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A Meeting of Two Democracies

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After the recent elections, President Diego Polo was given a full mandate when handling foreign relations, and as a part of that comes another round of diplomatic meetings with several nations. The first one up was a nation that Mauridiviah used to have chilly relations with as an unstable, autocratic Derthalen-aliged communist state. However, ever since the fall of dictator Ivanoff Ahrana has moved towards democracy and a freer market, as well as cutting ties with Derthalen. This has basically reset the diplomatic relations between the new nations, as a result the newly-appointed Secretary of State Marco Luti (who replaced the previous compromise candidate of Augusto Gomez), who was the delegate who attended the founding ceremony of the Confederation of Independent Socialists, has decided to meet with them first.

Polo had decided, after hearing reports of how cold Ahrana was, and to demonstrate Mauridiviah's increasing involvement in world affairs, that the @Ahranan delegation (which included the new Secretary-General of Ahrana) would be coming to Maurotopia for the meeting.

Now, as to the topics of the meeting, there were many to choose from and only limited time to cover them all. The Mauridivian government hoped that Secretary-General Alexsandra Core would re-affirm the previous administration's stance on LGBT rights, be willing to call for new elections soon, allow Mauridivian companies to operate in Ahrana, and expand civil and political rights in Ahrana. They were willing to provide aid to Ahrana to help in the transition from a planned economy to a market socialist economy as well as the transition from dictatorship to parliamentary republicanism. A trade agreement between Mauridiviah and Ahrana was floated as a possibility, and somewhere in a personal assistant's pockets was a thank-you card thanking Ahrana for allowing Radio Free Eurth to operate within its borders (As Mauridiviah expected them to allow RFE into their nation). The final topic anyone had in mind (at least in the Mauridivian cabinet) was Mauridiviah's observer status in the Confederation of Independent Socialists and the future of the organization. Ahrana's new government is so hastily put together that not even President Polo knew what they were planning to discuss.

With security waiting for the arrival of the delegation at the Antonio Bolivar International Airport, the final preparations were being made. Luti would meet the delegation upon their arrival at the airport and then they would drive together to the place of the meeting, a room of the Presidential Palace.



The Presidential Palace, called the "Palacio Repúblicano".


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0500AT | People's Palace

As Alexsandra gathered a few things for the Diplomatic Visit to Mauridiviah she begun placing things she would need and things she would finish reading on her way to the Airport and beyond. She finished up with what she was doing and cleaned up a few things and begun to head to the front entrance of the Palace. She had already sent her outfit to the Airplane and was still in her Military Apparel which isn't what she would wear to this Visit.

She walked out the door and got in the State Car and it spun off to the Airport with the flashing lights and the Secretary Generals Standard on the front of the bonnet. AS the car raced to the airport passing by car after car, Core was drink some tea and reading some notes like the car ride was nothing.

She finished her cup of tea and placed the files down and placed them in her case as they were arriving to the Airport. She was greeted by the Guard Salute and the March of the Secretary General and she walked into the Airport in a pace that was faster than most. She was eager to meet and create a new relationship and was eager to get into the Air.

As she walked to the Diplomatic Wing of the Airport the Security got tighter and tighter and it pleased Alexsandra to see the Security has improved since the Ivanoff Administration. She walked through the Terminal and walked onto the plane. The Terminal Ramp was disembarking the airplane and the plane begun to move to position to the take off point. She sat down strapped in and waited to leave, As the plane started moving down and speeding up she looked out the window to now small place called Moskovo. She took this time to view Moskovo City Layout with the amount of electricity that was on from the planes window, she saw the areas that needed some work and some areas that looked even better than the rest of the city.

As she settled in for the long trip she headed to her private quarters to sleep a little as she had gotten a little amount of sleep in the past few days and hoped and knew this sleep would help tremendously.

A few hours passed and they were beginning to descend to land in Mauridiviah International Airport. She changed in her No. 2 Formal Dress instead of the Military Uniform, she put on her nice dress and wore some flats with the dress. She walked out of her room so her Assistants could apply some makeup, just a little to hide the fact that she hasn't slept in a while. She sat down and watched the scenery as they got closer and closer to destination.

Okay Minister Marsha you are here as a second to me for this meeting, if for any reason I must leave for a brief moment you will fill in for me under stood?

Aye Ma'am understood, but hopefully it wont come to that and I will only just be here to give you a second opinion to everything.

I agree completely Marsha, lets drink one cup of tea before this plane lands and we have to disembark for the Presidential Palace here.

They were drinking the tea and the plane was landing, they finished up and grabbed the brief case of Alexsandra and walked to the door. The Guards would exit first and remain at the plane till they disembarked and headed home. As they walked out Core looked at the area around her. She smelled the air, it was something she doesn't get to smell in Moskovo; fresh air. She sighed in relaxing tone and walked down the steps, from what she could see at the Airport Mauridiviah was going to be a beautiful country. As they walked down she saw the a man at the car walking towards them, it was the Secretary of State Marco Luti who would meet Alexsandra first. She walked to him to shake hands and to pay her respects in the Lockieeani Official way with a slight bow.

Hello Marco Luti, this is most certainly a beautiful country here, I didn't know what to expect but it has met and made a huge impression on me from just viewing it from the air. This is my Economic Minister, Marsha Colls she is my second on this trip and my most trusted Minister. This is my Assistant, Lucy Bollard who has been with me since I was President of the Federal Republic of Lockiee. Once again thank you for having me here today.


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Luti wasn't really ready for this meeting. He thought he was, but when the Secretary-General stepped off the plane and somewhat bowed before him, he had pretty much no idea what to do. Deciding to pretend nothing had happened, he extended his hand for a handshake and it was reciprocated. After that the blonde goddess Secretary-General spoke, his translator Michael Gomez quickly repeated at least thought for thought what was said. After losing his train of thought (he was of course under a lot of stress due to all the meetings that needed to happen), Luti finally replied to hurry things along:

"Ah yes, welcome Ms. Core, Ms. Colls, and Ms. Bollard to our beautiful country. I know that you are here on official business, but I hope that after all the meetings are over you stay and enjoy our beaches, scenery, and world-class marijuana. The car is this way, ladies first."

And with that they got away from all the onlookers and into the car. Now, Luti was under no circumstances going to speak about diplomatic policy until he was stuck in that barely air conditioned room with a stack of papers in front of him and his patron saint President Diego Polo beside him on a long table. As such, he told his translator to tell the delegation to hold off on any discussion until they reached the Palace and to talk amongst themselves if they wanted. Luti did not have such a luxury, at least for the first half of the trip, as the driver of the car turned out to be a local union leader of the chauffeurs and he proceeded to use this valuable time to get Luti to the tell President that chauffeurs deserved to be classified as a dangerous job because of all the stupid crap rich tourists do. It was in moments like these that Luti regretted sending that box of chocolates with his application.

This was going to be a long car ride.


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As they were traveling to the Presidential Palace, Core looked out the window to view some of the landscape of the country. It was nice but definitely different than Ahrana. The buildings were different but Core liked them. While they were riding to the Palace Core wrote a few sidenotes about the Country and the buildings and such and wanted to be sure that the Officials knew what Mauridiviavih was like and how the hospitality was.

She didn't have much to saw as she just wanted to view the country on the way to the Palace. She looked to her Assistant and just gave her a look and then looked back out the window. She couldn't help it she had to ask Luti One question about his country.

Mr. Luti, please tell me about the Country and what life is like here in the Republic. This isn't an Official Question, just one that my curiosity has peaked me to ask.

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"And Mr. Luti, let me tell you about this one Girk nutjob who thought it'd be funny to stick his WIFE, his WIFE, into my car's---"

Like a blessing from heaven (if such a thing exists), Ms. Core spoke right then and there. As she had interrupted the chauffeur's passionate rant about his work hazards, Luti was given a moment of peace before giving his response.

"Of course not, we would never consider this an official question. Our nation is very beautiful. The hinterlands are blessed with stunning rainforests, productive plains, plenty of rivers and creeks, as well as amazing beaches. There's even snow-capped mountains in the north, however skiing there is not recommended due to the altitude which leads to a lack of oxygen. However, our beaches and hiking trails more than compensate.

As to how life is here, I must say that it is not the luxury people expect from countries such as Prymont or Iverica, but we make sure that everyone has at least enough. Everything's generally peaceful, since all the strife has been calmed down even in Sitia. I can also guarantee your safety, we have a very great police force and our attention on the youth has resulted in crime being at its lowest in history. And of course, every day we strive to make conditions better, although I regret to say many Mauridivians lack the will to do more than enjoy the sun and sea with their families.

So that's how we live here. How's life in Ahrana?"

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Alexsandra listened to Luti and she made a few notes on areas of intrest for her to visit one day, when Luti asked Core what life in Ahrana was like she was just going to flat out tell him the truth:

Mr. Luti i am not going to lie here, life in the Federation currently isn't that great if you are not part of the Political Elite or the Military. Currently half the well more than half of the population are Drug Uses since we do not have heavy regulations on some Drugs except the most horrible ones like Heroine, Meth and Cocaine but sadly those regulations aren't working. But since ive taken power the life in Ahrana has improved for many people and will continue to do so, it is to my hopes that in the coming months the life in Ahrana continues to improve for all and not just for those running the Governments. Like you said every place has its ups and downs but currently we are in the down plot as you could say basically.

Now if we travel to the Federal Republic of Lockiee or Xara the life of their average Citizen is a little better due to the Wages being properly done and for the Living Communities being built up each day and made affordable by the Average Joe. I do know that in the Capital life is better but expensive which is natural given that it is the Capital of the Federation. But overall the life of the People before the fall of the Kingdom was way better in all reality I will admit. I and everyone around me in the Military were given decent wages and a proper place to call home, now not so much but I hope to change that soon

Also about how much longer till we arrive to the Presidential Palace MR. Luti?

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"Oh, it's just around the corner here, Ms. Core. Also, I'm very sorry to hear that Ahrana's population is so badly addicted to drugs. I hope they're only getting the good Mauridivian stuff, though." announced Luti. That had been an interesting car ride, and was of course, a perfect opportunity to promote the Mauridivian recreational drug industry. Perhaps that could go into some kind of trade agreement?

As they arrived at the Palace, the car parked at the front, where Ms. Core's delegation, alongside with Luti, were escorted inside. There, in the surprisingly modest lobby, President Polo met Ms. Core briefly. They shook hands, she bowed and he froze, but Luti had his back and quickly pushed the group to the meeting room, with the press right behind them. They were allowed to spectate the procedure except for the sensitive bits, which as far as the Mauridivian government was aware, was none of the meeting.

The table was set nicely, with no table cloth. It was also long, however this meeting wouldn't really fill its full capacity, perhaps just half, right in the middle. The table did had some plants on it, and a glass of water at every seat as well as a few papers strewn about. The real workload however was dropped loudly by the assistants of both nations as they sat down on the table.

Everyone got comfortable and the press was quieted. Finally, Diego Polo spoke:

"Alright, let's begin. We are all gentlemen here in Mauridiviah, so what would you like to begin with, Ms. Core?"


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She sat down and make herself comfortable she looked at everyone at the table and the serious part of Core showed up. When it came time to be formal and Official she had a switch that gets turned on. 

President Polo, I would like to thank you for having me, my Minister and Assistant here today for this Diplomatic Meeting. First and foremost is that we should discuss the Republic and Federation beginning Official Relations on the International Scale. If you would allow it, I and my Government would like to establish an Official Embassy and a Consultant if your Government and Country would allow it. The same would be allowed for your country to do so inside the Federation and Xara, however if you wish to open a Embassy or Consultant in Xara it becomes a two party Permit and such. But first in my mind is establishing Official Relations.

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"Ah yes, we would be very pleased to open an embassy in Ahrana as well as in Xara, with of course, consulates where appropriate. We would of course welcome Ahrana and Xara to open embassies and consulates here as well. Now that Ahrana has thrown off the shackles of Ivanoff's dictatorship, as well as the reversion of his attitudes towards @Derthalen, I believe that Mauridiviah and Ahrana could forge a strong and positive relationship. What do you think of letting Radio Free Eurth operate within Ahrana, Ms Core?"

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"Radio Free Eurth would most surely be allowed to operate inside Ahrana and the Federations Borderlines and in this formality I can speak for Xara on that RFE would be allowed in Xara as well." 

Core stopped to think on what she would bring up next but to seem like she wasn't trying to think she took a sip of water to ease her throat.

"President Polo, as you know I assume, Ahrana will be opening it's borders to Foreign Business to open up in the Federation and established whatever it is they need for that Business to run a successful operation in Ahrana. I hope that your Countries Business Elite have seen this and see it as a opportunity to expand in the world and such. It is with me opening up the Federation that our Economy will no longer be stagnant and will grow from the opening. I hope to see some Business from Mauridiviavih in the Federation one day.


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"Ah yes, that's very good. Pedro, the card!" Luti said, before he forgot about the Radio Free Eurth congratulatory card. After glancing at Luti with mild annoyance, Polo addressed Ms. Core.

"Of course, we also hope to see the Ahranian economy prosper. Surely Mauridivian businesses will be operating in Ahrana, however we can only welcome the opportunity as their government."

"Now, before we continue, what are the new government's stances on civil and political rights in Ahrana? LGBT rights? How will they be handled in the coming years, and how much autonomy over those areas do Ahranian states have, and of course how the issue will be handled in Xara altogether?"


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As Core listened and watched the look Polo gave Luti for forgetting the card she found it rather amusing but also understand from Luti's side that it's a lot to get everything for a Diplomatic Meeting. Then Polo asked the Big question about what the Ahranaian Government calls the "Question of Homosexuality in Ahrana".

"As you probably know our Constitution states and protects the rights of anyone who is a Homosexual. They entitled to the same rights and protections granted to everyone else as stated in the Constitution. The Amendment to the Constitution was done under the Ivanoff Administration and has since been kept in order.

Under my Administration the Amendment has been kept and put into practice more than what the Ivanoff Administration did. As a person of that life I make it my duty to ensure that the rights of a Homosexual is guaranteed by law and given to them by any means needed. I have expressed my opinion to every Federal Republic and Republican Province that the Rights of a Homosexual is the same as a Heterosexual. We have had some issues yes with people not being okay but we ensure that the rights for a person of Homosexual Orientation is given the same rights and Protections as everyone else and I will not settle for nothing less. We have made the court sentence of a Hate Crime a 50 Year sentence depending on the severity of the incident. 

The Federal Republic of Xara follows the same law when it comes to the Question of Homosexuality in Ahrana and guarantees them the same rights and liberties and so on.

What else would you like to know about the Rights of Homosexuals in Ahrana?"

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"Well, nothing else Ms. Core. However, we would like to know about the current status of civil and political rights in Ahrana. At what age may citizens vote? How are basic freedoms such as the freedom to speech, assembly, and expression, as well as how rights such as the right to privacy, currently handled?"

Before Ms. Core began to speak, Luti whispered into Polo's ear: "In the car she told me that Ahrana had a problem with drug use. How Mauridivian drugs possibly contribute to that and the rights of citizens to use drugs could help us alleviate the crisis"

Upon hearing this, Polo, without thinking, blurted out:

"Oh- Ms. Core, also, how does the Ahranian government plan to handle narcotics and the narcotics industry?"


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Core was just about to reply then Polo blurted out and she thought it kinda funny as he didn't finish his sentence which is what Core wanted to think at the least after seeing Luti lean over whispering something to Polo as he didn't know of.

Well President Polo the rights of the people are drilled into the Kids at the age of 7 when they get to Grade 2 at the Public Schools in the Federation. We make sure that throughout their time in the Public Education that they understand their Rights as granted by the Constitution and lets not forget the limits to what these rights can protect you from. I would say that from a early start the People of Ahrana are in knowledge of their Rights. We ensure their Rights are not infringed on by the Federal Police or any other Federal Organization and such which is Over watched by the Humanity and Rights Commission that adheres by the Constitution and the lay of Law. 

Now as for the Drug issue in Ahrana, under the Ivanoff Administration all Drugs were legalized for some strange reason which I never did or will never agree with. Half of the Ahranaian People are in a state of needing Help with quitting and some just abuse the Ability to do so. Since the creation of the Socialist Federation we have had too many deaths with the Drug Legalization, no matter what will be done Ahrana will have in its future a War on Drugs that is and will happen no thanks to Greggor Ivanoff one of the worst users in the Country. Personally im desperate to find a way to curb some of the Heavier drugs such as Cocaine, Heroine, Meth and the other Hard Drugs that is causing so much pain to so many families. I myself have a few Family Members who are struggling to stop with what is now the addiction as it is for most. So far the plan that has been drawn up by the Presidium and Legislature is to brand the Hard Drugs Illegal unless needed for prescription and make the softer drugs taxed. The Pharmaceutical Agencies will have to abide by new Laws and strict regulations when it comes to the Medicine that is for example Meth for the People who need it medically. I do welcome your input on this area to have some outside thoughts to think on.

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"We are very pleased to hear that the rights of the people in Ahrana are respected (The rights of a citizen being drilled into them at Grade 2? Jesus), and hope that it continues to be that way.

However, when speaking of the drug problem, we believe that imposing such bans does not help the situation and rather worsens it, by forcing people suffering from addiction to hard drugs to turn to a deeper and deeper black market, which only causes more casualties as criminals takeover the narcotics industry from the pharmaceutical companies. This leads to gangs often getting involved as well as botched and spiked drugs being sold. 

The nation will require a massive rehabilitation effort, which is likely better served by tightly regulating these drugs instead. As long as people can still access them at an affordable price, and they are encouraged to enter into rehab centers, and the proper infrastructure is in place take in such a huge portion of the population, then the nation should recover. It will take time and there are no easy solutions to this problem, but one thing that we know for sure thanks to decades of combatting Narcotraficantes is that outright bans tend to not work."


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As Core listened she realized Polo had a point about the Drugs, if the Federal Government was to suddenly ban all Drugs it would cause a crisis one that she didn't need right now. It would be needed that a Drug Rehabilitation by the Government be created and the drugs all be taxed for Government income at the same time.


Mr. President you do rise a good point there on that issue, if I was to suddenly ban all Hard Drugs Illegal it would send the Ahranaian Federation into a Crisis and one that my Administration does not need currently. So with your recommendation on how to handle the situation I will use in my final process on how to go about the issue.

Now Mr. President what else are you wanting to know and what other Questions do you have for me SIr?

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"Well, my government has been understandingly wondering what exactly this new government of Ahrana is planning to do with the Confederation of Independent Socialists. Now that Ivanoff has been deposed and democracy is coming to Ahrana, and considering that the organization proved to be very ineffective at doing anything, a lot us wanted to ask if CIS even has a future, and if it does, what do you think it'll be?" said Polo before taking a drink of some water.

Inspired by Polo's action, Caballeros reached for his cool glass of water, already feeling the pressure of trying to not make a fool of himself in front of Ms. Core. Polo quickly shoved some paper written by his appointed speaker of the Senate about the feelings of a trade deal with Ahrana in the Senate, quickly stopping the Foreign Affairs Minister from accomplishing his goal. Giving Polo a look, he began to read the paper.

Polo and the other members of cabinet had tried to convince Caballeros several times before that he had a drinking problem, but he always brought up how he didn't even like alcohol for some reason.


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This was something that was a touchy subject in the Federation, as the Government was divided on continuing the CIS or the Confederation of Sovereign Socialists. Core wanted to leave the Organization as she saw it as a corrupt structured and a failed attempt of Ivanoff trying to control the other Socialist Countries. Even though the Full Members were really true socialists and nor was Ahrana anymore. She felt that Ahrana has moved on passed Revolutionary Socialism and to a more Social Democratic Model with a Socialist Market.


Mr. President, currently in the Federation we the Government are bitterly divided on what to do with the Confederation of Sovereign Socialists. One half of the Government still believes in the idea of bring Socialist Nations together and the other does not feel the same. Personally I do not like and never did like the idea of a International Organization of Socialists, I never supported the founding of the Confederation of Independent Socialists which was renamed the Confederation of Sovereign Socialists. I see the CSS as a corrupt Organization and a failed attempt of Ivanoffs to not only bring Socialists together but to control them. I personally dont see it last no longer than two more months before I announce that one of the Founders have left the Confederation.

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After listening to this answer, the Mauridivian delegation looked at each other for a second. Caballeros reached for his refreshing water glass but was once again blocked by Polo. This was not only a delicate subject, the Ahranian response had left even the President speechless. Now, those with the benefit of hindsight to the situation would say that the delegation shouldn't have been surprised that Ahrana was bitterly divided to the point of instability, but when faced with it directly, and being forced to take a side, that instability takes a whole other appearance.

Polo cleared his throat to break the increasing silence. "Mauridiviah hopes that you succeed in your endeavor to disband the organization, Ms. Core. We also see it as a relic of a dictatorial past and hope that you agree that socialist nations shouldn't just watch each other's backs just because they're socialists."

With that out of the way, it was time to speak of democracy. "So, Ms. Core," began Luti, chiming in to keep the discussion flowing, "Will Ahrana be holding new, proper elections soon?"


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Ah the next elections well then, as it currently stands I am allowed the full term of Ivanoff which will end in two years. Upon that I have the right to run for my own term which is what I plan to do in the future. As it currently stands the next elections will be in two years on the 01 September 2020. That is what has been released by the Supreme Constitutional Court and agreed by the Congressional Houses of the Federation, so far six other Candidates have registered to run for the position of Secretary General all of course have to run as an Independent from all Political Organizations. So the elections are coming very soon to say the least.

It is my hope that I am re-elected into Office so I can continue these policies I am putting in place not just for me but for the greater good of Ahrana and her people.

Also about the Confederation of Sovereign Socialists and the division in the Government, my resolve to solve this issue is far greater than this division of my Government. Unlike my former Comrade, I can take on a Battle head on and come out on top of the entire situation. 

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Upon hearing this Polo gave Luti a look. It was as soon as the Senate were expecting, but soon enough to not really cause a fuss over it. Now that the delegation had the standing of Ahrana in several critical issues, they were ready to make the big proposal: a trade deal between the two countries.

"Indeed you seem like a strong woman Ms. Core. Mauridiviah would like to propose that our two nations make a trade agreement of some kind. If you find the proposal amiable, then please do suggest several areas that might be mutually beneficial." said Polo, while taking a sip of his water. Caballeros watched him do it the whole time, by now turning a little red and shaking, envious the whole time.


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The Federation is always open to creating more trade in all industries. Ahrana needs to be part of trade and will always want to be part of trade with any country well most. Considering it's coming close to winter time and the people are starting to prepare for the winter and with the future limits on the Fishing Industry Ahrana will be most interested in the area of Fishing Trade. So my question is what is the Fishing Industry here like?

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Polo was kind of surprised. They had considered several types of trade deals, but one on fish wasn't one that was considered. Before the silence extended for too long, Caballeros saved the Mauridivian delegation from embarrassment by chiming in.

"The Mauridivian fishing industry is not particularly strong or central to the economy. I don't believe that any deal that involves Mauridivian fish will fulfill Ahranian demand at home. Any other areas of interest for a trade agreement with Ahrana?"

After saying this, Caballeros triumphantly began gulping down his glass water. No one in the Mauridivian delegation tried to stop this, as he had truly earned at least a little nervous drinking.


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Ah well then the next would be metal works, Ahrana is always looking to build better structured buildings with the best available steel and other Metals. The Ahranaian Steel Plants are still recovering from the Revolution thanks to Ivanoff so our Steel production is at its lowest it's ever been and the sad thing is that it's not even good quality steel. We are lacking the proper training for the workers and minerals currently. So if the Metal Industry here in Mauridiviavih is better than Ahrana then I really would look for a trade deal in that area.

The Federation would also be interested in creating a deal on the area Technology if that is a possibility, Ahrana is lacking Technology for the average Citizen but the Tech for the Military is a different story.

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Even Caballeros didn't know how to respond to that one. Mauridiviah didn't really have a good fishing industry, but neither did have a stellar metal works industry. It's good that the Ahranians mentioned technology, because otherwise they'd be screwed.

"On metal works, Mauridiviah cannot really help you. However, we do have some manufacturing for things like electronics, such as smartphones or tablets. Would Ahrana be interested on a trade agreement relating to electronics? We are open to exploring more possibilities, of course." said Polo, taking center stage once again from Caballeros.



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