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i got a kick ass template and basic coding for the XML input it just needs to be tweaked a tad (i got a friend that worked on it). its a kick ass site just needs hosting and a good HTML program (DreamWeaverXL rocks). i'd be happy to give it to ya. i was going to run Europa's web site but i got booted and figured 'screw em' but now that im back i wouldnt mind sharing!

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Well, we can put in a website the map, thinks about the TEA, etc... all the importants thinks about the army but with a little adventage... quick access.


We can put all the information about us:


- Alliances in Europa (economics alliances)

- Allies of Europa

- Importants States Info (only the forum-actives members)

- Sports in the region (make more tournaments like Europeans Champions 2004)

- TEA Section

- War rules (if we makes this)

- News

- Section about all the GDP Calculators (to helps newbies)

- Map of Europa

- And more thinks like currency rates...

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@ Stoned Smurfs: I remember that. Can this forum be incorporated into your template?

if you can get the MySQL backup of this forums then yuppers. we would have to close these after we switch and leave a redirect to our forums. we wouldn't lose anything its just after we put them on our server if anyone signs up on the invisionfree forum it wont be the right one. thats why we close em and leave a redirect or something. plus if we do that we wouldnt be bound by invision rules just the rules of our host (psst i got a friend that hosts on linux cheap!).

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This reminds me, i never got around to updating that wikipedia page again rolleyes.gif If one of the origional members (i.e., EE or Orioni) could give me some details about the founding of the region, eg, why, when, how many founding members, etc, I joined in August I think, so i dont know anything before that really


(current state of affairs can be seen Here

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