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Flac-Draco and Domini

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To: Carla Sandrine CEO of Draco & Domini

From: Giovanni Sagletti CEO of Fabbrica Limona Auatomobili Celano

Following our two companies long standing cooperation when it comes to the production and development of military vehicles I believe we could both benefit from creating a joint subsidiary to manage our joint ventures. As the proposal currently stands we will transfer any projects currently jointly under Flac and Draco & Domini to this new proposed company. Production facilities in Limonaia will be transferred to this new company allowing for R&D and production to continue as normal during the setup. The Headquarters should be located in Cristina to make it obvious that this is not purely a Limonaian project. Of course both companies will own 50% each of the subsidiary's shares.



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To: Giovanni Sagletti, CEO of Fabbrica Limona Auatomobili Celano

From: Carla Sandrine, CEO of Draco & Domini S.p.A.



Firstly we thank you for the contact and for constantly believing in the cooperation between our two companies just as we do.

We also believe that the creation of a 50/50 joint subsidiary would take this successful cooperation to a new level, not only allowing us to break through some old barriers inherent to the market but also to suply this same market with competitive and quality products.

The Draco & Domini understand Flac's concerns about the location of the FDD headquarters and we came to agree with your proposal on makeing its main seat in Cristina, though we also propose the establishment of another main commercial base in Limonaia, near to the production activities and industrial bases.

We look forward to the concretion of this new enterprise.


Carla Sandrine


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