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Exercise Shield Wall

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To: Minister of Foreign Affairs of @Derthalen

From: His Majesty the Emperor Syra Aïl III of the United Houses of Astriedan, - the High Bureau of War (HBW) - the Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau (IFRB)



Following recent discussions between diplomats of both of our nations, the Emperor would like to formally invite your armed forces to a joint exercise in neutral territory, as it was suggested in the aformentioned discussions. We believe that this exercise could improve relations between our countries and allow both of our armed forces to improve, learn from each other and increase interoperability.

The Emperor will be waiting for your response, in the hope it is favorable to our proposition.


May your day be as joyous as Symis,

Legislator Julian Merter of the IFRB

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: His Majesty the Emperor Syra Aïl III of the United Houses of Astriedan, et al.


We happily accept your proposal of a joint military exercise and would be more than happy to send soldiers to take part in this. We will of course be holding our soldiers to only the highest levels of professionalism and skill for this. Any criticism of their abilities or practices is of course welcome, should there be any sign of deficiency in them. 

As was discussed, we have provided a full list of the units that will be taking part in these events.

From the 2rd Clan, 18th Warhost:

2nd Combat Group

  • 2nd Gebirgsjager Staff (100 men and officers)
  • 1st Infiltration Warband (45 men)
  • 2nd Mechanised Infantry Staff (270 men)

2nd Outrider Group

  • 2nd Reiter Warband (45 men)

1st Support Group

  • 1st Engineers Staff (125 men)
  • 10th Assault Infantry Band (15 men with anti-material weapons)
  • 5th Heavy Weapons Hand (5 men)

From the Support Clan:

Military Intelligence Support Group

  • Joint Intelligence Centre (50 men)
  • Attached Kommissars (100 men) 
  • Operational Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Signal Group

  • SIGINT Warband (50 men)
  • Signal Operations Warband (50 men)
  • Radar Band (20 men)

+150 Imperial Guardsmen, +100 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

If any further information is needed, we will happily provide it. The men will be briefed on your ranks and military structure before departure of course, with bilingual phrase books & dictionaries being issued as well.

Thought for the day:

On the battlefield, valour is the lifeblood of victory.

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From: Commander in Chief Jose Manrence of the Imperial Army

To: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar of @Derthalen



I have been placed in charge of what is now known in the Imperial Forces as Exercise Shield Wall. The HBW has evaluated 2 islands suitable for the exercise:



The 1st island, south-east of Seylos, has a climate similar to those of both of our nations.



The 2nd island, north of the north-east of Argis, has a mostly polar climate, rendering most operations more complicated than in a "normal" climate, however, it could be an opportunity to train our troops to adapt to hostile climate.



I am still planning the exercise and will get back to you about what is to be expected in terms of exercises. I will let you choose the island on which Shield Wall will be held.


Here are the list of troops who will attend the exercise:


From the 1st IB.:

1st Combat Group

1st Mechanized Infantry Company (100 men)

 1st Motorized Infantry Battalion (300 men divided in the 1st and 2nd Motorized Infantry Company (250 men each))

1st Recon Group

 1st Motorized Recon Platoon (20 men)

1st Support Group

1st Combat Engineers Motorized Platoon (30 men)

1st Infantry Support Section (15 men with infantry fighting vehicles)

1st Mobile Mortar Squad (5 men with tracked mortars)


From the Support Battalion:


 Military Intelligence Support Group

Joint Intelligence Center (50 men)

Military Interrogation Cell (50 men)

Counter Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Operational Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Support Engineering Group

 Construction Engineer Company (100 men)

 Signal Group

SIGINT Platoon (50 men)

Signal Operations Platoon (50 men)

Radar Section (20 men)


+200 imperial guardsmen (astriedanian special forces)


May your day be as joyous as Symis,

Commander in Chief Jose Manrence of the Imperial Army

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