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Mother Nature needs to wake up

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We have a highly active community. Multiple posts going up every day. So much that it is sometimes difficult to read everything that's being written. Most of these posts are about politics and leadership. Very high-level. Which reminded me of some topics we might be missing.

Mother Nature is an awesome force. But she is hardly ever mentioned here. Earthquakes and hurricanes and snowstorms and floodings and forest fires. In RL these all happen on a regular basis.

A true disaster story is rooted in the primal life and death struggle of man versus classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. Just taking a quick roll call: earth (earthquake), water (the perfect storm, the impossible), air (twister, tornado), fire (the towering inferno). All indisputable disaster stories. In each, the hero fights for their lives against elemental flare-ups.

But I only recall 1 such recent event when a typhoon struck @Andalla and @Orioni.This prompted a discussion with Andalla to figure out the opportunities of more regular randomness. (How can randomness be regular?)

  • Question: is there any interest within the community for a monthly or bi-monthly writing prompts?
  • Followup question: what would be a simple, easy and fair way to do this?
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I'd guess from looking at the climate map that Faramount sees irregular earthquakes, regular hurricanes, and of course during the rainy season, regular thunderstorms. I'd certainly be open to having a regular RP of the consequences of such. 

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I'm all for writing prompts but I'd say, expand them to include more than just Mother Nature and also include positive events. As an example, there are things like Eurojackpot, Euromillions, why not Eurthmillions/jackpot? It would be interesting to see people write about citizens winning. Or cultural events, things about the most prominent diaspora in your nation, etc.

In regards to an easy way to do Mother Nature events and other events that require a pinpointed location, you could give each area a number and then run it through a random number generator. Oh, number 5? Okay, Eastern Argis is getting it, that sort of thing. Same with the events themselves, really.

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On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 11:16 PM, Orioni said:

So much that it is sometimes difficult to read everything that's being written.

I've been sitting here reading posts from the last two weeks or so for a couple hours now. It is hot as balls and, nevertheless, I am determined to psuh through. :<

On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 11:16 PM, Orioni said:

But I only recall 1 such recent event when a typhoon struck @Andalla and @Orioni.

Pressing F to pay respects for the victims of Walmington-On-Sea. @Gallambria

On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 11:16 PM, Orioni said:

Question: is there any interest within the community for a monthly or bi-monthly writing prompts? 


On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 11:16 PM, Orioni said:

Followup question: what would be a simple way to do this?

The new OMAHA satellites were thought up by @Andalla and me to create more weather based RPs. Weather is such a cool topic. Maybe I'll go for atmospheric Physics after my Bachelor's degree to get into meteorology…

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Orioni: I'm willing to take up the challenge for typhoons around the world. If we could create some sort of outlet where I can regularly post details of developing storms around the world, I'd be able to handle it. I can give the technical details of the storm and its location; perhaps some estimates on the damage (if there will be any at all). But unfortunately nothing beyond that. The decision on how any affected nations react should be up to that person. 😉

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4 minutes ago, Rihan said:

Sounds like we need a weather station set up.

*Turns on TV* "...big giant wave of nastiness is coming towards the city of...(unintelligible words)...get to higher ground at once..." *Turns off TV* "Eh, not affecting me," the ignorant person said as he got up and walked towards his kitchen, only to see a massive wave coming quite close to his home...

I've done SUMATRA a while back. It was definitely on a good track, but I just didn't have the time and willingness to maintain it. But now that my responsibility would cover, well, the whole region, it might just get a tad more exiting...

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    • By Stedoria
      The following is a rudimentary outline for a potential future cultural/trade-type organisation for nations of cultures of Dolchic descent/nations with a Dolchic minority.
      I would also like to clarify that the way this organisation would view Dolch and Dolchic are as the following: Dolchic is an ethnolinguistic group made up of related peoples (Stedorians, Velaherians, Dolch, etc) similar to real wurld Romance, Slavs, or Germanic peoples. The Dolch are the specific ethnic group in the Dolchic group that live in Dolchland, similar to real wurld French, Russians, or Germans.
      One of the core ideologies of the Government of Stedoria is the promotion and advocation of pan-Dolchic ideals and co-operation among all nations with Dolchic/nations with Dolchic descent. Although the potential creation of this organisation would be serving Stedoria interests in regards to Stedoria's ideology. (OOC) I also believe that it could also potentially look/be beneficial for the other Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with helping promote even more roleplay, especially among Dolchic nations and any potentially future nations that join Eurth in the future. I'm unsure if the creation of organisations like this are limited to members who have been active in Eurth for a certain period time or not, but if this is the case, I'd like to shelve this idea for now but keep it ready for a later potential date when I'm able to help create it. Furthermore, I am unsure if there is potentially enough nations for this idea to be considered, although I believe there is and with this organisation's creation, it could potentially boost that number.
      Essentially, this organisation would serve as a cultural trade-type organisation for Dolchic nations would have two main types of goals. The first of this goal would be the promotion of Dolchic cultures between all Dolchic nations, along with sharing more about Dolchic cultures to the wurld so that the wurld can better understand Dolchic nations and culture. The second of this goal would be an economic goal. The promotion of more trade agreements and resource agreements in order to help the economies of the wurld's Dolchic nations develop further so that they can be more successful.
      Potential nations could include @Stedoria (myself), @DPR Velaheria (given their transition out of isolationism), @Volta (given their Dolch origins), @Walneria (given them also being Dolch descendants spiced up with some Slavic cultures), and perhaps also the AI nation of Dolchland itself (although this would be limited give that it's an AI and its fragile political situation). Other nation suggestions/ideas would also be welcome if you have any.
      Relationship Development:
      One of the main goals of this organisation would be to help foster better relations among the Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with acting as an outlet by which Dolchic nations can present grievances between each other in order to prevent any type of escalation, allowing potential agreements between each other to be created in order to further these relationships between Dolchic nations, and encouraging Dolchic nations to be more open with one another given their shared culture.
      Trade and Economics:
      As previously stated, this potential organisation would help to promote more trade and commerce between Dolchic nations of the wurld. Such examples of this might be lower tariffs, cheaper resources, or potentially giving more access to the establishment and expansion of Dolchic companies across Dolchic nations. With this being said, I do believe that the organisation would place certain restrictions on what can be traded and what cannot (i.e. No other Dolchic nations sending military equipment to more authoritarian nations such as Dolchland and Velaheria).
      Cultural Exchange:
      Again, as stated in the preface, one of this organisation's main goals would be to promote Dolchic culture not only within other Dolchic nations, but also throughout the entire wurld. Such examples of this would potentially include cultural exchanges between various Dolchic nations, linguistic conferences, etc.
      Research and Development:
      Similar to Esonice's idea of a Partnership of Island Nations, I also think there could be potential for scientific development and research to take place among the organisation's members. Similar to trade though, this would be limited due to the authoritarian nature of governments, and would probably only be focused on non-military/weapons related discoveries, such as in the field of education, medicine, and commercial technology, allowing members of this organisation to develop their nations further to improver their citizens' lives.
      Currently, this is as far as my ideas for this organisation go, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be subject to development/change in the future. Furthermore, if you have anymore ideas of what this organisation could contain (members or goals), could be, or could do, please share them with me as I'm looking to expand this idea further. Also, as said before, if such an organisation couldn't be create now, then I would very much like for it to be possible for it to be created at a later future date. Thanks.
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      Hello, it's me again!
      I have receltly created templates, that link IIWiki page to NationStates page and I realized, that I could possibly create a similar system for this forum.
      The currently working templates I created for NS are {{NSD}} (links to NationStates dispatch), {{NSF}} (links to NationStates factbook), {{NSN}} (links to NationStates nation), {{NSNFlag}} (links to NationStates nation and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSNFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates nation), {{NSR}} (links to NationStates region), {{NSRFlag}} (links to NationStates region and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSRFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates region), {{NSColor}} (colors the text by the NS link color) and {{NSRColor}} (colors the text by the NS region link color).
      I was thinking I could create something like a {{EUN}} (for nation link), {{EUNFlag}} (for link with a flag), {{EUNFlagIcon}} (for redirecting icon), {{EUT}} (for redirects to a forum topic), {{EUC}} (redirects to a specific comment in the forum topic), {{EUF}} (for forum link), {{EUFFlag}} (for forum link with a flag, in case of linking to international organizations), {{EUFFlagIcon}} (for forum links hidden in a image icon) and maybe {{EUN}} (redirects to the newsfeed). Would anybody be interested here for such a thing? I feel like it would make the life for linking things way easier, as some of the posts here are comprehensive and do not require a IIWiki counterpart.
      Please let me know your toughts.
    • By Volta
      It was a bright and sunny day. With perfect visibility and calm winds, you couldn't possibly have a better day for a flight. And yet, for the crew and passengers of Voltan Airways Flight 444, something went wrong. Could it be a mechanical failure? Or, perhaps, something much more nefarious...
      Or at least, that's how the opening sequence would go if this was an episode of Air Crash Investigations (Mayday, if you're American).
      THE IDEA
      So, there's a cult in Volta that was formed after the government began relaxing the suppression of religion. This cult would be a cult of the well educated, targeting new university graduates, in particular those who under the old communist system could have expected a cushy government-assigned job and while they certainly could still go for one, with the emergence of non-government worker co-ops there'd actually be a non-government job market. Not everyone might be able to compete in this new job market, so the less fortunate talent would be targeted by the cult for recruitment. This would give them a huge amount of scientific expertise, and once you consider the rest of their beliefs make them dangerous... very very dangerous.
      To be blunt, they are a doomsday cult. But they don't think the apocalypse is a bad thing. Rather, they see it as an opportunity... for them and their followers.
      They believe that Volta will be invaded by a foreign power, and in the process of defending itself be completely destroyed. Like, think Germany and Japan after WW2 levels of destroyed. And, from the ruins of that, they believe they'd be able to get enough followers for them to gain power in Volta and establish a theocratic state, thereby "saving" the Voltan people. So, they'd want to trigger this apocalyptic war, and would be gathering materials to do it. Obviously, traditional guns and explosives would be a bit out of reach for them, so they'd need to find other weapons. And with their knowledge, they would not shy away from chemical warfare.
      Voltan Airways Flight 444 would be flying from [cityName] (should be a city in a foreign country with friendly relations to Volta) to Vien. Unbeknownst to the crew, there are 4 or 5 members of this cult on the plane. Each one of them snuck on with liquid sarin. This sarin would be hidden in containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cologne, perfume, and other toiletries that fall under the 3.4 oz (100 ml) limit. This would get past airport security as airport security screening doesn't check the contents of these containers. Trust me, I've traveled by plane many times to a variety of countries and I've never seen the contents of those 100ml liquids be checked, not even once. If such checks to occur, it must be extremely rare.
      The flight would have to fly above the airspace of [countryName] (should be a country hostile to Volta but where it makes sense to have to travel above their airspace). Shortly before entering the airspace, these people would start intentionally spilling and dispersing the liquid sarin. Since sarin is the most volatile of nerve agents it will quickly evaporate into the air. What's more is that it will quickly be dispersed throughout the cabin by the planes internal pressurization systems. When a pilot goes back to check on what's going on in the cabin, they'd let the gas into the cockpit.
      After declaring a PANPAN, and later quickly upgrading it to a MAYDAY, the aircraft would become unresponsive to all radio communications. It also would not react at all to anything, simply flying in a straight line as the autopilot maintains it's course towards [countryName]. Nothing would get any sort of response, it wouldn't even rock it's wings when intercepted by fighter jets. Depending on how much of a threat [countryName] perceives this to be, the aircraft could even be presumed to have been hijacked and shot down before any terrorist attack can happen. This is the harshest of measure, and has never happened in real life, but it is a measure that all countries (rl anyway, I assume it's the same ic) reserve the right to do in such an extremely unusual situation.
      This is exactly what the cult wants. They want the plane to be shot down, and then for Volta to be blamed for harboring terrorists. They want this to ruin Volta diplomatically. In fact, they want  it to cause a war, since they believe it will be their holy apocalypse that will bring them salvation.
      THE RP
      The RP would happen in 2 part. The first part is the flight, where I would RP with whoever is in control of the other countries airspace until either the plane is shot down by fighters or runs out of fuel and crashes. The second part is the actual investigation, where I would RP the Voltan Committee for Aviation Safety (which would want to investigate because, well, it's a Voltan plane run by a Voltan airline with a Voltan crew), and other people would investigate their own aviation safety authorities (think NTSB in America or AAIB in the UK). Once the cause is determined, it would turn into a criminal investigation and hunt for members of the cult. At this point I'd also RP the cult as it tries to hide its involvement and escalate things into a full scale war against Volta through various disinformation campaigns.
      So, that's the gist of my idea. It was partly inspired by Aum Shinrikyo's Tokyo subway attack, and partly by Helios Airways Flight 522. Who's interested? If anyone's interested, any ideas as to which countries could be involved in this? And finally, does anyone else here have any questions?
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