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Request: Republika Mazovia

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Nation in Europa: Republika Mazovia

Flag: image.jpg

Capital name: Warszawa 

Capital location: On the coast


Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4909-masovian-factbook/

Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4863-msrt-mazowiecka-spółka-radiowo-telewizyjna/


Culture: Eastern Europe 

Climate: Cold and Wet

Location: Coastal 

History: Established by Polish-Lithuanian settlers in 1896.

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I've read that you share a border in the north with @Ahrana, which would pinpoint you to this location:


However, you could also settle somewhere close to the German @Girkmand or the Polish @Cavunia, places that would feature a lot of rivers and arable land.


Pozdrowienia z Berlina. o/ Jeżeli byś potzebował pomocy po Polsku, możesz mnie zapytać tutaj na forach albo na discordzie.

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Well wherever he decides to go is okay with me just putting that out here


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