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Organisation of Celtic Cultures, (IC)

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D4FF74E9-B758-4896-9F83-7D73D222A7EE.jpeThe Organisation of Celtic Cultures

The OCC is a Cultural Organisation Comprised of Nations with Recognised or Official National Languages, or Regions of Nations with a living Celtic language that is recognised by the regional government.The Organisation’s primary mission is the preserving and expanding of Celtic Languages and Cultures. The map below shows where Celtic Languages and Cultures are more common. 


To Apply please submit weather it is a Nation or Region applying, the English name and the native name of the language and culture(e,g, Welsh, Cymraeg and Welsh Celtic) and don’t forget that by becoming a member of the OCC you will have to ensure that all members of the Certain culture(s) are free from abuse from the public and the government, and that you will make certain that the Culture(s) and Languages will not die out.

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TO: Government of PyeMcGowanig

FROM: The Kingdom of Seylos

The Kingdom of Seylos would be delighted to help create such an organization. Seylos is home to significant populations of Scots and Welsh speaking peoples and their culture makes up a significant amount of what it means to be a Seylosian. The local governments of Alba and Cymry have worked extensively on ensuring the strength and perseverance of their cultures and would be excited at the opportunity to connect at an international level.

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