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Geography - Mazovia is generally flat with some highlands near the northern border with Ahrana. 

History- Mazovia formed after Polish settlers from Poland-Lithuania founded Warszawa in 1843 and later the Republic in 1896.

Government - The Republika Mazovia is led by President Ivan Kuczyński and Prime Minister Jozef Dombrovsky. 

Economy - The Mazovian economy is spearheaded by Oil exports and Arms Manufacturing 

Demographics - The Republika Mazovia is mostly (~89%) Poles with a minority of Serbs (~7%) and Croats (~4%) 

Culture - Mazovian culture is divided into 2 parts, the Urban and Rural cultures. Urban Mazovians are typically soft spoken often work in an office environment. Rural Mazovians are almost the opposite. They typically speak more and are more oriented around farming and construction. Mazovians are also largely firearm owners, ~78% of Mazovian adults own a firearm.


The Mazovian Armed Forces is made up of 320,000 Active Personnel and 500,000 Reserve Personnel. The AKM is the standard infantry rifle. They are supported by the PT-91 Twardy MBT. 

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