, while 5 later died of their injuries at the hospital.

Witnesses say the attacker entered the Matera Synagogue before interrupting the service, yelling at the congregation and opening fire shortly after.  While most evacuated, some members of the congregation charged at the shooter and overpowered him, taking away his firearm as they began beating him. The shooter's injuries from the beating would prove fatal.

The attack brings the total number of anti-Juddish attacks in Salvia to 17 since 2010.  This is the second most deadly attack since 2010, the first being the Olbia Synagogue shooting in 2013, where 36 Juddish worshippers were killed.  Olbia is also located in the Minotian province.

Police have linked the shooter's motive to anti-Juddihs, Catholic extremist groups online.  The attacker followed many Catholic extremist groups on social media, where radical anti-Juddish conspiracies were posted.  Police believe that the shooter was radicalized by these groups.  The respective accounts have since been taken down.

The head of the  Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium of the Salvian Catholic Church, Cardinal Mark D'Angelo, tweeted on the news, stating that the Church did not support these acts of terrorism.

Unknown.33.pngThe Minotian Provincial Attorney General, Marco Ruiz said he was horrified to see "another senseless act of anti-Juddish terrorism."

"The thought that a person would execute anyone for their religious belief is sickening and disturbing.  Action must be taken to ensure something like this never happens again.  I urge the Saulius administration to take action."

Vice President Seámus Finley said he will discuss their course of action with the President Archbishop Saulius and work with Concilio members to "stop anything like this happening ever again."



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BREAKING: Salvian, Church Leaders Condemn Haru Actions, Concilio Passes Cussian Humanitarian Act


A unified response to the atrocities occurring in  the Empire of Machina Haruspex has come out from both the Salvian Catholic Church and Salvian government.  

“These horrors seen in the Haru are so despicable, it warrants the rain of fury from the Lord onto those responsible [...] Unless these men experience the most miraculous conversion in the history of mankind, they will surely burn in hell for all of eternity with no hope of God’s saving grace,” Cardinal D’Angelo, a member of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium wrote in a strongly worded document released last Friday on the situation in Haru.  Many Salvian people, including those in positions of power, feel the same.

State forces of the Empire of @Haruspex were reported by Haru state media to be carrying out orders from the Haru government to forcefully displace or re-educate the Christian minority in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus.  

These allegations prompted the states of @Iverica and @Gallambria to threaten sanctions and further pressure if Haru refused to allow for observers to investigate the situation.  The Haru government would end up cooperating with the Gallambrian and Iverican demands, which would end up allowing for the creation of a unified effort to evacuate Christians being persecuted by the Haru government.

The unified effort, besides the aforementioned nations, involves another TRIDENT member in the form of @Variota, Haru’s neighbor @Tagmatium Rules, and the Kingdom of @Seylos

Salvian political leaders, from both the executive and legislative, have formed a cooperative effort, despite divisive issues such as the Laren Treaty Adaptation Act, gun control, and other issues dividing the Saulius executive and Concilio Populi.

The Concilio Populi passed the Cussian Humanitarian Act with unanimous support last Thursday, granting funding among other things to the Saulius executive to support the effort.

President Archbishop Saulius has authorized the Minister of Defense, Vernon McCoy, to utilize the military in their effort to safely evacuate the persecuted Christians.  Saulius also joined Cardinal D’Angelo in his condemnation of the Haru government, saying, “The acts of the Haru government are totally evil and wicked. The safe evacuation of these Christians from the persecution of the Haru government is now our number one priority.”


This story is developing and will see further updates to it in the coming weeks.

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Saulius Administration Commits Aid to Ceris Crisis 


Riccardo Kelly revealed the information in a press conference Sunday


Press Secretary for the President, Riccardo Kelly, announced yesterday in a press conference that the Saulius executive would be contributing aid to the Red Cross in their humanitarian mission in the island of Ceris.  

Kelly told reporters Sunday, “The Saulius administration plans on supplying manpower, material, and monetary aid to the Red Cross as they seek to aid the growing crisis on the island of Ceris.”

This follows the announcement of the Tagmatine [@Tagmatium Rules] Red Cross committing to aiding the struggling island on Saturday and also after Salvian commitment to the Cussian Humanitarian crisis two weeks prior.  

Kelly also provided an update on the latter event, stating that “supplies, ships, and soldiers” are being prepared and shipped out to the Kingdom of @Seylos where they will meet with other Coalition members, but failed to provide specific details on either operations in the relatively brief press conference.

What is Ceris?


Map of the island of Ceris (left) and Kingdom of Seylos (right)

The island of Ceris is an economically and socially unstable island to the west of Seylos.  With a total population of around 210 million people divided amongst around two dozen states, it has been a hotbed of conflict and crisis for decades as warfare over ideology and resources ravages the land.  The Kingdom of Seylos has been providing humanitarian aid for years and has seen little impact.

Ceris has recently seen further turmoil and conflict as nations both on the island and from the outside have become involved.

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Church Officials Begin ‘Investigation’ Following Sentencing of 37 People to Prison After Ecclesiastical Court Case

Kenneth McMullon


D'Angelo (left) and other members of the Comitium announced the beginning of the investigation Sunday


The head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium (MCC), Cardinal Mark D’Angelo, has announced the start of an investigation into several dozen high-up cardinals and bishops of the Salvian Catholic Church.  

This comes after a highly controversial case within the Church that had previously been undisclosed to the public until Sunday.  Several bishops and Salvian citizens were initially investigated and sentenced, however the case has spread to affect numerous higher-up cardinals and other members of the clergy.

The document, authored by Cardinal D’Angelo and other members of the MCC, detailed some details surrounding the case as well as what would happen next.  The MCC noted that “an official investigation” would be needed to “completely root out all traces of corruption and evil” from the Church.

The 16 Catholics of the 37 sentenced were excommunicated following a special request by Cardinal D’Angelo to Pope Hilarius XIX to excommunicate the sixteen.


So what was the case?

According to the document released by the MCC on Sunday, the case had originally began in February after the defendant’s arrests took place throughout January.  A total of 37 people, including a bishop and four priests, were brought before a Ecclesiatial court which had obtained special permission to sentence corporal punishment from the Saulius Executive.  The group were supposedly part of a secret society that the document did not identify.

The investigation had first begun following the filing of a complaint by a high-up cardinal, which the document did not disclose the identity of.  

By the end of the case in October, the group was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in Salvian prison and any Catholics of the group- which the document reported to be sixteen people- were excommunicated.  They were charged with “heresy, conspiracy, and high crimes against the Church” as detailed by the official dispatch.


How did other Church officials become involved?

The document noted the name of two cardinals- Cardinal Patrick Agrillo of Salvia and Cardinal Edris Melku of Orioni- who would be immediately investigated following the conclusion of the Ecclesiatal case for suspicion of being in collusion with the group.  The MCC suspects that many more members of the clergy were in collusion with the group.

“The Magnissium Comitium Cardinalicium and Salvian Catholic Church will launch a full investigation into any potential members of the group and root them out” the document read.


What was the reaction?

Following the release of the document, there was an immediate explosion of reaction across Salvia and the Catholic wurld.  Civil rights groups immediately condemned the Ecclesiatal courts and the Church for exercising corporal power over Catholics and non-Catholics, stating that it infringed on religious freedoms.

A mixed reaction of shock, appall, and anger has emerged among the Salvian Catholic populace the wurld over, with immediate calls for action.  Some, including more radical members of the cardinality, have called for a “Second Salvian Inquisition” with the aid of the Tacolic Church.


This story is developing and will receive future updates.

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