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Media Pubblici Faramonte, or Faramount Public Media, is the Faramanian national media service. It is a state-owned company formed through the 2016 merger of Faramount Public Television, Faramount Public Radio, and a number of government-run newspapers and magazines. The conglomerate today has a single united news division, which provides content to all of its subsidiaries including MPF.FAR, its news website. Although ostensibly an independent government corporation with complete editorial autonomy, Faramount Public Media is widely recognized internationally as a mouthpiece for the Terrone regime.

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Nation Celebrates Teroux's 92nd Birthday

NEW LIMONE -- Tens of thousands of revelers gathered outside the Presidential Palace this evening to wish President Matteo Terrone well on his ninety-second birthday.

The massive crowds gathered outside Parliament before marching to the Presidential Palace, where well-wishers were delighted by a massive fireworks show, military flyover, and artillery salute. Revelers gathered in numerous other cities and towns for similar celebrations, expressing gratitude for Terrone's strong, capable leadership. Parliament had joined in the congratulations earlier in the day, unanimously passing a resolution declaring the nation's undying support for its long-time democratic leader.

President Terrone addressed the crowd around 9AM, reflecting briefly upon the accomplishments he has made while in office. "I came upon a people mired by division, a government incapacitated by indecision, and a nation on the brink of being hobbled by a socialist takeover," he said, "and today, I stand before a people united behind a government that serves them well. Today, I lead a nation that is respected around the world, a nation that is progressing and improving every day. Seeing this transformation has been my greatest pride."

Terrone was born in 1926 in New Limone to a working class family. He enlisted in the military in 1944, and rose quickly through the ranks, making colonel at the age of 35, a decade ahead of normal schedule. He defeated a socialist coup d'état in 1963, temporarily using emergency powers to unseat foreign-backed socialists who it was later revealed had won office thanks only to ballot box stuffing. Teroux convened a constitutional convention in 1964, laying the foundations the modern Faramanian state. Voters overwhelmingly elected him as president the next year, and reelected him by wide margins every six years thereafter. Terrone is widely acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders in Faramanian history.

Independent observers reported record crowds celebrating his birthday this year, showcasing the continuing support for the president that has delivered so much for his country.

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Communists in Retreat in Fulgistan

NEW LIMONE -- The Fulgistani Black Eagle patriotic organization scored a decisive victory against communist forces yesterday, stymying the reds' effort to impose radical socialism at the barrel of a gun.

The communist forces had undertaken a kidnapping operation that evening, assaulting a civilian housing compound in a bid to impress local children into military service. Fulgistan's ostensibly democratic government requires citizens as young as fourteen to serve in the armed forces; this use of child soldiers has been widely condemned by the international community. Fulgistani war criminal Tomur Almas has only increased this unconscionable practice in office, and last night, authorized a helicopter assault to bolster the red army's numbers.

The Black Eagles came across this plot, thankfully, and leapt into action to save those condemned to military service. A special, anti-aircraft unit was able to down a half dozen communist aircraft, killing scores of red barbarians. Ultimately, the socialists withdrew, leaving the Black Eagles to rule the battlefield. Sadly, despite the Black Eagle's best efforts, some local farmers and fishermen were captured, and now face certain doom, either in the red ranks or in the communists' dangerous factories. According to a recent report, nearly one in ten Fulgistani industrial workers die each year.

Despite some losses on the battlefield yesterday, the Black Eagles have pledged to continue their campaign to liberate Fulgistan from the communists' rule, much to the chagrin of the barbarian Almas. 

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Domiani Denounces Mauridivian Defamation

NEW LIMONE -- Minister of State Artur Domiani denounced Mauridiviah's libelous assault upon the people of Faramount today, declaring that "this unprovoked attack will not go unanswered."

Domiani condemned the Mauridivian government's insults towards Faramount during an appearance today on Good Morning, Faramount. "The Muaridivian government's attempt to undermine the credibility of the great state built by President Terrome is absurd, unacceptable, and an attack upon the people of Faramount," Domiani told viewers, "everyone in this country knows that our government is one of the freest, fairest, and most honest on the planet. The Mauridivian state is clearly seeking -- through its mouthpiece, Mundus Liber -- to undermine democracy in Faramount and promote the interests of the radicals and communists that seek to impose tyranny upon the Faramanian people."

The Minister of State, who oversees foreign policy, told hosts that he had filed a formal protest with the Mauridivians over their actions. "We will not stand for these disgraceful attacks upon the Faramanian people," he said, "and it must be made clear here today -- these are attacks not upon our great leader or his administration, but rather, upon Faramount itself. We are a democracy, and insults towards are regime are ultimately, as such, insults of the people. These attacks will not stand; this libel will not be tolerated. We expect this kind of insolence from the Fulgistanis, whose backward regime is murdering its own people in a blatant land grab. But from Mauridiviah, we expect better -- we demand better."

Minister Domiani came onto the program to respond to a vicious snub of Faramount by the Mauridivian government, whose ostensibly independent Mundus Liber Institute attacked the Faramanian government yesterday. Mundus Liber has faced wide criticism for its publications, which have been discredited by Faramount's top scholars. Over 100 professors in the University of Faramount system signed a letter earlier today denouncing Mundus Liber's study as "unscientific, inaccurate, and highly political."

Minister Domiani reportedly demanded that the Mauridivian ambassador present himself immediately to explain the insults of the Mauridivian government towards the Faramanian people.

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Greens Narrowly Defeated in First Round

NEW LIMONE -- The Rihannsu Soaring Eagles defeated the Faramontese National Football Team, the Greens, 1-0 in the first round of the SATAMFC games yesterday.

The Soaring Eagles dominated the first half, and the Greens never recovered despite better play in the second half. The Soaring Eagles dominated ball control in the first half, making seven shots including three that were on target. Delon Vekek (8) at 26 minutes scored the game's sole goal, giving the Soaring Eagles a lead that they would maintain for the remaining 65 minutes of the match. Many commentators wondered if the Greens' gains in recent years were being lost as perhaps the team backslid into its history of continually poor performance. But the Faramontese Team strongly contested the second half, making four shots, three of which were on target. Rihan made the same number of attempts, though only two were on goal. Neither team scored any points, ultimately, and after 91 minutes of play, Rihan was declared the victory.

MPF sports analyst Paolo Juliana described the match as a "victory for both sides." "The Soaring Eagles played very well, especially during the first half, and they won a solid victory heading into the tournament," Juliana said, "but for a team with a long history of abysmal performance, the Greens really exceeded expectations. The first half -- that's usually what most Faramontese would expect to see in a Greens game. The home team just getting killed. You'll notice that few fans left during that period because most Greens fans expect the team to lose, and are not easily disillusioned. But although they never scored a goal, the Greens really shined in the second half, and it enthused their fan base. This is one of the closest games that the team has had on the global stage in decades."

Greens Head Coach Marco De Paoli, who took over the team three years ago, expressed happiness with his players' performance. "I'm really proud of how well the team played, and I really do think we gave the Rihannsu a run for their money," he told Faramount Public Media. "The Soaring Eagles won the match fair and square, and I give them credit for that. But for me, this SATAMFC is about more than winning. It's about showing that, after decades of poor play, the Greens can finally compete again. It's about giving the other teams a challenge. And we certainly did that." 

The Soaring Eagles Head Coach, Thivas Phliss, had only winning on his mind in his interview with Faramount Public Media.   "The players did their job and Velek executed the game plan we had developed," Phliss said, "it is still a long road ahead but I am confident that we will not only get into the knockout stage but also show other teams in the league that we have the means to win the cup." The Rihannsu Head Coach's confidence certainly seemed well-substantiated, given his team's excellent performance, particularly in the first half. Phliss' team will next face Gallambria, which lost 1-2 in its match against Mauridiviah.

The Faramontese Greens next play the Asgeirrian National Football Team, which lost 1-3 against Kipan in the first round. 

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PLS Wins $1.5B Arms Contract

NEW LIMONE -- The Faramontese Defense Ministry awarded Pallamarie Laandsystems (PLS) a $1.5 billion arms contract yesterday, marking a new era in military acquisitions for Faramount.

Pallamarie Laandsytems will construct 575 armored vehicles, 45 river gunboats, and 10 monitors for the Faramontese military, completely overhauling its land and sea forces. The vehicles, gunboats, and monitors will have a substantial degree of interchangeable parts, all of which will be designed for easy maintenance and replacement in Faramount's riverine setting. The Faramontese Defense Ministry will pay $1.5 billion over five years for the new equipment, which will replace an assortment of older vehicles and ships bought secondhand by Democratic Republic. Faramount will also spend another $750 million over the following five years on other, unspecified new equipment under the deal.

Faramontese Defense Minister Raymond Fouquet announced the acquisition in a statement released today. "The Faramontese military has for decades fought with outdated, secondhand equipment due to budgetary restrictions," Fouquet wrote, "but now, at last, we will be acquiring the vessels and ships that we need to achieve lasting gains against the terrorists in the North and East." "We will achieve numerous cost savings due to parts interchangeability, but more importantly, more of our soldiers and sailors will make it through firefights alive, and they'll do so while delivering more of a punch to the enemy. This is a historic day for our armed forces, and the beginning of a new age of victory against the insurgency."

Defense Ministry insiders indicated that another major purchase order, this one from Gallambrian Shipbuilding, might be in the works.

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Faramount Neutral in Dolch Sea War

NEW LIMONE -- The Terrome administration declared neutrality in the Dolch Sea War today, citing the lack of Faramontese national interest in the outcome of the conflict.

State Minister Artur Domiani announced the formal policy of neutrality, which he called "the only reasonable course of a nation so removed from the conflict." "A nation should turn to war only as an absolute last resort when its essential interests are threatened," Domiani told reporters, "but there is no threat in the Dolch Sea to the Faramontese people. This is ultimately a matter for Argic and Northern Alharun powers to resolve. We certainly wish the best to our allies in Limonaia, and in indeed, we generally hope for a rapid resolution with limited bloodshed. But this is not a matter in which Faramount should be involved."

Limonaia, Fulgistan, and Seylos declared war on Derthalen this month over allegations of consistent Derthalen aggression. A Derthalen pirate attack specifically sparked the conflict, but all four powers cited a list of longstanding grievances in declaring war. Mauridiviah expressed similar sentiments in endorsing, but not joining, the war. Still, many in the international community responded negatively to the initiation of hostilities by the coalition, which declared without any attempt at diplomatic resolution. The Sunset Seat Islands in particular condemned the Limonaians, Fulgistanis, Seylosians, and Sayfians. A number of other powers including Rihan, Tikva, and Tagmatium. 

Most experts expect the coalition to take a quick advantage in the war, but caution that defeating Derthalen is likely to be difficult. The coalition has clear aerial and naval superiority over Derthalen, which has reduced military spending in recent years. But Derthalen has a large reserve to mobilize, a religiously motivated population, and the benefit of being on the defensive. The nation could ultimately hope to achieve victory through attrition. Only time will tell if coalition air superiority, or Derthalen resistance, will win out.

The war is expect to impact Faramount in one respect, however: oil prices have already surged on news of the conflict, even before fighting has begun.

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