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Greetings from Ile de France

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Hello, nations of Europa;

My name is Aegaeus and I am Foreign Minister of the region of Ille de France. I have been communicating with your delegate, Orioni, concerning establishign relations between our two regions.


Over the past few days, an unexpected turn of events has caused some disruption in Ille de France. For whatever reason, the moderators of NS decided to delete our founder's nation. We are still trying to figure out the reasons for such an action from the moderators, however, they have not given any specifics, that I know of, as of yet. Many countries from my region have made efforts to establish a new region and most of us are currently in the moving and transition process from our old region to the new one. Government and leadership structures are the same, or at least will be once everything is settled. Our ideology will remain the same, and we shall stay an open and free region, especially concerning the freedom of speech.


Our new regions name is also similar: instead of Ille de France (with 2 L's), we shall be moving to Ile de France (with 1 L). I am unsure as of the status of our regional forum, but hopefully most of it will be carried over for your viewing pleasure. I apologize if there is any confusion. We have been dealing with it for a few days now and are in the process for sorting it all out. If you would, my region and I still wish to establish and maintain contact, but we request some time to organize and better prepare our region to receive dignitaries and ambassadors from yuor presitigous region. Bear with us as we make this transition. Thank you for your understanding. Hopefully we will be up and running at full capacity very soon.


If you would like, you are free to telegram me with questions or concerns, greetings, etc. I would be honored and pleased to hear from some/many of you. If I, or my region can be of help, to you, and your region, please do not hesistate to contact me, and we shall make a concerted effort to do whatever we can.


Thank you again.

I hope that we can create an amicable relationship that will be mutually beneficial to our regions.

Sincerely, and cordially,


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Greetings Aegaeus, it is good to see you here. You are most welcome! Please, do sit down.


I am aware that there has been something going on in Ille de France. Nations are mass-migrating to this new region you created. I believe that forum however will stay the same.


The deletion of your founder is a very bad omen, but wasn't Mississipi Rio a puppet of General Franks from The DEN? Oh well, we'll talk about that later.


If you want to discuss the relationship between our two regions, you are most welcome to join the thread I created in the Foreign Affairs-section. http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=466



With the highest regards,

Orioni (2)

Longtime delegates of Europa

Diplomatic envoy to everywhere

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Ooh...pies...brownies; they both smell delicious...I wasn't hungry beforethough ...strange. I wouldn't worry too much of me being "scared" off. smile.gif It's been a pleasure so far, I can't think why it wouldn't continue. Good day to all of Europa!


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