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Stairway to Heaven

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@Prymontian rocket scientist approaching Adele

Adele truly was a work of art. Over the past year, scientists from all over the ISTC had worked together to create a carrier rocket that would rekindle an age old dream of mankind: walking on the moon. However, one does not simply walk to the moon. And it's not like you could simply strap wheels on a garden chair and call it a Moon rover like in the good old days. Unfortunately, as complexity of rockets increased, so did the potential for mistakes.

To cut a long story short, something was broken. The system diagnostics did not reveal any useful information either. It was time for a general inspection of every cubic centimetre of the rocket.

With the recent admission of @Fulgistan, @Gallambria and @Iverica to the ISTC, this crisis was the perfect opportunity for the new scientists to show off the scientific expertise of their home countries. Maybe it will be one of them who will find what error caused the analytics to trigger the alarm.

(Pinging @Magnaeus for reference)

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