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OOC Project Watershed

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OOC planning thread for Project Watershed:

The goal of Project Watershed is to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles for Sayf, Limonia, and Fulgistan

here's of a rough timeline of what we plan on doing

Have research teams from each country develop an ICBM capable of going 5,500-8,000 KM

Test the prototype publicly

Begin production

The ICBMs are gonna be equivalent to what the Indians have in real life.

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When you test the prototype publicly, the Greater Holy Empire will be very unhappy.

Very unhappy indeed.

ICBMs will likely be construed as an offensive weapon - after all, due to the fact that nuclear weapons do not proliferate on Eurth, the doctrine of mutually assured destruction doesn't truly also exist.

And just when I was writing my Christmas card list.

For shame.

Especially @Fulgistan, but especially @Limonaia.

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Alright, some things to consider that come to mind:

  • ICBM's have to come from somewhere, as in be developed from past missiles/have a technological basis. You're not going to be making the T-90 without having some experience with tanks, etc. Same with missiles, you're not going to be making a missile that goes long distances without having knowledge and know-how from shorter distance missiles. So, my advice would be to work on that first with this RP and then work in news posts, short stories and what not to slowly go towards having the required things for ICBM's and then eventually after a bunch of months return with Project Watershed 2: Electric Boogaloo, basically. 
  • Fulgistan is currently looking towards joining the ISTC or has, either one of those. Not entirely sure how that stands at the moment and it's early in the morning, I haven't had my coffee yet. Keep in mind that this will look bad for that. It has nothing to do with each other but people and governments will still draw conclusions that you might be using/stealing/misappropriating technology from there or whatever.
  • Ask yourself if either three of you need ICBM's. I get it, they're cool sh*t but governments do think beyond that. From what I can tell, Fulgistan mostly or only has internal enemies (resistance forces, terrorists, freedom fighters, whatever you want to call them). At the very least, he cannot claim any hostilities between the two of us nor have we been in any wars beyond proxy ones, which means that in regards to neighbors, there's nothing he can claim there that nations like North Korea, India, Pakistan, etc. can. Even the Bahinars are focused on each other, not Fulgistan. Limonaia somewhat the same, as far as I can tell. I have no knowledge of any hostilities between him and Valacia or Beleareas and even then, I would imagine any government to be far more willing to continue to or start investments into stronger naval and air forces, as they're a proven tool that gives you more usage and more flexibility compared to large missiles and the wildcard that they will be. A frigate can patrol seas, disrupt trade routes. A jet the same, somewhat. A large missile can't do the same, it basically just sits there being menacing which might work against your enemies or they might say 'f*ck it' and go ahead anyway. Sayf might have the best claim towards wanting large missiles, as he's near Greater Serbia and Derthalen however, both of these nations are near enough to not require ICBM's. Without the large power blocks that have existed IRL, the Europan 'superpowers' and TRIDENT being the closest ones but still far from them, there's still no real need to go into the expenses, tests and international shunning that would accompany your nations developing those ICBM's compared to regular missiles, that maintain a much more 'acceptable' image and price tag.
  • ICBM's are not cheap to build or maintain. Keep in mind the aftermath if you guys do decide to do PW2:EB. You will need dedicated bases, personnel, etc. to maintain the missiles. For all intents and purposes, this means either slimming down the other forces you have to achieve that or increasing budgets and personnel size. 
  • Additionally, keep in mind that the Indians have been at it making missiles since the 60's. They have a much bigger population base, access to a lot more resources to build their stuff with, low living standards and safety laws and they have Pakistan and China breathing down their necks, just waiting for them to f*ck up and get weak enough to take advantage of. This gives them an inherit edge over you three. Even if you three together came to the same level of population, outside threats and resources, you're still three separate nations with different priorities, governments and budgets which gives you a disadvantage, it means a lot more bureaucracy and waiting among other things. You might be able to produce something like the Prithvi I rather quickly but you're not suddenly going to have the same capabilities as the Indians or come close to that after one RP. That will take additional time, effort, tests, etc.
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Hey, folks. I've had a chance to get settled into living in a new place, to read this thread, and to do a lot of thinking.

After reflecting on the issue at length, I've decided to withdraw Fulgistan from Project Watershed. Seeing as I've already made two posts in the thread itself, I'll be doing this via IC posts unless an issue with the entire thread emerges.

Personally, I think I was really caught up in being a "big Commie superpower with nukes and stuff, like what all of 'em got", and in so doing, failed to consider the context in which the nations of Europa exist. In addition, I somehow completely disregarded my own plans for my country, including the opening of the markets and other globalist, liberalizing reforms. Project Watershed simply does not suit the internal climate Fulgistan is currently experiencing, or the international reaction it hopes to cultivate in the coming months and years. The creation of WMD-capable platforms is something that carries a lot more weight then I think any of us really considered during the planning phase. Regardless of my own thoughts on the matter, I wish all the best to @Sayf and @Limonaia should they decide to continue with development.

Thanks, everyone.

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