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An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

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Your Majesties and Excellencies, 

It is by request of the Foreign Ministry that I invite you to my Coronation. The Event will take place on Saptember 16th, 2018 and will last two days. As you may already know my father has passed away and his funeral will take place on the first day of the coronation, Charleston Military Airport will be the area for the landing of planes, please enquire below if no airplane is to be used. Rest assured that the security of everyone attending is of our upmost concern, so the Royal Battalion will be assigned to the Capital, PyeMcGowian Military airplanes and ships will be guarding the airspace and the coast. 



King George.

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To: His Majesty, King George of @PyeMcGowan

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

Your majesty,

May I extend to you the deepest condolences on the passing of your father on behalf of both the people of Arhomaneia and Kommodos III, bythe Grace of Christ the God, the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Arhomaion – the Holy Emperor and Autocrator of Arome and Leader of the Free World. Although my nation has had few dealings with the proud Kingdom of PyeMcGowan in recent years, King William certainly stood out amongst the monarchs of the world. With his passing, an era of your nation's history has come to a close. It is most definitely a sad time, not just for you and your people, but for the whole of Eurth.

But, God willing, your coronation will mark the start of a new period, one that will see PyeMcGowan take its place as one of the leading free nations of the world. Tagmatium stands ready to welcome the Kingdom onto the world stage. Because of this, it would most certainly be an honour for my nation to accept this invitation to your coronation and it would be pleasing for all to see your glorious reign at its very beginning. It is without doubt that it will be one that will be long remembered in the annals of history.

To this end, to pay you and your esteemed nation the respect that it deserves, Tagmatium will be dispatching a member of my own ministry, Angelina Tzimerkhia, to represent Arome at both your coronation and the funeral of your honoured father. Along with her, there will be a small staff and an escort from the guard units of the Greater Holy Empire, the Tagmata, but this will, of course, be discrete and to increase the honour that we show both you and your kingdom. At no point does the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion doubt the ability of your Royal Battalion to keep our representative safe.

By the grace of God, may your reign be one of peace, prosperity and last for many years to come. I pray that the light of Christ will guide your hand and show you the best path to follow, for you, your people and the rest of the world.

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion of Foreign Affairs

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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To: King George of @PyeMcGowan
From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva
Regarding: Congratulations on your coronation, condolences on the funeral and an invite to a brighter future.

My dear George, as the World's Greatest Diva and as a leader myself, I would love to congratulate you on your coronation. So, hereby, congratulations! Obviously, any election or coronation needs a good party, something to fill the minds and souls of the people with the idea that your reign will be one of pleasure, wealth, progress, prosperity and more of those words that all sort of mean the same but not exactly. People like and want fun and you should want the people to like and want you. It's something that I've already taught a lot of leaders, they all sort of look up to me, you know? And who can blame them, I'm basically a perfect role model for anyone. Keep in mind, you're important now! Use that importance to get yourself a nice drink, a nice man and enjoy an evening off! It's what I would do. Do you like men? I mean, it's 2018 so what man doesn't like men and women. Still, if you somehow don't like men, just change man to woman. Or, you know, get both! You deserve it now, you're a King! Give them the old royal scepter! People need a relaxed leader, they deserve a relaxed leader, a best you you can be.

I normally don't do funerals unless they're the festive kind, you know the kind. Everyone does a shot of hard liquor that was the favorite of the deceased, you play some Leeffessang music and everyone just rocks out, celebrating the life of the person instead their death. But anyway, parliament has asked me to come anyway without knowing what kind of funeral and who am I to deny my proud Variotan fans and voters something? So, I will be arriving by private jet together with a small entourage and perhaps a couple of Het Apparath agents. You know how it is, you go to a different nation and suddenly they want to stick a secret service agent with you to keep tabs on everyone. All part of a days work, am I right? I've asked for a hot agent so I'll atleast have some nice eye candy and you'll have some too that way! Just don't pinch their ass without asking first, the last time I did that one of the agents tried tackling me. Jokes on him, I knocked him out cold with my bag. No one tackles the Diva!

Do you like gifts? Who am I kidding! Of course you like gifts, everyone likes gifts. I'll bring some gifts for you, it'll be fun. Oh yeah, I remember: Parliament wanted me to ask about setting up a meeting, yadayada, you know the drill. We'll discuss that between shots, it'll be great. See you soon, babe.


Dina Diva

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(OOC: The Former Queen, Aleksandra will be going to the Coronation of George as a Representative of the Federation of Ahrana. With this her title is strange but will reflect her status in the Federation as a Representative/Ambassador in Diplomatic Situations. As for the Official Seal of her Status it is the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial Kingdom with the Federations Governmental Seal within it.)



To: King George of PyeMcGowan

From: Aleksandra of Ahrana, Grand Duchess of all Ahrana and Emissary of the Federation of Ahrana

Classification:  Level 2



Your Majesty and most Honerable King George on behalf of the Federal Government and the People of Ahrana I extend my hand in congratulating you on the succession of the Throne and to the Halls of Power of Government. As a former Monarch of a Kingdom I look to you in awe and envy and hope nothing but the reign of a lifetime for you. It is such terrible news that your father has passed and went onto the next life, as leader of the Orthodox and Catholic Faith inside the Federation I say this to you; All Life is given to us for a lifetime that we live, it is up to us to make use of that life till the end. After the Life has been used it is our feats that we accomplished in that life that will be in remembrance till the end of all life as it is what He wills it. 

It has been decided by the Secretary General and the Federal Government that I, the former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom and Head of the Imperial Household, be the one to represent The Federation at such a prestigious event. The Secretary General has asked me to present you with a personal letter from her and gift from all of Ahrana. I will also present you my own gift, one that is only fit for a King in my own Words that embodies what a Kingdom needs. The Gift from me is a Imperial Order that only I may bestow upon others and very few Foreigners have received but I believe you are just of receiving such an Honor and Award. The Order of Chayka is the Highest Honor in all Imperial Orders and is the oldest of them all, as a Recipient of the Order Second Class you will be given a Grand Star along with a sash and Ribbon for display and usage at your discretion under the rules or Orders of your Nation.

I will be traveling with only a Government Aide and a few Honor Guards of the Federation, extra security can be provided by your Government at your wishes only. I will be landing in the Secretary Generals Governmental Plane baring the Federations Flag and my Household Flag of course. I look forward to meeting you King George.


With respect,

Aleksandra Victoria Elisabeth Mishia Chayka 

Former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana

Grand Duchess of all Ahrana

Head of the Imperial Royal Household of Chayka

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