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Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

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Hi! I’m PyeMcGowan, I’m a constitutional monarchy with a liberal government, I am very open to diplomacy and I love working in a team!

I came to Europa in search of a realistic active role play... And that I did, this region has things I had never thought a region needed!

I’ve been playing NationStates for a while now, but in Europa, I think I’ll stay for a bit longer!

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Let me be the first to welcome you to the region. Welcome! 

I highly recommend joining the discord, as that's where we all shoot the breeze and talk and what not. We can get to know you better, see what kind of nation you are, see how you fit into the Canon, help you with understanding some parts of the Canon, help you with any questions and generally guide you on the right path. 

If you ever have any questions, you're obviously free to message me, as I'm one of the RP moderators (which also includes somewhat of a mentor role), be it for something requiring my official position or anything else. 

Again, welcome! 

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