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Mauridiviah Foreign Affairs Office

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This a thread to make it easy for me to do diplomacy. It's both OOC and IC, although this post is completely OOC. IC posts should be properly addressed to the Department of State and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mauridiviah.

General Relations: [Link]

Nations currently recieving foreign aid:

  • Hellenic Rus [Link]
  • Southern Fulgistani Provinces [Link]

Nations can request foreign aid below (IC).

Diplomatic Meetings:

  • Fulgistani-Mauridivian Summit [Link]
  • Ahranian-Mauridivian Summit [Link]

Anyone seeking a diplomatic meeting can post below (IC) or message me (OOC).

Diplomatic Incidents:

  • Condemnation of Derthalen [Link]

You cannot request these, but I'm sure they'll grow in number.

International Organizations:

  • Entry into the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Association (ATARA) as a Member [Link]
  • Entry into the Confederation of Independent Socialists (CIS) as an Observer [Link]

Diplomatic Practices

Mauridiviah grants diplomatic immunity to diplomatic staff, and requires nations with which it has embassies and cosulates to do the same. This immunity does not extend to civil fines, civil lawsuits, or civil affairs unrelated to diplomatic and/or consular activities. Mauridiviah also grants full diplomatic protections to foreign embassies and consulates, and also requires nations with which is has embassies and consulates to do the same.

Mauridiviah handles diplomatic missions on a case by case basis, and grants great freedoms in the designing of foreign embassies and consulates, and allows nations to place them outside of the capital city. Mauridiviah only allows security staff to carry small arms if they're registered with the Mauridivian government. Mauridivian diplomatic staff have the right to unionize. 

Mundus Liber is not a government organization, operates no embassies or consulates, and has its own outlet here.


  • Iverica
  • Beleareas
  • Fulgistan
  • Seylos
  • Limonaia
  • Fleur de Lys
  • Variota
  • Ahrana
  • Sayf
  • Faramount
  • Riadiya
  • Andalla
  • Selayar
  • Monvisret ;(
  • Sunset Sea Islands

This section is a Work In Progress.

Special Relations:

-None so far.



Credit to @Iverica for the format and @Faramount for the legalese and @Gallambria for the idea.


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The Honorable Marco Luti
Secretary of State of the Serene Republic of Mauridiviah
Suite 2, Republican Palace
Maurotopia, Serene Republic of Mauridiviah, [[Postal Code]]

Your Excellency,

President Terrome has instructed me to express the deepest outrage on behalf of the Faramanian people at the insults directed towards Faramount by your "Mundus Liber". We reject the preposterous claim that this group is independent of the government that funds and rules over it, and we take great offense at the false claim that the Faramanian people are unfree. The Democratic Republic of Faramount was formed to safeguard the liberties of the people from socialist tyranny. Our constitution guarantees a wide range of essential rights, and our independent judiciary strongly enforces this foundational document. These libelous attacks upon our administration -- and, by proxy, the free people that elected it -- must end.

I will be calling your ambassador to my office immediately for an explanation of this affront to the Faramanian people. I expect that he will arrive able to inform me that you have ordered your mouthpiece to retract its disgraceful snub of our great nation.

Minister of State Artur Domiani
4th Floor, State Ministry Building
New Limone, Faramount 00001

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To: the Department of State of the Seren Republic of Mauridiviah
From: the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Oyus Matriarchy 

The Oyus Matriarchy and Serene Republic of Mauridiviah may differ in many ways, and have interacted very minimally due to geography. In this new global age, though, it matters not if one 1 kilometer or 100,000 kilometers away. It is our hope that despite differences that diplomatic channels can be open and more formalized with an embassy exchange. It is the wish of the Matriarchy that from this day forth that we are not a mere secluded island nation, but an active member and positive contributor in the global community for the betterment of humanity. Perhaps a mission that Mauridiviah can help us with? We look forward to your response.


Lili Epol
Foreign Minister of Oyus

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To: El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Matriarcado de @Oyus

From: El Departamento de Estado de la Serenísima República de Mauridiviah

In the spirit of human solidarity, having taken into account Oyus' human rights record, the Most Serene Republic is willing to look past the Batencourt Doctrine and agree to an embassy exchange with the Oyus Matriarchy. It is our hope that this will lead to an expansion of dialogue, tourism, and business between our two nations, as well as encourage liberty and democracy throughout the world.


Marco Luti
Secretary of State of the Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah


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