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Planning for Regional Footbal Championships

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To begin with I propose that we establish our leagues as continental leagues to begin with, and then might merge some if the amount of nations participating isn't satisfactory. I do suggest that we use the same tools as what was used in the larger UENA cup earlier this year, but perhaps with less of a requirement of participants to come with new input each match, leaving more of it optional.

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I'll happily lead an Argic league. There are several active nations on the continent and communism seems to be a pretty popular ideology, so there will always be participants, especially in and around central Argis. I'd suggest merging Alharu, Aurelia, and maybe even Marenesia together due to the low amount of countries in each. Not too sure about Europa, as there are plenty of countries but very few are active. We'll leave that to the elders to decide.

Edit: Limonaia and I have been talking in PMs, and have devised an equal system that could work with everyone's approval.

ANA - Argis & Northern Alharu 

  1. @Iverica
  2. United States of Prymont
  3. Prymontian Rus / @Soreana (Soreana is pending a map placement, otherwise it'd be Prymontian Rus)
  4. @Ahrana
  5. @Sayf
  6. @Derthalen
  7. @Seylos
  8. @Limonaia
  9. @Variota
  10. @Fulgistan
SATAM - Southern Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia & Marenesia
  1. @Mauridiviah
  2. @Faramount
  3. @Sunset Sea Islands
  4. @Kipan
  5. @Asgeirria
  6. @Rihan
  7. @Shffahkia
  8. @Andalla
  9. @Gallambria
  10. @Pallamara
Most of these guys either participated in the World Cup, or are regularly active enough to be able to participate and write about it now and then. Of course, this depends upon everyone's approval, but we figured it'd be a good starting point.
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@Rihan That sounds good to me. We can say October 8th, gives people 3 weeks to write about their teams and organise friendlies, and the organisers enough time to set up any behind-the-scenes workings.

Regarding that, I'm happy to help run the leagues, and I'm sure @Limonaia is too. The three of us could look into making a simple ranking system, in which we take the UENA World Cup results and form some sort of ranks, so the teams that competed there perform based upon their results. For example, Iverica, who went to the finals I believe, would be more likely to beat Prymont, who failed to get out of the group stages. We can then work on updating this scoring system as we play more matches, whether it be manual or automated. 

The website that Orioni used to simulate results was a good starting point, but only works if teams are all on a level playing field. It's something we'd have to look into, to find a suitable replacement that takes into account team rankings and provides results fairly. 

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