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A Voyage of Discovery - Open


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The Royal Scientific Institutes Head of Ocean Studies, Dr. Katarina Maydorft stood on the quay side looking at the vessel, the final touches were being put together but she could already see the shape of it. The ship stood like a giant sail poking through the waves that gently buffeted it. Beneath the waves she knew that much more of the vessel existed, a perfectly designed ship to allow her and those recruited from across the globe to observe the ocean depths. It was a unique project and she couldn't wait to welcome those willing to join her. She made her way to her office and pulled out a folder of personnel files telling her about the crew. She'd meet them all in a weeks time when the ship's grand unveiling was carried out by her nations own Queen, a ceremony that was exciting her. 


OOC - So I essentially plan a wander around the world looking at weird fish and stuff. Chance for a bit of a character driven RP. Everyone welcome. 




Qualifications Relevent to Expedition:-

Experience Relevent to Expedition:-

What can you add to our voyage:-

Why do you wish to join our team:-



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Name: Dr. Maily Matsumoto, PhD

Nationality: Sunset Sea Islandian

Age: 31

Qualifications Relevent to Expedition:
-marine biologist
-speciality: bioluminescence

Experience Relevent to Expedition:
-ISTC scientist
-previously stationed on Simon Station, Antargis
-experience with situations of isolation

What can you add to our voyage:
-expertise on deep-sea creatures
-photography of bioluminescent creatures
-I have a cool gem collection if anyone wants to see

Why do you wish to join our team:
-thirst for knowledge
-unique chance
-one of a kind experience
-waiting for the next ISTC mission

Maily had many friends who went to Argis at some point in time. Maybe they studied in @Prymont for a semester or went to @Iverica during their holidays. It was ironic that Maily had first gone to Antargis before her first trip to the original Argis. She had spent most of her life learning, first for school, then for university and finally for her doctorate. In the meantime, she learned @Fleur de Lysian, Anglish and Oharic and how to play the piano and the violin on behalf of her parents. Now, that she was an esteemed scientist at the young age of 31, she finally had her life in her own hands. Her maritime expertise secured a spot on the first mission to Simon Station for her. Now, that mid-winter raged on the frozen continent, Maily applied for a different mission. She wanted to see as much of the world as she possibly could, therefore, she was delighted when she received the letter of acceptance from the @Morheimian Royal Institute of Sciences.

Earlier, an MRIS employee came by to pick up her equipment. One of her main tools she did not give away was her camera. It was probably the most expensive thing she had ever owned. From atop the cliff on which her hotel stood, Maily could see the harbour. She walked up to the small stone wall separating the pavement from the brink of the abyss. The yet unnamed ship was a speck of white, right next to the harbour. She mounted the objective with the most powerful magnification she owned onto her camera and took a look again. Now, she could clearly see the futuristic vessel and the security preparations for the Queen's arrival.

Maily smiled. It was a smile of excitement.

She put her camera away and walked off towards the harbour. Soon, the Queen was to christen the vessel. Maybe Maily would even have the chance to drop a curtsy in front of her. But most importantly, a new adventure was awaiting.

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