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Fishing for Firepower

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BUREAU Defense
CATEGORY Revolutionary Guard Ground Force Vehicle
CLOSE DATE & TIME August 01, 2018
PUBLISH DATE July 17, 2018
LOCATION Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan
ATM TYPE Request for Tender


The Bureau for Defense invites suitable parties and manufacturers to request for tender documentation of the Kubuhe Project. The Bureau seeks to supplement the air power of the Revolutionary Guard Ground Force via the acquisition of a modern, competitive dedicated attack rotorcraft. A short list of tenderers will be assembled and contracted to construct and/or provide sample vehicles for trials.

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TO: The Bureau of Defence, Fulgistan. 

FROM: Darius Hiero, Senior Technical Sales Director, Vickers Weapon Systems. A Vickers-Carlyle Group Company. 

RE: Tender for a New Offensive Rotor Based Air Support. 

Esteemed comrades to our western reaches. I hope this tender proposal finds you well. I am glad to be assigned as your representative from the Vickers-Carlyle Group for all things defence orientated. We have years, no decades, no actually centuries of experience in the arms trade industry, and we have been delivering the finest equipment this region has seen. And today, we bring you our submission for tender. 

Firstly I would like to introduce you to our traditional solution to your offensive attack aircraft requirements. 

Comanche MkII RAH-66.5


Core Statistics:

  • Crew: two.
  • Maximum speed: 175 knots (201 mph, 324 km/h).
  • Cruise speed: 165 knots (190 mph, 306 km/h).
  • Range: 262 nmi (302 mi, 485 km)  on internal fuel (Can multiply this by 4 with external fuel tanks). 


  • 1× 20 mm XM301 three-barrel rotary cannon mounted in a Turreted Gun System (capacity: 500 rounds)
  • Internal bays: 6× AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, or 12× AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles, or 24× 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets
  • Optional stub wings: 8× Hellfires, 16× Stingers, or 56× Hydra 70 rockets

Comanche has long been a staple of the Adapton military for around the last two decades, and recently went through an upgrade cycle. Seeing the production of the Mk2 variant, with upgraded information systems, and cyber warfare support components integrated into the helicopters main weapons platforms. The Comanche's pray trick lies in it's sleek design. Weapons systems are self contained inside aircraft when in flight, unless mounted for heavy offensive capabilities. This, coupled with the radar absorbing outer armour, gives the Comanche a tiny radar signature, small enough to sneak past even the best radar system. This makes the Comanche an excellent reconnaissance aircraft, allowing for multi-role functions, in turn, saving you money in the process. This bad boy can fit so many weapons internally! You can't see it right now, but I just have to slap the roof of this thing it's so good!

But we aren't done yet. Since this is Vickers, and it's 2018. We thought you'd like to have a glimpse into the future of the air support defence sector. 

Aethon RAH-99


Core Statistics:

  • Crew: 0
  • Payload: 600 lb (272 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 3,150 lb (1,430 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce 250, 313 kW (420 hp)


  • 6× AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles
  • or 12× AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles
  •  or 24× 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets

Welcome to the future of light air support. The Aethon is our latest Unmanned Combat Arial Vehicle designed to fulfil the role of attack helicopters. Using a modular design, refined in the Comanche. It's weapon platforms are the same, however thanks to the lack of human pilots, the weight is drastically reduced, allowing the aircraft to deploy the same number of weapons systems, with a much smaller engine, and in turn allows for a much more efficient power plant. The other great advantage? You don't risk the lives of your pilots. They can stay very safe back at base. Deployable from ground, or sea based platforms, the Aethon is a versatile platform, that brings the future to your military. 

I hope this tender fits the requirements you're after. But please, don't let this small glimpse into the Vickers family fool you. If our offerings today are not quite to your level, then feel free to let me know, and we will present you a new offering. Our catalog is quite extensive!

Best regards! 

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OOC: Okay, this went overboard. I just wanted to see what would happen if I tried a more "legit" looking format. Do not do this, it is a terribly unnecessary thing to do for a goddamn game. By the time I realised "this is not efficient for the reader", I was already halfway through and just decided to see it through. In fairness, I'm proud that I tried to make a more business-standard RP thing, but then again, there comes a point where it becomes excessive. Might as well use it now that I've made it


















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Luca Dagoberto, Chief of Sales of Maxan Elicotteri

Siena Fleet Systems
15-A, Valdi Lane,
Santi Cristo Ward,
Kingdom of Cristina.

July 19 - 2017



Maxan Elicotteri, a subsidiary of Siena Fleet Systems, expresses the interest in the tender put forth by the Bureau for Defense of the People's Republic of Fulgistan for the supplementation of the nation’s air power with modern attack rotorcrafts.

Siena Fleet Systems is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide, offering an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies for applications from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace. The company provides logistics solutions supporting the full lifecycle of platforms and systems for global defense and federal-civil customers, delivering innovative, technology-driven solutions and services to enable cost-effective improvements for customer mission effectiveness.

Through its subsidiary Maxan Elicotteri, Siena Fleet Systems is a reputable and trusted producer of helicopters for civil and military use. We are glad for the opportunity to present In this tender proposal one of our most successful product, the HA-129 - a capable and highly modernized attack helicopter that can be used in anti-tank warfare, armed reconnaissance, ground attack and close aerial support.

Following its maiden flight in 1983, a fifth prototype flew in 1986 and impressed the Mantellan armed forces to such an extent that they ordered 60. Deliveries commenced in 1990, and the helicopters remain in service, with the helicopters undergoing upgrades to reach the multirole CBT standard.

Cristina and Mantella remains the only operators, with ten HA-129 deployed in the Cristina-Mantella conflicts of the last decade before the Mantellan withdrawal, with documented distinction. Twenty units of the modern CBT variant of the helicopter are currently in operation in the Reale Aeronautica di Cristina. The gunship has presented an excellent ratio capabilities/costs in comparison with others rotorcrafts around the world.

We are proud to announce that Maxan’s service structure is all ready to meet any production demands to offer the Republic of Fulgistan with the best product, a reliable and capable low cost attack helicopter. Attached document to this letter presents the core specifications for the consideration of your parties.

Best regards,

Luca Dagoberto, Chief of Sales of Maxan Elicotteri




Maxan HA-129 CBT Multirole Attack Helicopter


The HA-129 CBT perform operate day and night in “extreme weather conditions” and low observability characteristics. The helicopter presents flight endurance of 2,5 hours and a payload of 1,400 kg - 1,600 kg.

The HA-129 CBT can be used in the anti-armour, armed reconnaissance, ground attack, escort, fire support and anti-aircraft roles. For the anti-ground mission the helicopter can employ various armaments, such as up to eight AGM-114 missiles. In the air-to-air role, the FIM-92 missile is used. The HA129 can also be equipped with 81 mm or 70 mm (2.75 in) unguided rockets; the Draco & Domini* M197 three-barrel 20 mm cannon is also installed onto a nose-mounted D&D TM-197B turret. By 2017, fourth-generation anti-tank missiles had been added to the HA-129's arsenal.

*Draco & Domini (D&D) is a subsidiary of Siena Fleet Systems active in the defence sector, with factories in Cristina and 10 other countries. The Mod 56 pack howitzer, in service throughout the world, and the 76mm naval gun, adopted by many navies and installed on over 1,000 naval vessels, are among Draco & Domini's best-known weapons.


A) General characteristics:
Crew: 2: pilot and weapon systems officer
Length: 12.28 m (40 ft 3 in)
Rotor diameter: 11.90 m (39 ft 1 in)
Height: 3.35 m (11 ft 0 in)
Disc area: 111.22 m2 (1,197.25 ft2)
Empty weight: 2,530 kg (5,575 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 4,600 kg (10,140 lb)
Rotor systems: 5 blades on main rotor
Powerplant: 2 × Gem 2-1004D (license built by Siena Fleet Systems) turboshafts, 664 kW (890 shp) each

B) Performance

Maximum speed: 278 km/h (148 knots, 170 mph)

Cruise speed: 229 km/h (135 knots, 155 mph)
Range: 510 km (275 nm, 320 mi)
Ferry range: 1,000 km (540 nm, 620 mi)
Service ceiling: 4,725 m (15,500 ft)
Rate of climb: 10.2 m/s (2,025 ft/min)

C) Armament

Guns: 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) three-barrel Gatling-type cannon (500 rounds) in a D&D TM197B Light Turreted Gun System 
Rockets: 4 pods with
38× 81 mm (3.19 in) unguided rockets or
76× 70 mm (2.75 in) unguided rockets or
12.7 mm (.50 in) machine gun pod
8× 45 kg class air-to-ground precision weapon or tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missiles
4-8× infrared homing anti-aircraft missiles


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