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Project Wormwood

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For the past two and a half centuries, Asgeirria had been in an arms race with the coalition islands. Following the war coming to a close, the militarily-focused industries and government were faced with a crisis of action; to expand or not to expand. A huge amount of the population was employed by military factories, military facilities, and military services, to include the government officials whose job it was to oversee the quality of production, condition of workers, and distribution of supplies and equipment. Behind closed doors, Regis Celestia and High Command decided it would deal a crippling blow to the economy to cease the rapid expansion. Besides, so much had already been paid for, why shut down that production? Instead, plans were drawn up for pushing back into their former territories. It was calculated that there was approximately a 70.2% chance of foreign intervention in offensive scenarios; such contingencies were projected to result in unacceptable mission degradation. Naval preeminence, airspace denial, and counter-strategic primacy were the three highest priorities.

For the naval aspect, the orders of work were:

  • Modernization of aging vessels
  • Upscaling production of Line vessels
  • Reorganizing fleets and ship classification
  • Designing and implementing bleeding edge systems and technologies
  • Decreasing reliance on aircraft for both C2 and long-range strike capabilities

For airspace denial, the orders of work were:

  • Modernization of aging airframes
  • Upscaling production of Line aircraft
  • Reorganizing the air fleet
  • Designing and implementing leading edge systems and technologies
  • Reducing cost of Line aircraft
  • Decreasing reliance on aircraft for C2, aerial defense, and target interception
  • Stockpiling Line aircraft and missiles for the eventual degradation of the military industrial base in a prolonged strategic war
  • Implementation of extensive detection, anti-aircraft, and point defense systems in operationally and strategically critical areas

For Counter-strategic primacy, the orders of work were:

  • Fortification and expansion of existing networking and C2 assets, including satellite presence
  • Hardening critical infrastructure against strategic and covert attacks
  • Hardening critical coastlines and positions around major hubs of transportation and logistics on the mainland
  • Preparing long-range naval engagement positions to support naval mining
  • Improving C2 and satellite surveillance capabilities
  • Modernization of existing defenses



While the groundwork had been laid for this top secret project had been laid with the intention of the defeat of the coalition in the late 40s, with the construction of coastal defenses, fortification command bunkers, and the underground network stemming out from the New City, but had long laid dormant due to budgeting issues. Now, with an increasing tendency for militarism and the opportunity for the expansion and enrichment of Asgeirria, meaningful progress could be made.


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  • Prepare to secure key straits through inexpensive and persistent means
  • Develop and field naval detection systems and networks
  • Assess and upgrade coastal defense locations and systems


Design and produce mines of various specifications, for deployment via air and sea. Include anti-sweep mines, anti-submarine mines, dummy mines, and homing mines.


Design and produce sound surveillance systems to detect and track vessels in controlled waters.


Design and produce heavy projectile weapon capable of engaging naval targets accurately at 150km.

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All vessels will be recalled to their home ports to upgrade anti-air and missile interception systems, as well as modernizing and updating targeting, tracking, and fire control systems.

OPORD 1.4.1

F/N-5 aircraft will begin replacing helicopters on compatible vessels, priority on Gaia-class flight deck cruisers.

OPORD 1.4.2

Additional Concordia-class and Gaia-class vessels will be laid down, IAW wartime emergency safety and engineering standards laid out in GANM 7.11.420.

OPORD 1.4.3

Prepare Logistical Sustainment Squadron, Classis IX, for the deployment of extensive naval minefields, VIA training with dummy mines, and staging out of Tarsein.


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