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Derthaler Trade & International Dealings

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of State, Karl Helgi Drake
To: King Aidan Redmond, Former Lieutenant of the Royal Seylosian Navy


We would like to propose a bilateral trade agreement and royal marriage in order to establish stronger ties between our nations once more. Firstly, we would like to normalise trade relations with your country by creating special permits for companies to apply for. These permits would have a standard fee of twenty Thalers and one Schilling and would need to be renewed once every six months and would allow the companies holding them to only pay five percent tariffs in imports and exports, while other companies would pay a standard tariff of fifteen percent. All goods would be subject to state laws and regulations, but further taxes would not be levied upon them. Please feel free to send us a revised version of the agreement if you find any part of it lacking.

Now, we would like to also suggest the marriage of Princess Margaret of House Redmond into the Imperial Household in order to improve relations between us and as a sign of our mutual respect. We would like for meetings to be arranged between her and her possible husband so as to ensure a good match. An initial courtship gift of five-hundred Thalers and assorted clothing, furniture, and jewellery of a similar value will be sent along shortly should you agree to this arrangement.

May the Emperor be with you.

Thought for the day:

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane.

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tagmaten, Ochsenland


We would like to inquire with your government about the purchase of a breeding population of bison. A hundred and fifty males (of fully mature ages) and four-hundred and fifty heifers would be ideal for immediate release into the wild, but if that number is too large we would settle for a smaller one with the same ratio of males to females along with ages (1:3 mature males to heifers). We are willing to pay four Thalers, one Schillings, eighteen Groschen, seven Haller and a Klein-Pfennig ($1,175) per head of cattle. Transportation and shipping costs will have to be negotiated upon by our governments of course.

All animals will be subjected to medical screenings before and after their journey to ensure their health, and will be expected to be fed and watered appropriately during transportation. Once they are securely arrived, all responsibility for them will be upon my government and its agents.

Contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thought for the day:

In our resolve we only reflect his purpose of will.

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Praetor Mathon Terix

Golden people,

We would like to enquire as to whether your kind would like to trade embassies with us; the goal of this would be to encourage closer diplomatic ties between our nations and to promote cooperation in the future. This will allow for easier communications as well naturally.

The terms proposed are as follows:

  • Both embassies shall be housed upon an area of dry and flat land no greater and no smaller than twenty acres.
  • Both embassies shall be housed within fortified citadels of an area not exceeding six acres.
  • Both embassies including the land they are house upon shall be treated as the sovereign territory of the nation to which they belong to in all cases except ones in which they are being used to conduct illegal activity within the host nation, harbour fugitives guilty of crimes within the host nation from the host nation, or in the eventuality that diplomatic relations may sour and the host nation may no longer find it desirable for the embassy to occupy said land. 
  • Both embassies shall be afforded a period of time no less than two months to peacefully evacuate (with full guarantees of the staff's material and mental safety, as well as that of all equipment and property belonging to them) in the eventuality of an expulsion unless the embassy has been proven to be engaged or have been previously engaged in active military activities against the host nation thus invalidating all protections.

Amendments to the terms can of course be made should these not be acceptable. If so, please send back revised terms so we might begin negotiations immediately. Otherwise, we eagerly await your response.

Thought for the day;

Death, war, genocide, destruction—none of these things can stop the hope that humanity will survive another day.

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Praetor Mathon Terix

Golden people,

This news is heartening. We will begin organising the transport of a small garrison force and all the necessary personnel needed for our embassy right away. We have also begun refurbishing an old fortress five leagues from our capital for your usage. If it should not meet with your approval, we will work out something else.

In the mean time, we would like to suggest organising a three week festival to commemorate this historical event and act as a symbol of good will between us beyond the embassies. Specifically, we understand that both of our cultures have maintained gladiatorial combat traditions along with various forms of old warfare. We would think that a public display and competition involving these martial skills would be an entertaining means of celebrating, with both of our countries organising teams to partake in these events for the wreaths birch and olive. For these events, we would like to suggest the archery, jousting, wrestling, and palluf* as they are excellent means to display the strength of our men and all skills needed for war. We would also like to participate in any activities which your people might find suitable to this event. As for dress, we would request that the men participate in nothing but loincloths and paint, as it is considered traditional during honest competitions of this sort (except for jousting of course, as that would be far too dangerous).

Now, as for the date of all this, we would like to honour the Militant-Saint Rommel on his feast day which falls upon fourteenth of October for you. This is the day that he was tried and executed by northern barbarians and is celebrated, as upon his execution, the flagging defenders of a nearby fort received visions of his ascension to the Emperor's warhost and were possessed by his holy fury to fight through the siege they were under.

We eagerly await your reply.

Thought for the day;

Concrete walls and steel bulkheads may seem formidable, but an unshakeable faith in the Immortal Emperor of Man can overcome any barriers.

*Palluf is a sport where two opposing teams consisting of thirty men must fight for control of a single pole in the middle of a field. The pole starts out laying flat on the ground between the two teams. For a team to win, they must get the pole standing underneath the centre of the field (which will usually require most of the team to hold it steady) while a member climbs it to grab an item being suspended above them.  Edited by Derthalen (see edit history)
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To: Jan Utikar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of His Majesty, Heinrich III of @Derthalen

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

Minister Utikar,

Your proposal is an interesting one and has merited the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion looking into the matter. As Arhomaneia is a Christian nation, the foremost amongst them on Eurth, and we are keenly aware that God placed stewardship of His creation into our hands. We feel that Eurth needs protecting from the the worst excesses of ignorant and careless attitudes of most other nations, attitudes that are currently causing adverse environmental impacts across the world. This is reflected in the policies pursued by the Tagmatine government – namely, investment into renewable energy, reducing the impact of industry and transport on the environment, carbon-neutral technologies and, where feasible, re-wilding of areas that would benefit from the re-introduction of species that had since been driven to extinction by human action.

This does include large animals, both predator species such as wolves, leopards and bears, and prey species, such as boar and, of course, bison.

I have met and discussed the matter with members of the Logothesia for the Environment, Agriculture and Trade, under the guidance of Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomaion. Obviously, one of our key concerns is that Derthalen remains a nation that Tagmatium regards as a slaver state, a rogue nation. Whilst I appreciate that your government has come to some agreement over the conduct of your immoral and reprehensible policies with the Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus, amongst others, we still feel that your nation has a long way to come before we can accept you as a proper member of the international community. Or even one that a civilised nation could entreat with as approaching an equal.

However, as it is felt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that encouraging better environmental practices and bringing threatened creatures back from the brink of extinction is a cause that steps beyond considerations of international diplomacy, to an extent. Because of this, my own government is willing to agree to sending a number of bison to Derthalen, to help increase the biodiversity of not just Derthalen, but Argis as a whole.

Whilst the Tagmatine subspecies of the bison, the Occidental Bison, never reached below roughly ten thousand at its lowest in the aftermath of the Long War, the population has never reached its historic numbers, even with a breeding programme existing since EK7474 (AD1965). However, those in charge of the breeding programme under the aegis of the Logothesia for Agriculture and the Environment feel that the number of bison that your nation has proposed to be sent to Derthalen will not impact negatively on the progress of the programme itself. As such, I can say that there is no problem with the numbers of bison themselves to be sent.

The Logothesion for the Environment has expressed some concern that this effort to reintroduce bison to Derthalen will in fact introduce a subspecies that has not been present in Argis before now. Academics from the fields of palaeontology and archaeozoology consulted during investigation as to whether the extension of the Tagmatine breeding programme that this represents have pointed this fact out to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. At this stage, I put it to you whether the Derthaler government wishes to continue with this, in light of the concern that it could actually be counterproductive to biodiversity to do this. However, others consulted suggested that it might be better to introduce this effectively new subspecies and then attempt to breed the characteristics of the Argic or local bison subspecies into the population afterwards. It assumed that your government has palaeontological, zooarchaeological and ethnological records that are not accessible to academics from Arhomaneia and these could inform you to a level that is not possible with the information that we ourselves have to hand.

If it is agreeable to you, both the Logothesia for Agriculture and the Environment will medically evaluate all the animals that have been selected prior to any travel from the various locations of the bison herds in Tagmatium. Some of them are spread relatively widely and the numbers taken from each herd must be carefully monitored, so as to not impact their continued viability. If those examining the animals feel that any individual is not fit for travel, another animal will be substituted in its place. They will also receive another examination before embarking on the ships to your nation. All possible effort will be made to see that each bison arrives in the designated port in Derthalen in a fit and healthy manner, as best as the efforts of those appointed by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to oversee their travel could guarantee. During transport and shipping, they will be accompanied by duly appointed representatives from those Logothesia, who are qualified and certified to the satisfaction of those same Logothesia and equipped to make sure that the bison are as comfortable and healthy as they could be during the long voyage, considering that they will placed in conditions they are not habitually in in this time. Arhomaneia has no interest in seeing the bison become injured or ill during travel and it would be an affront to our honour for them to arrive in an unfit state.

I do request that these representatives are not prevented from returning from Derthalen in any way, or interrogated or otherwise molested on arrival in your nation. If the Derthaler government wishes to send representatives to assess the health of the bison prior to embarkation, and to also monitor their health during the sea voyages, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will extend the same courtesy.

What the Megas Agios Basileia has trouble with, however, is the amount of money that your government proposes to pay for the bison. On the face of it, it seems to be a very good offer. But Tagmatium cannot accept any payment from Derthalen – yours is a sinful nation, sunk in depravity and monstrous in the eyes of God, even if the motivations behind this current policy seem to be a step above your nation's usually wretchedly low levels of morality. As such, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion could only agree to take reimbursement from your government for the transport and shipping of the bison from their locations within Tagmatium and to your nation. Anything else would be, directly or indirectly, profiting from the actions and policies of one of the most barbarous and savage nations on Eurth. An offence to the eyes of God if there ever was one.

As such, an evaluation of the potential costs involved with the transportation of the bison, as well as keeping them fed and watered during travel through Arhomaneia and to Derthalen, is being conducted by the Logothesia for Trade, the Environment, Works and Transportation. Once it has been completed, an estimation and an itemised breakdown of the costs involved will be forwarded on to your government, to see if the sum that we have reached is agreeable to you. I do not doubt that we can come to an agreement considered equitable to both sides, even if your nation is the epitome of the term “barbaroi”.

I hope that this marks the start of Derthaler policies taking into consideration the environmental and ecological impact that may come from them and that your nation will follow Tagmatine example in these areas. Eurth is a gift from God and must be treasured as such.

May God bestow upon Fylkir Heinrich III the ability to see the true cost of his actions and the error of the ways of the people of Derthalen and his own.

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion of Foreign Affairs

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Eugenios Goulielmos, Logothesion of Foreign Affairs, Tagmaten, Ochsenland

Dwæs Ochsenlanders,

We are can more than assure you that we have all the essential records on hand and support personnel familiar with them ready for your our new bison. Our government already has several large plots of land suitable as holding areas for them once they arrive, where we will be able to feed them, inspect them, and tag them before finally releasing them into the wild. Concerns over harming biodiversity, while appreciated, are wholly unnecessary, as this species simply does not exists here. Moreover, impact studies have shown no species which might be harmed by the introduction, other than possibly wild horses, as they would now have competitions over the plains. That said, the horses are abundant, the bison do not exist. Once settled, they will be able to feed and multiply unhindered in the underpopulated northern reaches and will become an abundant food source within decades and a nice addition to the environment. As such, we hope you can see how any concerns over biodiversity are misplaced.

As for your request that your personnel remain unmolested, we are more than happy to oblige. No blood shall be spilt and no persons detained so long as they offer no credible reason (such as committing a murder or getting caught spying) to do so. In this interest, we will of course provide them with guards while they are here to act as insurance so as to keep them out of trouble and safe. We will check their identities both as they arrive and as they depart. We will provide proof of their departure for your own security services to review. We will make certain that no foul play occurs on our part. You have our word.

Now, leaving aside issues of huora morality, we are happy to accept your gift then. The gold we save in not paying for them will of course be put to productive uses, and we will be more than happy to provide compensation for their transportation, as it is a most titanic undertaking. We are also certain that both of our parties shall leave feeling this a most equitable agreement. May this be one of many to come.

May your god be as illuminating to your people as he surely is to ours, and may your countrymen never feel boredom in their days.

Thought for the day:

An oath spoken in word and sealed in blood can be broken only with fire.

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