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Organisation of Spacefaring Nations

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The Organisation of Spacefaring Nations aims to support and coordinate efforts of furthering humanity's presence in space. The goal of the OSFN is to create a platform for individual nations or even international organisations to find new partners to make projects possible, that would not be achievable by one nation alone.

Over the course of the last years, more and more nations have expressed their desire to launch satellites into orbit or to spearhead complex operation beyond the atmosphere of our home planet. However, as such projects face two main obstacles, mainly the lack of funding and the lack of expertise, such difficult projects are often impossible for a single nation to execute. For example, facilities capable of launching spacecraft into orbit are definitely to expensive for most nations to operate by themselves, should they not possess extraordinary economical capabilities. Therefore, the only solution is cooperation. However, until this point, it has been hard to find partners to work together towards a greater goal. The Organisation of Spacefaring Nations will bring together those in need of support and those able to provide said support.

We urge all nations who wish to work together in pursuit of new heights to apply for OSFN membership.

Together we are stronger. Together we can achieve more.

TL;DR: If you're a new nation or a nation with an economy not capable of supporting space flight, look for allies here. All nations with an interest in space should post here so that finding allies for space operations becomes easier.

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