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Flag Change: Andalla


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New flag for Andalla. I felt it needed a more "Southeast Asian" type of flag as opposed to¬†the good ol' Scandinavian cross, and to be more consistent with the¬†"sun"¬†vibe in the area (Looking at you @Sunset Sea IslandsūüėČ).

The 9¬†rays on the sun symbolize the 9 major islands of the Andallan archipelago;¬†the sun itself stands for wealth ‚Äď Andalla's physical, material, and natural wealth. Fun fact, the sun is actually a [somewhat modified]¬†proposed 9-ray variant of the 8-ray¬†Philippine sun. Blue symbolizes the sea¬†and strength, and is the largest band because the sea is a vital resource for Andalla. White is for the sky and purity (But Skandinavisk is very, very, very important; It's just that I didn't want the flag to resemble Thailand too much). Red stands for the ground and ‚Äď I like this part¬†‚Äď the blood spilled on the ground¬†by countless Andallans who fought for their people.

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On 9/16/2018 at 6:44 PM, Orioni said:

@Andalla Your new flag will added in the next update. I'll dearly miss the originality of a tropical Scandinavian island paradise.

Edit: done.

Well, thank you so much! Don't worry - I'll remember to include a Scandinavian cross somewhere among my regional or provincial flags¬†ūüėČ

Oh, and one more thing: I LOVE IT! That flag looks absolutely awesome on the map. Thanks again!

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