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Request: Bergistan

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Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=bergistan

Flag: bergistan_1.png.42ff089e5ac1501f3721487c

Capital name: Oxwall

Capital location: Near a mountain

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:

Culture: I would say it is mix of American and Dutch culture more learning on American.

Climate: Temperate, but with well defined seasons 

Location History: Bergistan was first founded when Variotian settlers settled in the area.

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As you mention being some sort of @Variotan colony, @Bergistan, I'd suggest settling right next to @Saale, who, afaik, shares the same history. You coult start off as a small state at first and then move south-eastwards. Alternatively, if @Orioni would agree with that, you could get the rest of the peninsula, but that would be his decision to make.


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I would honestly suggest a different place. In the history me and Saale have, it wouldn't make sense for a second state to be there. The differences that ensured that Saale became an independent entity came relatively late in history. Additionally, I believe Bergistan was merely looking to have a Variotan founder, not exactly have a long colonial history with me. Perhaps something a bit further to the North in Argis would work? 

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Hallo @Bergistan and welkom to Europa.

  1. Factbook. As it should be.
  2. Newsroom. Extensive with pictures and everything. No new articles for the last couple of months. Are still interested in continuing this?
  3. Location. Somewhere near to @Variota but not actually next to it. The factbook or request don't mention any coastline, just a temperate climate with mountains. That opens up the potential for a landlocked location. Perhaps there used to be a coast, but that was taken away by another nation.
    1. Fellow Dutch-Germanic nations are found in SE-Argis, in the triangle between @Morheim , @Derthalen and @Theodoria . There are two mountain areas right there. This also matches your climate description.
    2. Or maybe Variota had trading outposts that stretched all the way to the Aurelian continent. That opens up the temperate mountain area in S-Aurelia. Loads of mountains there.

Conclusion: I hope you continue your newsroom. And the location will have to be decided. Food for further discussion.

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