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Dniester Pravda, The Truth of the Situation


Victory at Tiraspol!

After a fierce 3-week battle in the city of Tiraspol between monarchist forces and our glorious army, we have driven them out of the Capital! Our government is safe and we can continue to liberate the country. Already, two-thirds of the country is back under our control, we are on the way to winning this civil war and re-establishing our glorious nation! The opposition is fractured and fighting amongst themselves, we are unified and strong! However, reports say the monarchist and communist forces are becoming more organized and are pushing the fascists back. Read more on page 5.




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Time: 0139 Derthaler Time

Location: Unknown

'The situation within North Dniester has continued to destabilise. Fighting has erupted onto the open streets of one of their cities, with monarchist forces attempting to oust the socialists. Reports from the Imperial Inquisition indicate that other forces have mobilised their forces as well. The situation is about to break down into a rather bloody civil war.' The Imperial Ministers gathered contemplated the situation for a moment. While this provided an excellent opportunity for them to influence this foreign state to become more closely aligned with Imperial interests, it had come at an inopportune time. The Imperial Army was preparing for a major offensive in Afropa, while large numbers of men were still required to guard the Emperor's Road. This left the numbers of troops available rather low... 'We can not afford to split our forces further, it would leave the homeland vulnerable. If we are to capitalise on this opportunity, we will need to attach our forces with another volunteer force sympathetic to our goals. I say we use this incident to test the waters further with @Rihan, and offer to work together with them if they were to ever happen to send volunteers to this conflict. We might be able to spare some equipment for their men, and happen to let them keep it as a sign of our admiration for them.' 'Organising this will take at least two months for us... At least with the railway, we will be able to bring equipment to the warzone rather easily once we have established a foothold so to speak. We will have the Inquisitors reach out to factions leaders there. The conservatives and monarchists there should be pliable to our advances, and would appear to be natural allies in this... If we are lucky, we might be able to make them a client state once their civil war is won.

All things considered, this was a small investment if things could be organised correctly. The Imperial government would be opening up a new country to its influences while also setting up the possible opportunity for if not a client state, a good friend. Once the war in Afropa was concluded, should the civil war still be ongoing, the Imperial Army could bring more of its weight to bear in favour of the backed side. 'It is decided then? I shall begin writing a letter immediately to our counterparts in Rihan's government in regards to getting them to join the war. I shall leave the necessary preparations on our side to the two of you then. Yes?' 'Agreed.' 'Yes.' With that, the Ministers continued their meeting and discussed other matters of import before breaking up to start organising what had to be done.


[Encrypted Communication]

From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Praetor Mathon Terix

Greetings Golden people,

Recent reports from our operatives have indicated that the government in North Dniester is currently losing control of its country. As you are probably already aware, there have already been a couple of armed clashes between two of the opposing factions as of last night. It is for this reason we wish to discuss a possible partnership with your most esteemed nation.

With the possibility of a civil war erupting there all but assured, we would like to work together with your government to send volunteers to help stabilise the situation within this country. Our agents are currently busy making contact with leaders of two factions which we believe to be pliable to both of our interests; who if they were to work together, would stand a good chance of winning this conflict already if it were not for the threat of other parties intervening. As you are no doubt already rather conscious of, the government of our former client state known as @Fulgistan is of a revolutionary nature. It is our belief that they will be having similar thoughts to those which we are now expressing to you and will be sending volunteers of their own to try and install a radical communist government. One which would no doubt be hostile to both of our great lands. This can not pass.

As such, we hope that you will accept this proposal and join us in our efforts to bring true governance to this broken country and show them a better way of governing themselves.

Thought for the day;

Courage burns in the hearts of the pious. Heretics burn on the stake.

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From: El Departamento de la Ayuda Exterior

To: All Parties involved in the North Dniesterian Civil War; @North Dniester

Subject: Foreign Aid for impacted civilians


Comrades and fellow humans,

This is an official communication from the Mauridivian Ministry of Foreign Aid. We have recently been briefed about the situation in North Dniester, and we have determined that the region qualifies to recieve several types of foreign aid from Mauridiviah. We would like to propose that the civilians of all sides should recieve the following from Mauridiviah:

  • Several tons of rice,
  • Several tons of canned meats,
  • Several tons of canned vegetables,
  • Vaccines and antibiotics,
  • Donated clothes

Please consider getting in contact with the Mauridivian embassy in @Ahrana to schedule drops of aid, as civilians are innocents in every war and they do not deserve to suffer for anyone's political cause.


Samuel ben Ya'ir Diaz


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Office of the Secretary General


To: All sides in the Civil War in Dniester

From: Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core of the Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 5

@North Dniester

It is such a shame that the Country of Dniester has and is going through a Civil War that will undoubtingly take hundreds of innocent lives in the Civilian Population. As the Federation upholds a full stance in Neutrality in all ways possible this Federal Government will not send any form of Financial Aid, Defensive Aid, Political Aid and Technological Aid in any form what so ever. 

The Federation upholds the Tradition of the Statute of Peace that was established in 1005 and further clarified in 1502, every Government that has risen since these Statutes were Established have honored the meaning and Tradition of remaining Fully Neutral in all International Conflicts until Civilians are killed in Genocide or Mass Murder. So I urge the Governments, Militias and other Factions involved in this Civil War, do not kill off Population of the People for reasons of they're from the North, the South or just a different Culture. If it is found that Genocide or Mass Murder on the clear intent of ratifying ones side clean of the each others side just because of petty reasonings. The Federation will be looking to send Peacekeepers to all side to help avoid further conflict and other things. These Peacekeepers are Neutral and will uphold Peace at all costs and will not discriminate when it comes to protecting the Refugees and those who are fleeing the War. If they are fried upon they will react with full force and not leave anyone standing if need be.

I hope that the Civil War ends with very small amount of Innocent Loss of Life and I hope to see Democracy return to the People of Dniester.


With Sincerity and Regards,

Alexsandra M. L. Core


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The  Government under the will of his majesty King Harold the 46th has officially decided to give military aid and support to the monarchist faction in a surprise move by international standers his majesty's imperial air force are air dropping guns supplies and food to monarchist troops as we speak and gen 4 bombers are heading to north Dniester to relive monarchist troops on the front lines the government is still undecided if swedserlandian boots will be on North Dniester ground swedserlandian support for this bold move is at 90% the government hope that this move will end the civil war sooner and give more freedom to the people of Dniester against the communist and fascist hordes.

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Today it is official Swedserland will now send troops into north Dniester we are now official ally's with monarchist rebels as we speak tanks,soldiers and ships are being mobilized and you can expect missile strikes in the near future swedserland is going to war

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Military Activity:

Location: The City of Morthal, the Kingdom of Derthalen, the Holy Empire of Derthalen

Local supply depots have received orders to transfer stockpiles of weapons, equipment, and supplies to the port's warehouses ahead of deployment. Roughly forty-thousand small arms are being prepared for transport to the Dniester in order to help arm anti-communist forces along with ammunition and surplus winter uniforms. The process is expected to take a full two weeks to complete as needed items are being trained in from Meinitzmark. One destroyer, the Canticle of the Victorious, has been ordered into port as well so as to receive provisions for an extended stay without resupply. It is to act as an escort for the ships bringing 'aide' and 'volunteers' to the south. 

Addendum: Extra supplies and provisions have also started to be diverted from other stockpiles to warehouses along or near the Emperor's Road. The amount being demanded being enough to supply a force of around eight-thousand men for six months. No new troop movements have been announced yet making these preparations odd. Officers have begun launching inquiries as to purpose of this, but have yet to be informed why. Speculation is high.

Location: The Himmelazzen Mountains, the Kingdom of Östragrel, the Holy Empire of Derthalen

Two regiments stationed at the border have just arrived in the mountains to begin training for winter warfare, insurgency tactics, and rough terrain. They are expected to reach proficiency in winter warfare and dealing with rough terrain rather rapidly (as they have to deal with these where they live), but learning to carry out a operations from the position of insurgents is expected to take several months. Whether they will be fully ready by deployment is yet to be seen. They will benefit from having a small force of Imperial Guardsmen and Inquisitorial Stormtroopers attached to them for the duration of training, with them also expected to be sent to the Dniester as well.

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From: Federal Ministry of Defense

To: All public channels

Subject: "Adjure for Military Non-Intervention in Dniester"


The civil war raging in Dniester is a tragedy in its own right, and we firmly believe that in order to preserve human life and dignity, as well as sovereignty of foreign nation states, it is necessary to publicly state our stance on military intervention in foreign wars, and adjure the international community for a mutual agreement on military non-intervention in the conflict, and other similar conflicts which may occur in the future, or are currently active.

The Federal Republic of Girkmand solemnly condemns any state or organization whose express purpose is to supply arms, materiel or combat volunteers to Dniester; or any foreign aid which targets a regime's military forces.

Military interference in domestic conflicts are inherently backed by a state agenda, and nations meddling in the business of other sovereign countries are rarely there for the betterment of that particular country; rather, they seek only to scavenge the remains while the ash and fire obscures their actions.

Private charities in Girkmand have been given state sanctioned permission to operate in Dniester. We hope that our indirect assistance will alleviate the human misery caused by this great tragedy.



Federal Minister of Defense, Victor Heinz.

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To whom it may concern,

as with all cases of armed warfare, the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands condemns all forms of violent conflict. Therefore, neither the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands nor its citizens will participate in any kind of armed conflicts.

Nevertheless, the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands is willing to provide

  • dispatch humanitarian aid workers
  • provide unbiased medical aid regardless of national allegiance
  • offer temporal asylum to potential refugees
  • provide neutral meeting grounds for peaceful talks and negotiation

May this conflict end in the most peaceful way possible.


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The Daily Bulletin, Providing Unbiased News Since 1989


Daily Civil War Report #3

In a shocking turn of events today, the government has decided "who cares about civilians" and carpet-bombed Slobozia with mustard gas. The current casualty report is about 10,000 which is half of the city's pre-war population. This is troubling news. Monarchist forces are moving in with gas masks and salvaged tanks to the city, hoping to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, the fascists continue to be pushed back by the communists. The communists have also recently acquired heavy artillery. Read more on page 2


Public Declaration by New Group

A new group, calling themselves the "Dniester Armed Liberation Front" have taken it upon themselves to swear death to any foreign forces who will come to Dniester. This new group is apparently heavily armed and has a vendetta against foreigners. We do not have any more information on them.


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Comrades of the Dniester People's Republic of Konin,

Greetings and salutations from your brothers and sisters, from all corners of this Eurth. I represent the interests of a very powerful people's collective, and we are prepared to offer you substantial aid in equipment, training and specialist personnel. This is provided, of course, that you and the forces of the People in Dniester are indeed as capable as your leaflets claim, and that you are also a true proletarian people's army, holding the downtrodden masses in the highest regard and acting as their noble protectors. We shall speak more in time; you may expect the first shipment of guns and explosives within the week. Keep up the good fight, comrades.

The Eland

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13 hours ago, Swedserland said:

Today 30 mark 3 eagle bombers have begun dropping napalm bombs and carpet bombing enemy camps and enemy cities while artillery units are preparing to shoot gas canisters on enemy camps all across the nation.

As one of the RP moderators, I would suggest that you take a look at our RP Rules before making any more posts. Consider how your posts check out against those.

Please also take into account that you are RPing without waiting for North Dneister's permission to go ahead with your actions.

If you need guidance and advice, then we are more than happy to help. Either message me on the forum or our Discord channel and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

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To whom it may concern,


By order of the His Eminence Archbishop Patrick Saulius, the country of Sacrum Imperium Catholicum declares its neutrality in the Dniesterian Civil War.  However, this does not mean that SIC is completely avoiding this conflict, instead, we are willing to provide humanitarian aid as well as food and other necessities to the civilians of the country.  The deployment of the two hospital ships CN Sanctus.and the CN Trinity has been authorized, to be launched next week on September 25.  

Further assistance will be sent if requested.


In Christ,

Alvin Russo

Minister of Foreign Affairs, SIC

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  • 1 month later...

Representative Don Brown slouched in his chair, closing his eye as the late night crept into his aging body.  He woke with a start a few moments later, his colleague shaking him and whispering in his ear, “The vote is starting.”

After many hours of debating, the Concilio Populi had started the vote to escalate the involvement in Dniester to the point of war.

Brown took a deep breath and pulled himself up.  Rubbing his eyes and forcing himself to stare at the Chamber’s ceiling lights he began to feel energy slowly course back through him.

Vice President Sèamus Finley stood at the podium and banged his gavel a couple of times, silencing the council.  He spoke into the microphone, “We will now begin the roll call vote.  Lewis Richards?”

Around half an hour later

Sèamus Finely went back to the podium.  Shuffling some papers he leaned towards the mic and read from the paper.

”With a vote of 159 to 71, the Concilio Populi passes the Intervention of Dniester Act.”


[Encrypted Telegram]

General Aaron Kelly,

You have no doubt heard of the Council’s vote.  The conflict of Dniester is a complicated one to say the least, as there are several factions involved.  However, we are support the monarchist forces.  I am putting you as head of the military forces in Dniester, which will be deployed a couple months time.  For the time being, you shall direct the supply of arms and commanders that are being deployed ASAP to the monarchist forces.

Both your Marines and the 7th Army Battalion are at your disposal, along with Fleet Group Charlie 1 under Admiral Byrne.  We will coordinate in the following weeks.


Yours in Christ,

Minister of Defense

Vernon McCoy


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Most casual observers of Fulgistani international meddling knew about the Bureau of Affairs' Joint Revolutionary Task Force, the collaboration between the Fulgistanis and the People's Republic of @Faramount that funneled supplies and weaponry to the FFRU. If the same observer did some real digging on the 'net, they might discover that the Bureau of Internal Affairs, in addition to the Saker Secret Police, also allegedly maintained an armed paramilitary wing in the form of the Red Star Brigade. But only organizations like Het Apparath knew of the existence of L Detachment. The work done by the JRTF often necessitated conducting sensitive operations outside of the borders of the Workers' Republic, and outside of Alharu itself. To this end, L Detachment had been formed. Composed entirely of those who could pass for Variotan or Argic, it was primarily Variotans, but there were a smattering of Madrians, and, every so often, a Limonaian member. Numbering no more than 150 operatives at any given time, L Detachment was responsible for training, supplying, and conducting operations on behalf of homegrown left-wing insurgency movements wherever the Bureau deemed necessary. All hush-hush, all plausibly deniable.

"Springbok Five, let's review your profile."

Broad-shouldered Hendrik sighed, leaning back in the transport seat of the Khii-8 that had been repainted and earmarked for "donation" to the Dnistrian rebels. Two seats down, his team leader Pieter had a clipboard in hand, in stark contrast to his khaki fatigues and mag pouches.

"Alright. Fire away."


"Jan Porowski."



"Birth year?"


"Mother's birthday?"


"Come on, you don't remember your own mother's birthday? I'm sure the fascist patrols will buy that."

"Ugh. November 12th."

"Name of first pet?"


"Second grade math teacher?"

"Oh, f*ck off!"

"This is important information to know, Five. The enemy won't play fair, either."

Ever so gently, the transport touched down, its loading ramp opening to reveal the wind-bitten, lightly forested plains of the Dniester river valley.

"Alright. Unload all this sh*t and move out. We're to rendezvous with the militia commander at Lipowiec; he'll be expecting us. The passphrase is 'nie moja wina'".

Filing out of their helicopter, the twelve-man squad began dumping caches of MANPADs, RPGs, grenades, ammo cans, and other assorted military toys onto the not-yet-frozen ground. Fulgistan, at last, had arrived in Dniester. It would not operate with the overtness of Derthalen, nor with the gold of Rihan. No, for the Worker's Republic, there was no greater gift to the revolution than a gun, and a helping hand to wield it.


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13 minutes ago, Neo-enclave said:

(Some near some village in @North Dniester)

Villagers look up to the sight of four vertibirds who land around the village (population under 500) surrounding it. Then they deploy enclave soldiers who march in and say that they are now under enclave occupation. They are then immediately ambushed by communist fighters firing out a nearby window. They score a couple kills but are shot and killed by enclave soldiers who returned fire. They then marched their way to a central building with a flagpole with the flag of @North Dniester. This flag is torn down and replaced with that of the neo-enclave and the RCS pact. They also set up ham radios and computers from crates on the vertibirds. These where primarily used to communicate to all factions opposing the regime expressing their support for their cause of taking down their regime (especially the monarchists). They also communicated back to the mainland that they have secured a remote village and will begin fortifying it as well as to send more reinforcements. They announce to the village that they have no intention of harming them and are here to assist them. 


I realise you have been on these forums for a while now, that you have been pointed towards the RP rules several times now and more than one member has tried to point you in the right direction.

However, as one of the RP moderators of this forum, I would suggest you take the opportunity to review the rules. What you're doing is virtually Godmoding - taking control of Dniester's country without giving him the opportunity to react and acting in his stead and for him.

Here are the links:

I would suggest that you read those before posting.

I will be more than happy to help and offer advice.

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29 minutes ago, Tagmatium Rules said:


I realise you have been on these forums for a while now, that you have been pointed towards the RP rules several times now and more than one member has tried to point you in the right direction.

However, as one of the RP moderators of this forum, I would suggest you take the opportunity to review the rules. What you're doing is virtually Godmoding - taking control of Dniester's country without giving him the opportunity to react and acting in his stead and for him.

Here are the links:

I would suggest that you read those before posting.

I will be more than happy to help and offer advice.

post rewriten

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At the Bulgenstaz War Room in Khenkhourt, tensions concerning involvement are high.

Boyar Vertok Lmizk of Grobletzka justifies neutrality:

"Would it not be best to focus on the development of our nation? Our views of socialism differ considerably, and to mobilize troops would set us back greatly. We have a nation and people to think about now!"

The board members look around; subtle agreement is apparent with most of the members. It wouldn't be easy for most regions in Bulgenstaz to quickly recover from a large campaign. As the meeting moves to draw to a close, however, General Dmitrev Zokhow, a fervent traditional communist, rises angrily from his seat to the left of Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II.

"Is it not traitorous for us, comrades, to forsake one of our own!? We may have our disagreements on policy, but we are of the same blood; they are our national kin, and we must treat them as such! We both toppled the monarchy back in the time of our revolution, and we will certainly do so once more! The attack of the cruel monarchists and their damned supporters is an attack on our people too! Whether it is "beneficial" or "profitable" matters not! I say we begin mobilizing immediately. To think of only our own development... you'd think we were becoming the imperialists themselves!"

The War Room was silent; General Zokhow was right. How could they betray their fellow revolutionaries? They had fought the same oppressor, the tyrannical Dniester Monarchy, which had subjugated them for so long. It would be wrong to deny North Dniester aid when they needed it most. Besides, what would be the fate of Bulgenstaz if the monarchy was reinstated? No, at that moment all members of the board realized what they must do.

"We have defeated the imperialist monarchy once, we can destroy those monarchists a second time if they dare show their faces! We will prove victorious! Victory to Bulgenstaz! Liberation to the people of Dniester!"

At the general's closing words, the board erupted into applause. Bavrov Krusken II then rose from his seat,

"So it is decided then. Bulgenstaz will bring whatever aid necessary to ensure victory to the people of Dniester. We set sail with the Bulgenstazi Liberation Fleet within the week. We will bring justice and an end to the conflict within Dniester."

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20 hours ago, North Dniester said:

I've decided to cancel my civil war. I think being an intact nation would be for the best. I've talked to @Rihan about this on the discord, and I think being a stable nation without a civil war wold be the best option right now. Thank you all for attempting to participate.

So what will you be? Communist or a monarchy?

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