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SIC Trade Deals and Embassies

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As I am very new to this region, I have not really made contact with anyone in this region.  I’m hoping to change that with this.  If anyone is interested, we could roleplay some negotiations or even something as simple as a brief message from your leader/whoever establishing these things.  This would mostly be for me to get to know some people in this region.






P.S: You could also reference any ongoing events/rps going on that I could join.

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Hi there! Welcome to Europa. It's good to see that you're keen to get involved in our roleplay. The way I see it, countries don't just appear out of thin air. You likely won't be starting brand new negotiations with another nation just because you're new to the region, because when you consider the roleplay, you've been part of the world for however many hundred/thousand years. The best way to go about it would probably be renewing some deals, or perhaps your nation has undergone a drastic change recently that has forced you to change your stance on international trade and now you have to reconsider who you trade with. 

I see that you don't yet have a factbook, either here or on our wiki, so I'd suggest getting started on one of those first before you get involved in some RP. That'll help people to understand what your country is really like, and is one of our requirements of getting a place on the map. 

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