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Hello and good evening from the IBCN I am your host Lou Gentry live from Gloria square gardens. I'm here tonight with breaking news straight from  Grand Capital Boshlavik, Elijah Hue founder of Einstein motors has announced that he will be buying a planet. The planet, Kepler 186f, was discovered roughly four years ago is the first planet to be most Earth-like. Mr. Hue says he wants to buy the planet with the hopes of sending a robotic probe there by 2021 and a manned space mission there by 2029. world leaders are up in arms claiming Elijah has no authority to own an entire planet, some saying it belongs to a higher authority. Mr. Hue is said to hold a press conference  July 10th, then petition the world union October 2nd.

in other news, a woman was arrested for attempting to steal the scoreboard to an Ibrumball match.

the weather in the capital of the Commonwealth will be partly cloudy, with a 75% chance of rain.

tons of items and food you with the bill (i know, sounds like a bad date) to help give you some tips on how two avoid being trout fished here are three tips  

1. don't give out personal info. over the internet (i.e. SSN, birthdate, or phone number)

2. if you don't know them don't talk to them. most people you meet on the internet are not who they seem most with malicious intent.

3. lastly if you do meet someone online, never ever agree to meet with them in person.


thank you for tuning in this has been Lue Gentry with IBCN news nightly

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(bum bum bu Bu baa bA BA)

Hello, I'm Lue Gentry with IBCN and this is Nightly News with Lue Geanty.


Tonight we have a special guest with us renowned author, outspoken equalist, and wife of Senator Ron LaJones, here to promote her new book, All the king's horses, and all the king's men couldn't put workplace equality together again, Shay LaJones

"Hello, Mrs. LaJones I'm glad o have you on the show."

"Yes, its a pleasure!"

"So your book is coming out this August what is the main point of it?"

"In my book, I want to highlight how gender plays a big role in what career you choose and I want to let everyone know that if you're a guy but you can really work foundation you shouldn't go to some predetermined "male" job, go be a makeup artist and vice versa with women and "woman" jobs." 

"well that sounds very intriguing I can't wait for its release this August. thank you again for joining us this evening."

(screen fades to black and commercials begin playing)

(screen cuts to black)






(screen turns to an empty podium)

(Grand Emporer Raul Ferdinand walks out, Todd Haldly following closely behind)

now I know what you are all thinking gaully a surprise speech from our great and glorious leader during our regularly scheduled programming what fun, and I wish I could bring good news, alas I must tell all of you that after months of negotiations we have failed to reach an agreement with the Brotherhood of Iknog and we must again come to the world and announce to all we will not stand for such chaos, a really tall white dude once said "a house divided will fall. So finally I urge all of you capable enlist in our military join forces with your fellow citizens and rise up to strike down this evil.

(the screen fades to Ibriariums Official seal before fading black)

(a random talk show starts playing)

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