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Breaking News: 

This afternoon, the Baghdad based arms manufacturing company "Silah Manufacturing" was accused of illegally selling arms to foreign militants of unknown descent. The company denies all claims despite the evidence mounting against them, there will be a court hearing on Friday.

Silah Manufacturing's CEO Ahmed ibn Muhammed said in an interview that "We should be able to sell our product to whoever has the money." and "What we do with our money and our guns is none of the government's business." Ahmed ibn Muhammed is a prominent member of the Conservative Action Party, Sayf's largest right-wing party.


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Breaking News:

Controversial far-right guns activist group has rallied in front of parliament demanding less gun regulation has the parliaments votes on a new bill regarding the regulation of firearms.

Ever since the local arms industry was upstarted by the military, guns have been pretty common in Sayfi homes, although this has caused a number of issues including many firearm related injuries and fatalities, to combat this the government has put in many regulations such as the Firearm Regulation Act of 1974 which required all holders of firearms to be properly educated on firearm safety, hold a firearms license, and go through an extensive background check. Now, there is a new bill going through parliament that is likely to be passed that allows the government to seize all automatic weapons and ban them completely. This has caused uproar among the right-wing minority.



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Breaking News:

Today after a long drawn out civil court case spanning five years, large bank "First People's Bank" run by the Rabbi Azriel Shekelüver Goldstein was shut down by the Sayfi Regulation Office for laundering money of the underground criminal organization known for exporting weapons and drugs illegally from the country, as well as giving out loans to terrorist organizations. Goldstein and several other executives of the bank were arrested.

The small Jewish community in Baghdad is outraged, demanding that their Rabbi is released from jail. There has already been a lawsuit filed against the Sayfi Justice Department for wrongful imprisonment and emotional damage to the Jews of Sayf.

Goldstein shall be tried by a jury on December 5th, 2018 and his team of lawyers have assured us that all charges will be dropped.



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Pictured: Two Wildadat vehicles lining up for a street race at an intersection in downtown Mosul

MOSUL, SAYF — Following reports of dangerous "street takeovers" southern Basra, a Basra City Council committee Wednesday moved forward with a plan to re-evaluate the city's current laws and efforts to crack down on the illegal activity.

Street racing is a decades-old problem in Mosul, but in recent years has evolved into what are commonly referred to as street takeovers, where a large number of drivers close down a street while other motorists perform dangerous and reckless stunts in the middle of an intersection, according to a motion introduced by Mosul City Councilman Ahmed Al-Habib and approved by the Public Safety Committee.

"These events can not only cause damage to public and private property but put the participants' lives in danger as well as spectators, law enforcement and the general public," Habib wrote.

Organizers typically utilize social media to quickly and efficiently set up such an event, often within private social media circles, which can make it extremely difficult for law enforcement to determine where and when the illegal races will occur, according to the motion.

Habib's motion follows two recent reports by the Mosul Daily News, which documented several large street takeovers that occurred in the city.

If approved by the full City Council, the motion would direct the Mosul Police Department, with the assistance of the City Attorney's Office, to report on all of the city's current ordinances, laws and fines related to street racing, anti-street racing programs in effect, as well as any and all suggestions to increase penalties, fines or efforts of the MPD in order to successfully combat illegal street racing citywide.

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Rashid: Hello viewers, I'm Rashid-

Fatima: I'm Fatima-

Fatima and Rashid: and this is SNN: Newshour!

Rashid: Today we'll be discussing the upcoming presidential election.

Fatima: Yes, it's been 5 years since the last elections in 2014, where our current president Ali Al-Karim was elected for his third term.

Rashid: Yes, and unfortunately Ali Al-Karim will not be running again.

Fatima: Such a shame, he's currently out longest running president at fifteen years, and such is not a surprise with a 75% approval rate.

Rashid: Yes, he's always been a man of the people, but he's retiring after this term. I imagine it's quite exhausting running Sayf for fifteen years with little to no breaks.

Fatima: Yes, of course. Let's move on, candidates have been on the campaign trail since last year and since Ali Al-Karim isn't running, they may actually have a chance since he was such a popular candidate, him retiring leaves a lot of voters looking for a replacement. 

Rashid: Speaking of which, here's the list of people who've announced their candidacy:

Abdullah Al-Fiqri: Candidate from the National Democratic Party, he's a social democrat from southern Sayf. 

Tahira Muqasim: Controversial female candidate from the Ba'ath party, she's a Ba'ath socialist who wants to restore Sayf's former glory using socialism.

Hajra Nasir: Another female candidate, she's from the Republic Left party, and is quickly rising in popularity, backing some of Al-Karim's policies as well as critiquing them. 

Abbad Al-Shakush: A former Sayfi military general, a critic of the leftist parties, and of course from the Conservative Action party.

Akram Fadel:  Working with the Islamic Brotherhood, wants to take Sayf back to it's Sa Haran roots. I expect a dive in the number of seats the party holds.

Faizan Tariq: A communist of the Sayfi Revolutionary Party, wants to totally reform the country and make it into a full communist state.

No candidate from the Libertarian Liberation party as of yet, but they usually announce later along the campaign trail.

Fatima: Excellent, remember to vote on July 5th on election day!

Rashid: I'm Rashid!

Fatima: and I'm Fatima!

Rashid and Fatima: and this is Newshour signing out!


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Beginning later this year, a new commodity will be planted in fields and open areas across Sayf that likely will change the landscape.

These "farmers" are government-subsidized energy companies that have begun manufacturing solar panels and building solar power plants as a part of a government directive to remove the Sayfi economy's dependency on oil as a response to the eventual lack of need for oil on Eurth.

As projects are approved and ramp up, arrays of tightly bunched panels tilted south are expected to replace what had been crops or open land, with some projects encompassing up to 20 acres.

The government has been making serious strides to remove Sayf's dependency on oil, such as acquiring the largest solar company in Sayf, Al-Taqat Shmas Incorporated, and investing 13.3 billion dinars to ramp up solar panel manufacturing. "We believe that if Sayf begins producing the means for renewable energy, we can recoup income lost from oil," says Mohammed ibn Farshad, head of the Sayfi National Committee for Renewable Energy.

This is not the only effort Sayf is making towards decreasing emissions and supporting the replacement of oil in exchange for renewable energy, local auto manufacturers such as Al-Naiem, Tawahad, and Wiladat are making efforts to put electric, zero-emission vehicles on the road. 

Overall, this will lead to an improvement in air quality, a decrease in the cost of energy, and spark economic development. 

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After weeks of polling Sayfi citizens across Sayf, including all the major cities, and the countryside here are the first nationwide poll results of this election


Unsurprisingly, Abdullah Al-Fiqri maintains the lead although it also proves that he is not as popular as the current President, Ali Al-Karim who in polls maintained a strong majority of 75% throughout all polls. It is clear many people are taking a look at their political beliefs, even straying towards other candidates such as Tahira Muqasim whose party has experienced an unexpected boost in popularity since Ali Al-Karim announced he was not running in the next election. She is barely holding herself above Hajra Nasir of the Republican Left whose party also benefited from Ali Al-Karim's announcement. The smaller more radical parties of the Sayfi party such as the Revolutionary Party, the Conservative Action party, and the Islamic Brotherhood have all undergone boosts in popularity, most notably, the Revolutionary party, whose popularity has increased almost ten-fold. With the upcoming debate next week against all the candidates these numbers are sure to change for better or for worse. What we know for sure, the outcome is not close to being decided.

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Sayf Energy and Rahma, with partners, advance climate-neutral e-fuel development.

Sayf Energy, joined by Sayfi car manufacturer Rahma and a lineup of international companies, is developing and implementing a pilot project in southern Sayf that is expected to yield the wurld’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels (e-fuels). In the pilot phase, around 130,000 liters of e-fuels will be produced as early as 2022. In two further phases, capacity is then to be increased to about 55 million liters of e-fuels a year by 2024, and around 550 million liters of e-fuels by 2026. Rahma will be the primary customer for the green fuel. Other partners in the project are OPEC and the petroleum company. 

The pilot project in the Basra province takes advantage of the excellent wind and solar conditions in southern Sayf to produce climate-neutral fuel with the aid of green wind power. As part of Sayf’s national hydrogen strategy, to support the project Sayf Energy will get a grant of some 8 million dinars from the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the ministry announced today.

Mohammed Almaden, CEO of Sayf Energy: “Establishing a sustainable energy economy is going to require some rethinking. Renewable energy will no longer be produced only where it’s needed, but where natural resources like wind and sun are available on a massive scale. So new supply chains are going to arise all over the wurld to carry renewable energy from one region to another. That’s especially important for Sayf, which – bottom-line – has to adapt to more sustainable energy. Hydrogen will come to play an increasingly important role in storing and transporting energy. Which is why the Sayfi government’s support for the project is an important signal.” 

Rahma CEO Rasheed Tariq: “Electromobility is a top priority at Rahma. E-fuels for cars are a worthwhile complement to that – if they’re produced in parts of the wurld where a surplus of sustainable energy is available. They are an additional element on the road to decarbonization. Their advantages lie in their ease of application: e-fuels can be used in combustion engines and plug-in hybrids, and can make use of the existing network of filling stations. By using them, we can make a further contribution toward protecting the climate. As a maker of high-performance, efficient engines, we have broad technical expertise. We know exactly what fuel characteristics our engines need in order to operate with minimal impact on the climate. Our involvement in the wurld’s first commercial, integrated e-fuels plant supports the development of the alternative fuels of the future.” 


Eurth's first integrated plant for the production of climate-neutral fuels: Sayf Energy and Rahma, together with partners, are implementing a pilot project in southern Sayf that is to result in the wurld's first integrated and commercial large-scale plant for the production of synthetic, climate-neutral fuels (e-fuels). The project takes advantage of the excellent climatic conditions for wind and solar energy in southern Sayf. In order to initially produce green hydrogen, electrolysers use wind power to split water into its components oxygen and hydrogen. CO2 is then filtered from the air and combined with the green hydrogen to produce synthetic methanol. In a further step, the green methanol is converted into climate-friendly e-fuel for export and local use. This allows vehicles with combustion engines to be operated almost climate-neutrally - an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

Economy Minister Elias Abadi: “Hydrogen is a key component for successfully carrying out the energy transformation in every sector. That’s why, with the National Hydrogen Strategy, we aim to take advantage of the opportunities that hydrogen offers for the climate, energy and economic policy. We know we won’t be able to cover our national demand out of domestic production alone, and will need international partnerships. So I’m very pleased to see that Sayf Energy and Rahma are developing production capacity in other countries, along with importing structures, for green hydrogen and its daughter products. Thanks to Sayfi know-how, for the first time in the wurld innovation from the laboratory will now be applied in an integrated, commercial plant.” 


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