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Henry stepped out of his large office onto the balcony overlooking the warm tropical island he had taken. Just south west of Iverica it was in a nice isolated place, but still close enough to critical areas to easily perform operations around the world. He had made sure to setup shop in the newest building that was in his new capital city. Or at least as he saw it. He had spent the past several weeks establishing his new organization away from the prying eyes of the world. The small amount of nobility that had followed him had a sufficient enough set of contacts to begin setting up a network of contracts around the globe. His best mercenaries had been evacuated quickly before the Seylosian military had caught up to them, sadly he lost more troops than he bargained for but the ones that were lost were expendable. His core was intact, and he was ready to expand again. For the moment the throne of Seylos was no longer his concern, this interesting little island was, as well as growing his income. 

After first settling in on the island, starting out with just a large collection of tents and cargo ships floating off the coast, he had begun the process of the takeover of the natives. Nothing drastic of course, he wasn't interested really too much in governing them but their monetary resources. He had used the Iverican intelligence services to target exactly who he needed to in order to gain as much control in the local government as possible. After a week or two of somewhat heavy handed leveraging, he acquired a massive grant of land free from habitation of the locals to build and develop his mercenary haven. Not to mention all the generous government 'grants" he pressured out of the terrified politicians here. From there he began his ambitious construction projects, lavish barracks, administration buildings, leisure facilities, it was all truly designed to be a military man's paradise. He wanted to be sure to attract the best soldiers he could to fill out his ranks, even if it dried up his funding in the short term.

He had made sure to his his and his compatriot's identities behind a new private company, Monarch. A little on the nose, but he still felt he wanted to keep a certain regality around any organization he ran. Now his corporation was the power behind the throne on this island, keeping watch and making sure to get a cut. Not exactly the way he planned on all this, but one of the more efficient ways to regain the power he had lost. At least now had had some real soldiers under his command and it was a start, he was certain all the major powers of the world would be needing deniable ops and the money would begin flowing in in earnest.



OOC: Henry is open for business friends. More to comeeee

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Several Weeks Earlier


By the time their cargo ships had arrived their Iverican contacts had setup some sort of small makeshift dock area. It was sufficient enough for the smaller vessels from the ships to transport cargo down over time. This particular area of the island, had no population at all. In fact it was relatively unpopulated, barely even a fifty thousand people lived on the entire island. Henry was fairly was thoroughly unimpressed, more people lived in a square mile in Selbourne than lived in the whole place. Though the island itself was the most habitable place, the coastal areas were almost like paradise, untouched by large scale habitation. And this particular bay they were landing in was perfect to build a new military settlement in, flat and somewhat open.

The first few days into their arrival a small tent city had sprouted up. Henry had brought with him around three hundred people half mercenaries and half wealthy supporters. But close behind them were workers hired from various Iverican companies to begin the construction process and to ferry in additional supplies. He was still nervous though, any attack would catch them off guard, and only one Seylosian patrol ship had been captured in the entire coup, and that was only because the majority of its crew was on furlough while it was getting some repairs. Still though, despite being slightly nervous about his position he was positive Aidan hadn't been able to track him to this area, and the natives would pose no trouble. Not only did they not realize they had landed yet, but whatever pathetic militia they had wouldn't pose any threat to his well trained mercenary core.

He was in his command tent when his top mercenary commander stepped in, "Sir, you wanted to see me?"

Henry turned to look at him, "Ah Commander Chao, I'm glad you're hear. I have a mission for you."

Commander Chao Yazhu had been with Henry since the coup attempt in Seylos,  it was her advice that had led for the best of their troops to evacuate early when the tides had begun to turn. She had once been with some of the rebel groups in Fulgistan, but she had the forsight to leave such a hopeless cause, and found another calling. Mercenary work with the exile Prince Henry.

"Prince Henry, I'm at your disposal."

Henry chuckled, "Oh Mrs. Chao, don't worry, you're one of the few people here who isn't someone I want to dispose of. I was impressed with your thinking before we left Seylos, and I know you can get any task done I set before you."

He walked up to her and handed her a file, "These are a list of local 'politicians' that Iverican intelligence had handed us. I need them under control. Not even to rule this wretched rock, but enough to give us what we need. Money and this land. Iverica will take care of the rest when they decide to integrate this island. The rest of your orders are inside"

Yazhu snapped to attention, "Of course sir, it will be taken care of."

As she turned to leave Henry chimed in one more time, "I think Henry will do Yazhu."

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Two Days Later

Chao stepped out of the truck that had spent the better part of the day taking her and her troops to the largest city on the island. Around ten thousand people lived in the 'city', she was seriously underwhelmed. Most of the structures in the city were single story, the largest of which were the local government building clocking in at a staggering three stories at their height. But at least to hear that mean that their resources were limited at best. She doubted their presence would be questioned, in fact their group had run into an unfortunate group of bandits on the way to the city which they quickly dispatched of. She was surprised people even resorted to banditry in such a poor place. But the rest of their trip had been uneventful, and upon arriving they were greeted by a native who had connections to the Iverican intelligence services.

Chao approached the man, "I assume they have been prepared for out arrival?"

The nervous man approached, "I told them what was conveyed to me, but they demand to talk more..."

Chao shoved him out of the way and motioned to several of her men, "Christ, we will take care of this ourselves. With me"

Chao and her group burst through the doors of the main government building, where a few surprised guards were waiting hurriedly trying to raise their old rifles. Frustratingly she had been given strict orders to not kill anyone, though she thought it would make a bigger impact. She and her troops immediately opened fire shooting the unfortunate guards in their extremities causing them all to be thrown on the ground from the impact of the shots. She and her troops strode by, beating the remaining conscious guards into submission quickly as they went by. Outside she heard the pops of gunfire, no doubt the city's militiamen trying to retaliate against their intrusion. She of course had no doubt that her own forces could easily repel them.

After a minute, her and her soldiers had forced their way into what she assumed was the council chambers of the the building, "Councillors, I'm so glad you could see us. Though I suggest you get new security guards."

One of the councilors stood up, looking enraged, "How dare you..."

Chao held up her hand to stop her accompanying troops from shooting him, and glared at him pointing her hand towards his seat. The man stopped, looking at the armed men and women in the back of the room and slowly sat down. She took an empty seat near the front of the room, "Well, I'm glad we are all ok with us being here. I have a few requests, and a few presents."

From her pack, she produced several files and shoved them into the middle of the conference table. Slowly each one of the representatives grabbed the one addressed to them and opened it. Each one had been specially prepared by the Iverican intelligence services for each individual member of the council. Some were receiving simply bribes, doing nothing of note to warrant blackmail, other though were receiving the news that the world would learn everything they were hoping to be a secret. Around the table a series of smiles and frowns emerged. Each exactly what Chao wanted.

"What we need from you is in each of your folders, and as well what the nation of Iverica expects from you. As future friends"



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