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Responsibility to Protect


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From: Anna Hackney, EOS delegate
To: the joint quorum of the Entente of Oriental States, including observing members


Good afternoon dear friends.

As the senior representative for the Orioni Empire, I am delighted to share with you the following motion. But first, let me frame our motivations for doing so.

We believe that sovereign nations have the responsibility for protecting their population from human rights violations and mass atrocity crimes.

This "responsibility to protect" or R2P is based upon the commonly held understanding that each nation is responsible for protecting its populations from war crimes, ethnic cleansing, genocide and crimes against humanity.

We believe that EOS should accept that responsibility, including the active prevention of such crimes. This will make EOS stronger in response to a changed security environment.

To be more precise: we propose to expand the Charter of the Entente by adding an additional security clause 3.F with a defensive and proportionate commitment to address key concerns such as the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

As allies, we are deeply committed to EOS. Together, we are what makes peace and security possible. Our partnership makes Europa and Eurth safer and more secure.

I look forward to discussing this proposal with you.

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The representative from Miiros was consumed by thoughts and various fantasies of debauchery. They cleared their throat, took a sip of water, and leaned forward to the microphone. "The Orient has long been the guardian of liberty and democracy in the modern world. It is the position of the Consortium that the inclusion of this provision is right and just. Miiros seconds the motion and offers its full support." With their left index finger, they flicked the off-switch of the microphone and leaned back into their chair again.

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July 2018
EOS Island HQ

Thanks to some last-minute back channelling, Mrs Anna Hackney convinced the Miirosi delegation to lend their support for the proposal. Usually, their voting record was predictable, fuelled by business opportunity and economic self-interest. However, this “responsibility to protect” only indirectly achieved this goal, through pennies saved instead of pennies earned. Only a rough minimum estimate of the financial savings would do. Anna was passionate about convincing them to vote in favour.

Regardless of incentives and motivation, she was glad to get their support. “Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the right honourable representative from @Miiros for their support. With their support, we reach a majority quorum. The motion passes. The EOS charter will be amended.”

Mrs Hackney looked towards the second row of seats, reserved for nations granted observer status. “We will set aside time to hear from the observer states. Although without voting right, we are most interested in their advice and opinion.” Five countries have observer status that entitles them to express their opinion and give advice but denies them voting rights. Mantella was suspended following the start of the Civil War and the use of military force against civilians of @Cristina.

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