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[ON HOLD] A violation of Diplomatic Protocols

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From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard

To: Secretary-General Alexsandra Core of the Federation of @Ahrana


Salutations dear Secretary-General,

The Republic have caught with intention the new geopolitical orientation of the Federation, and maintain its neutrality on such, we do hope this is for the best of your people and wish you the best chances in your success for accomplishing what you wish along ensuring a stable and prosperous nation and people.

The Republic however have noticed the violent and out of the usual diplomatic protocol, closing of Asgeirrian Consulates throughout the Federation without a clear and advanced notice, along the unilateral suspension of the Asgeirrian diplomat Miss Hazel without notice nor talks with the Asgeirrian Government following our informations. The diplomatic immunity is an international right, and therefore, the Ahranan Government cannot alone decide the lift of such immunity, it indeed, needs to be agreed by both sides, and if it was to fail, your Government have authority to expel the said diplomat, but in no case can hold it in its custodies in such way.

The diplomatic relations with the Federation of Ahrana are of the highest importance for the Republic, and we would be most disappointed to see the Federation violating international rules, as even if following your claims, the Asgeirrian diplomat would have displayed an inappropriate behaviour, it is no way a possible reason to violate international diplomatic rules and protocols. We are sincerely sorry for the Asgeirrian Government, to have been forced, as you held hostage one of their Diplomat, to make those apologies, without further investigation.

We do hope the Federation of Ahrana shall give fair explanations of the situation, and give insurances for the many diplomats acting of all origins throughout the Federation to not be feared, along get back to respect the international diplomatic protocols and rules by releasing without conditions the Asgeirrian Diplomat Miss Hazel along expelling her to Asgeirria if that is your will, or negotiate the lift of her diplomatic immunity with the Asgeirrian Government.



- M.A.D.C. Richard

Edited by Fleur de Lys
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OOC: @Fleur de Lys, how are you aware of the goings on during this summit? You were not privy to their conversation. Nor were the communique's addressed to you. The only way in which you could have known of the events transpiring is via intercepting the communications between the two parties, which I'd argue is breaking international diplomatic protocol in of itself. 

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