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Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition Letter Exchange

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OOC: This is meant as the thread to state you're coming to AADE, sort of an interest thread but from an IC standpoint. Maybe provide us all a bit of info about the characters coming, if you're into that. And yes, I know I'm terrible at graphic design.


The Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition

Dear Valued Customer, Associate, Business Partner, Business Rival or Other,


I am extremely happy to be able to invite you to the newest edition of the Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition. As many of you know, the Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition is the largest and only important international defence exhibition within the Alharu continent, a true event to permanently mark on your calendar. AADE provides you with the inside scoop on the best armaments manufacturer in Alharu and the world, Varinco, our newest advances in military technology and those of our business partners. This year, Varinco, ARX, Aamotech, Suisa, TAD and AADE have some amazing new and improved systems to show you.

Between enjoying the various displays of some of the finest weaponry this Eurth knows and being able to ask questions, plan tests and place orders with our staff, you will be able to mingle with your fellow armaments enthusiasts and enjoy some of the finest Variotan cuisine and beverages available to mankind. The entire conference hall will be full service during the Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition with another drink or dish just one swipe of your personal Varinco keycard away. Our valued customers that are able to provide evidence of a planned test or a purchase will see their bill waived. All customers receive one complimentary drink of choice and a glass of Variotan champagne, often called the Emperor among Eurth's many champagnes, upon entry.

There are multiple great shows planned for your enjoyment and we can assure you that this is something that you should not miss. From assault rifles to armoured personnel carriers, from tanks to missiles, AADE provides new chances for all price brackets and all of our highly valued customers. AADE is the best opportunity of the year to spruce up your security forces, militia, military, private military corporations and freedom fighter groups. And with each product comes that guarantee of high quality that you have come to expect of Varinco and its partners. Modifications remain possible at a small price increase so that our products always fit your situation and your needs.

In order to ensure you are treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve, my only request is to RSVP to this event so that we know for certain that you, our dear valued customer/associate/business partner/business rival/other, will be gracing us with your presence and join us at the Alharun Armaments Defence Exhibition. In order to do so, please log in at aade.vr/imcoming with your personal code [OOC: Imagine that there's a code here, thanks]. There will be an option to join myself. J.D. Karrewasser, for a pre-opening event for a few select of our dear relations. In case you are invited, there will be another question on the website, asking you to RSVP for that as well.

I hope to see you soon,

J.D. Karrewasser,
Chairman of GWFWA Varinco

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A staff member at the Ministry of Defense for the Democratic Republic of Faramount RSVPs for the Minister of Defense, Marshal Raymond Fouquet. The staff member selects for Foquet to attend the pre-opening event ((if he is invited)). The staff member attaches the standard diplomatic description of Foquet to the reservation.

Marshall Raymond Foquet is the Minister of Defense for the Democratic Republic of Faramount. A career military officer, Foquet rose through the ranks as an infantry commander, notably taking part in the 1989 campaign against the FFRU in Northern Faramount. He achieved general rank in 1994, and became Minister of Defense in 2003. Foquet is a recipient of the Faramount Legion of Honor, the Faramount Order of Democratization, a Gold National Defense Medal, and the Honor Medal for Courage and Devotion. 

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On behalf of the Worker's Republic and of the Revolutionary Guard, it is my pleasure to inform GWFWA Varinco that myself and the staff of the Bureau for Defense will be in attendance at the AADE. The Revolutionary Guard has enjoyed a stable and beneficial relationship with GWFWA Varinco for over 40 years, and looks forward to the pursuit of further cooperation in the provision and supply of armaments.

With all regards,
Jinhuang Choinom, Secretary for Defense, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


Jinhuang Choinom has been a Party member since 1986 and joined the Bureau for Defense in 1988. In 1996, Comrade Choinom was appointed Secretary for Defense, and has since overseen the sweeping military reforms of the 2010s, as well as numerous actions against terrorist groups along the borders of the Worker's Republic.

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Aamotech Aerospace have finalised the arrangements for their stand at the Alharun Armaments and Defence Exhibition, and will be represented by Sales Executive Jenny Erlandsen. Erlandsen has worked at Aamotech since the company merged with the KAP Group in early 2018, but has a rich knowledge of the arms industry through her previous employment at National Weapon and Machining Works of @Girkmand, where she worked from 2003 to 2017.

Also in attendance will be the United States' Defence Minister, Hunter Grey, who will be overseeing technological and weapon advancements in the continent and exploring possible avenues for Prymont to further equip themselves. He is also responsible for the future equipping of the Hellenic Russian armed forces, and will be seeking favourable deals as such.

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