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Request for edit: Asgeirria

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Just wanted some cities added to Asgeirria, and for the super close island to my northeast to be added as part of my territory, since it doesn't make sense (to me) for it not to be part of Asgeirria. I've had a large island across a small channel to the northeast of the mainland on all my maps since antiquity, and was hoping that I could have it added.



For reference to said island, please see


Specifically this bad boy: wUPVig8l.jpg


If there's a specific reason why I can't have the island, that's fine, but I'd like the cities added to the map either way. Thanks!

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I don't see a problem with this, but wouldn't the Trouble in Paradise RP grant you sovereignty over the marked territories either way? In that case @Orioni could do that in one swipe. Less work. Also, that RP already is pretty long, which is good, but it got me curious how much is yet to come to conquer a few puny islands. :D

Aw man, I kinda feel bad for the nations that joined shortly after the global expansion, we were so stingy when it came to granting territory. :D


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