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OneSky | Global Airline Alliance - Call for Membership

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CEO's of the founding members of OneSky, Gill Bryce (Adlantic) and Nevala Galathon (Havrær), today announced the formation of a central alliance team, the OneSky Management Company (oMC). This will act as the alliance's central secretariat, with responsibility for driving future growth and the launch of new customer benefits and services.

It is forecasted, that the services and benefits for customers of OneSky member's will include:

  • Smoother transfers for passengers travelling across alll member airlines;
  • Greater support to passengers regardless of which member airline they are travelling with;
  • Greater range of "round-the-wurld" products;
  • Enhanced co-operation in the member airline's frequent-flyer programs; and
  • Wider recognition and access to more airport lounges.

As such, the founding members of OneSky invite Airlines to join us, and we look forward to receiving your company's application. In this initial membership drive, we are seeking 6 airlines to join, on this basis, it will be first come, first served.

Again, we look forward to receiving your application.

Please copy & paste this application into your reply to this thread.

  1. Name of Airline:
  2. Names of CEO, CFO, COO of Airline:
  3. Location of Airline Headquarters:
  4. Hubs (Name & Code, International & Domestic):
  5. Aircraft fleet:
  6. Subsidiary Airlines:
  7. Name of Frequent Flyers Program (e.g Altitude):
  8. Name of Frequent Flyer Levels (e.g Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

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  1. Name of Airline: Montair
  2. Names of CEO, CFO, COO of Airline:
    CEO: Ruben Riise
    CFO: Herman Hovde
    COO: Iver Ahmadi
  3. Location of Airline Headquarters: New Halsham, United States of Prymont
  4. Hubs (Name & Code, International & Domestic): 
    Rettenmyr International Airport (GPRI) [I used @Gallambria's airport code idea from the 'From Skies to Safety' OOC thread]
  5. Aircraft fleet: 108
  6. Subsidiary Airlines: 
    Superjet, budget airline
    Aspelund & Horne, luxury business airline
  7. Name of Frequent Flyers Program: MontPlus
  8. Name of Frequent Flyer Levels: 
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Airline: KAir (pronounced "Kayier" as in "Kai Air")

CEO: Jerry Ko (高生侃, Ko Seng-khán)

CFO: Colin Cho (曹悟臣, Chô Gō-sîn)

COO: Lim Koan Hong (林冠放, Lîm Kòan-hóng)

Main Office: Kai Executive Tower, 2230 Konghok Road, Saipuo

Hub: Saipuo Toheng International Airport (CGST), Kaohen-Tailam International Airport (CGTA)

Subsidiaries: KiteAir

Fleet Size: 52 (KAir), 18 (KiteAir)

Frequent-Flyer Program: KaiFly

Frequent-Flyer Levels: Silver, Gold, Jade

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