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Coronation Celebration

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In another time, the representative from the Greater Holy Empire might even have taken offence at not being the name to be read out first. Whilst Tagmatium might feel that it warranted such favourable

OOC: Alright everyone, this is where it begins This might be a tad bit long but it's just so everyone has a solid standing of who is in attendance. Also I tried to keep the actual coronation brief so

"Darling, should I wear the red tie, or the red tie?" General Secretary Almas called out to his wife as he compared neckwear in the full-length mirror of his bedroom. He was not going to be under

Your Majesty,

Although traditionally a communique such as this would be filtered through a gauntlet of Secretaries and their respective Bureaus, I thought it would be best on this occasion to personally congratulate you on your ascension;  Seylos is a lucky nation to call you its King. It is my great pleasure to report that myself, my family, Deputy Secretary Bagabandi, Secretary for Culture Bayanchur Tekin, and representatives from the Free Social Republic of Bahinar will be in attendance at your coronation. Should you need or desire anything that the Worker's Republic can provide in order to better the festivities, merely send word through the appropriate channels and we shall do our utmost to accommodate you. These are exciting times, for you and your people both. Enjoy them, Your Majesty, and congratulations once again.

With regards,

Tomur Almas, General Secretary of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

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ADDRESSED TO: "Foolish Bandit" of the United States of @Prymont.

My lass is a lad mate.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Seylos.




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To: Prince Aidan Redmond of @Seylos

Let me begin by expressing my sincere congratulations to your impending ascension. May your reign be one of peace, prosperity and stability for your nation.

Naturally, I, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, accept your kind invitation to Selbourne. All necessary preparation for the state visit shall be initiated presently. The Foreign Office will provide the required information regarding my attendance.

Hopefully, this event will mark the beginning of fruitful relations between our nations. May peace be the shining star illuminating your path down history.

With regards,


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To: King Aidan Redmond of @Seylos
From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva
Regarding: Your party, boi

So, I was just told that only letters written on official letterhead paper count as official letters. Like, who cares? Anyway, I see you totally followed my advice and got yourself a party. Smart thinking! Dina Diva is never wrong, baby. But it wouldn't be a real party without me. Who are you going to party with otherwise? Don't answer that, it was hypocritical... hypnotical? Hypothetical! I'll be there and I'll bring some top notch party-goers. You know the Diva don't mess around, boo.

My boi Henk will be there, the bastard actually won Eurthvision. We'll do some body shots off of him, it's like a rite of passage. I remember one kid, I think like 19 or something, at a manor. Big party by... I want to say a Kommune owner or shareholder? Anyway, he went to do some shots off of Henk and first five, nothing wrong. So we take a little break, like ten minutes. And I see him leaning a bit and I think like, he's had too much. And he keels over, hahaha. Like, full on passed out asleep. Snoring his ass off. So me and Henk are like, what the f*ck. Turns out, the kid's dad operated a couple of narcotic stores in the area and had bought some shady GHB in bulk. The kid had done five shots of GHB, hahahaha. Don't worry though, he was fine. I saw him a week later in Henk's penthouse, wearing a sailor's outfit while waiting for breakfast. Not really my cup of tea but hey, it's not like I'm the one playing the harbor master, am I right?

I'll bring a bottle of the good stuff, not GHB haha, and the body to do them off, you just make sure your liver is working on full speed!

Dina Diva


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From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard

To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Seylos


Sincere Salutations,

In the name of the République de Fleur de Lys, its people and its representatives, allow me first to send our warmest congratulations to Crown Prince Redmond along our best wishes to the Seylosian people for the beginning of a new area in your Kingdom.

The possibility of a new King offers vast horizons which generally, a new generation bring, as a value to the nation. We may only support this new vision that Crown Prince Redmond may bring to the Kingdom of Seylos, as an achievement towards unconditional peace and prosperity, and shall be more then glad to participate fascinate the future of our World with His Majesty, as know that, the Republic remains more then open to any form of cooperation, if that is naturally a will of your own too.

I shall therefore, be thankful for the most generous invitation sent by your Ministry, and reply to it positively in the name of the Assemblée Nationale which have commissioned me to attend the Coronation Ceremony along the Second Celebration.


Looking forward to meet His Majesty,


- M.A.D.C. Richard

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Reĝlando de Cristina

Kingdom of Cristina


Your Highness,

 With greatest respect and honor, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Your Highness on this most glorious day. The occasion of your impending ascension.

 Your House’s love for the Seylosian people, endless service and wise leadership has brought great political, economical and social success to Your Highness' country, making it prosperous and peaceful. As a result, Your Highness' people are happy and may revere their future King with love, respect and praise. Hence, the world holds Your Royal Highness's future formal reign with high regard.

   On behalf of the good people of the Kingdom of Cristina I and the remainder of the Royal House of Korvini, Her Highness Princess Carolina, my daughter, together with Cristinese Chief of Government, Minister of State signora Adriana Monadic, thankfully accept your invitation to attend the coronation ceremony.

 In glory and majesty, we extend our congratulations to the people of Kingdom of Seylos on this grand occasion. May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bestow His precious blessings upon Your Highness and all the Seylosian people.

Highest Regards,

Nova Maxima Korvini


Casata Reale di Korvini

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Grand Duke Valentinian III had chosen to arrive with a naval escort aboard the Royal Yacht, Eos, accompanied by the training cruiser PSS Pallamara, accompanied by the frigates PSS Athene and Rhiannon.  (It was considered dreadfully unlucky in Pallamara to name any seagoing vessel after a male figure, and generally warships were named for goddesses from various mythologies.  Even the Pallamara was named for the feminine embodiment of the nation, rather than the country itself) Athene was an air defense vessel, while the Rhiannon was more of a general purpose frigate.  The three vessels had accompanied the Eos not only as a matter of pride, but also in case the Coronation was to include a naval review, which was an event Pallamara wanted to be aptly represented in. Of course, what was discovered was that docking space was to be rather limited, what with all the extra maritime traffic there for the great event, so it was decided only the Eos itself would dock, while the other three vessels remained offshore, far enough to be out of the way, but close enough to arrive in short order if the occasion required it.  




In the meantime, Admiraal van der Vaat, was tasked with keeping everyone busy, since they would be missing the festivities of the coronation going on ashore, so instead it was decided to take advantage of the higher than normal amount of air and naval traffic to test out the surveillance capabilities of the fleet by carefully noting and cataloguing any and all surface, air, or underwater contacts, and using the occasion to run a very high intensity drill, which would involve all vessels being at action stations for days, though he did promise extra shore leave at other ports--if the crews performed to satisfaction, that was.  There was also the chance they might even be able to gather some useful ELINT from other vessels operating in the area, probably also drawn to the area by the same event.

The exception to all of this were the Pallamara's cadet corps, who would be transferred via boat and helo to the Eos.  They would take the opportunity to enjoy the celebrations in the city, meet with naval personnel from other nations who might be visiting, and in general have a good time, while absorbing a bit of foreign culture, though they'd be reminded that on this occasion they were representing both their nation and the branch itself, and anyone who screwed this up could expect to spend their naval careers scrubbing out bilges with the most inappropriate tool imaginable.


With the transfer completed, the escort would peel off, leaving the Eos to make its way to port.  Notably, Hannah, the Grand Duke's youngest child, stayed aboard the Pallamara, to continue her duties there, where she was a surface-to-Air Weapons Instructor.  All royals were expected to serve in either the armed forces, or the merchant marine, and Hannah had chosen to make a career in the Rijkszeemacht, rather than just serving for long enough to be considered as a candidate for inheriting the throne, as her brother, Karl, the Crown Prince had done in the Laandsweer.  Royals, however, received no special treatment, and in fact, by tradition, tended to be exposed to harsher standards and demands than their peers, meaning she'd had to work twice as hard to attain her present rank, and position, and much to the disappointment of many watching in Pallamara, wouldn't be with her father for the widely covered event, which suited her just fine.  The Instructors on the Pallamara were the very best at their jobs in the fleet, and the upcoming exercise was going to be a challenging one, that would test everyone's skill and endurance, and without the need to mentor the cadets and trainees aboard, would give her chance to put her hard earned proficiency to work in something like a realistic environment.


  As for the Grand Duke, he arrived in style on the Royal Yacht, but calling it that was a bit of a misnomer, as it was practically a small liner instead, and spacious enough to not only transport the monarch in style, but to hold a variety of museums, concert halls, and other displays of Pallamaran culture, as well as perhaps one of the largest Tiffany Glass collections in the world. Going along with that, she was also noted for her incredibly lush Art Noveux decor, which first time visitors often found disorienting, or even overwhelming.  


In stark contrast to the copious luxury the man surrounded himself with, he was rather plain of dress, and ascetic of temperament, wearing a finely made dark forest green military tunic with matching trousers and a pair of high, riding boots.  The stiff, mandarin style collar and cuffs were bottle green, with only the epaulets, bare of any rank emblems or shoulder-boards, sporting a red-orange color.  Otherwise, there were no medals, emblems of rank, or other decorations, save for the simple order of merit, that of The Blue Rose, which was awarded for charitable and humanitarian work.  Generally speaking, Valentianian eschewed fancy dress feeling that such finery was a form of overcompensation generally exercised by those of lesser accomplishment; he didn't wear such things because he simply didn't *need* to.  He was a powerful, well regarded monarch of a wealthy, prosperous nation; what more did he need?  Still, in deference to the occasion, he did wear a Black "Sam Browne" belt, and the Pallamaran sword of state, which happened to be in the form of a very plain (and it should be said, brutally functional) Pattern 1845 cutlass.  Unlike most such weapons of state, which were little more than jeweled and gilded ceremonial representations of a monarch's power, this specimen's value mostly lie in the workmanship and quality of steel that had gone into it.  The large bowl guard had been styled in such a way to represent the front of the ship, with the blade forming the bowsprit.  Its purpose had been to remind all of the nation's connection to the sea, which was why the form of a cutlass had been chosen, and its lack of gilding or decoration, a reminder to the monarch who wielded it, that ultimately, their power rested not upon gold, but steel.  He himself had added to it in some small way, ordering that a few lines from a poem be discretely engraved upon the blade, which read:

Gold is for the Mistress--Silver for Maid
Copper for the Craftsman, Cunning at his Trade.
"Good!" Spake the Duke, sitting in his Hall,
"But Steel, Cold Steel, is the Master of them All!"

The words had personal meaning to the Grand Duke.  His power rested on many things, the proud tradition of his house, the wealth of the nation, the love of his people, and the wisdom of his reign, but beyond all of that, there was the steel of resolve, and, if it came to that, the steel of arms. The latter, he'd seldom had to exercise, but should the need call for it, that power was at his fingertips--and he'd used it before.  Not in any large, overt way, of course--the monarchy were the defenders of the Constitution, after all, but there had been subtle, select applications here and there, mainly exercised to send a message towards certain special interest groups within the nation, with regard to what would, and would not be tolerated, when said interests pushed their agendas too far.

A prearranged chartered limousine had ferried the Grand Duke to the Palace with a small party of aides, which he entered with little fanfare, after having the status of his party confirmed by whatever elements were in place to do that.  In truth, he was really only here to represent Pallamara, at an important event, which was the coronation of King Aidan, not to socialize.  This was Aidan's moment in the sun, not his own, after all, though it might be useful someday in further dealings with the new monarch, to have been known to have taken the time to personally attend the crowning.  

Finding somewhere prominent enough to be visible to the many cameras, but preferring to avoid the company of most of the other foreign dignitaries, particularly so many of them at once, Valentinian and his group would take their places and wait for the affair to commence. 

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