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Manamana Mail

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Dear mum,
I bet you're wondering why I'm sending you a postcard. On my way home from work I've noticed that the local post office started selling Manamana postcards and stamps. I'm sure dad will be happy to include them in his collection. So, since I am aware that I've not been as close in touch as I promised I'd be, I'm sending you physical mail. First off, Manamana is beautiful. During our free time, my colleagues and I often use a boat to go to the nearby beaches. Sometimes, we even go for a hike in the mountains. It's a real challenge, since the jungle is still basically untouched. Although the construction does disturb the local wildlife, the higher-ups take a lot of precaution to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment. I must say, they're doing a better work than I'd have expected. After an hour of hiking (which soulds like a lot, but it's nothing 'cause the jungle's so dense), you feel like you're the first person in the world! The nature is incredible, it's almost like Bastion Island! I almost feel bad that Manamana City is expanding so fast. The footprint we leave on the area is undeniable, but the growing city is only a side effect of the project itself. Anyhow, the landscape is awesome, the nature is amazing and the work is rewarding. It pays for my bills well and since quarters are provided by the company, my earnings are quite nice. Furthermore, it's a ton of fun to meet new people from all over the world on a daily basis. My roommates are from @Synturia and @Andalla and just yesterday, I was discussing politics with a @Shffahkian! Also, there's this one @Little Flauton girl that has caught my eye...
Anyhow, it's getting hard to write in such tiny letters, so I guess we'll be returning to text messages now. Speak to you soon!
-Cao Tung

OOC: The Manamana Post Office has expanded its inventory, it now carries postcards, stamps and other memoralia unique to Manamana. I encourage the other nations participating in the Manamana Canal construction to RP a couple letters here to accelerate the Canal's completion. Also, thanks Daddy @Variota for the great idea.

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Heey Pepe!

I found that someone here in Manamana has decided to start selling snail mail and Mortimer dared me to try it out, so I did. Although I will eventually buy a proper phone plan so that we can properly talk, that time has not come yet. Why? Well, to put it simply, drugs here in Manamana are expensive man. Like, they don't pay me enough to afford some proper weed. The dealers say that it's because they have to import it or something but I ain't buying it, I think they're swindling us. I took the matter up with one of them Manamana representatives, but they said that they weren't going to up my wage just so I can afford quality weed. Can you beleive that?!

I talked with some Shffahkians about this, (No Pepe, I don't speak French, unless you count charades) and we've decided (I think?) to strike sometime. It's gonna be really fun, we're gonna bring the substandard weed and force those damn Synthureans to give us proper wages. Well, at least we are, you know how other people in my industry of diggers can be very prude about this sort of thing, those wankers.

I hope everything is going well on your end, Pepe. That building contract in San Juan was such a lucky score, months worth of work and can go to the beach right after work to watch some lovely Mauridivian girls. There is of course, a beach here, but after digging in the sand and water for like 8 hours (which by the way, I'm really overworked) who the hell wants to go dig and play in the sand in a beach? Yeah, not me. Not at all Pepe. We hooked up with a group of international losers (two guys from Sunset Sea Spy Islands and a girl from Little Flau) to play Cyberhood 2021. Pedro is the Game Master, of course, these lame-oes couldn't create a proper homebrew if we put a gun to their heads and asked them to. Plus, the girl from Little Flau's like, our manager, so it'd be really weird. Oh, and one of the guys from SSI says he's actually from "Dobby is Free", which we're pretty sure is a made up country. Anyway, he and the other guy loooove to fight about Ubppssdiff this and Uppdsfii that, and that's just not a recipe for a good game.

Anyway, construction is going well and we hope to finally return home in a few months' time, barring unforeseen delays. Oh, and Pepe, that brown smudge on the paper is the body of a mosquito, they're a total plague over here. They've even brought in exterminators but the representatives from SSI go all insane when they try to properly fumigate. "Oh you're polluting the waterways" and that sort of the crap the government gives us. Remember to vote Libertad in 2020 if we're not back by then, Pedro!

With love (no homo), 


P.S. Pedro says "Heey Pepe bro what's up"


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By your command, I have found a means to bring honor and wealth to the House. I am working as an engineer for the Manama Canal project, under Praetor Aeron of the XXXII Legio, Imperial Corps of Engineers. My check is already routed to the House account, from which I have taken out a small sum for personal expenses.

The state of the project is quite interesting; there is a very diverse group of people here. I have made a few friends among the Asgeirrians, but we tend to keep to ourselves; mingling with the laborers is discouraged by the security advisors. We have our own group of barracks, which are a little cramped, but we don't have to worry about any of the other citizens interfering with what we consider to be day-to-day.

There is plenty of exploration to do around the canal, especially in the work sections. One of the engineers from my barrack went spear hunting for boar last week, and we've been having pulled pork every meal since then.

The bodies from the Stuhac and Vucari Houses started a fight Club, much to the amusement of everyone here. Betting on the fights is one of the main afterwork pastimes here now. Sometimes, we'll pay Mauridivians and Andallans to come into the ring. Dirty poors, they have no qualms getting beaten for money. A few managed themselves quite well, but by and large, Asgeirrians tend to do better in the ring.

Curious thing, a centurion passed down some very peculiar requests from the Praetor, and told us to keep the construction to ourselves. I asked a colonel how they were going to implement the plans the engineers were drawing up but he just said ICE would take care of it, though I'm not quite sure what he meant by that. I'll mail you a rough mockup of what they were asking us to design.


Haemalkha Nerthus

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jfhw    k93. fh73hy.    pq 7wzo.         Gh1L 4n na4n         f3n H4r    El    

H ello ,

Boug ht this really cool old typewr iter from one of the local shops hhere. Figured Id sendd you an ol dtimey letter using this thing. Last I heard a hunk of metal was used like this back home was wh en my gre at great great grandfather was still alive. Quite an interesting con traption. How the mechanical ccompo nents actuate in this thing is quite elegant. For its time of course. Jams like a b tch though. Enough about that 

This place is definitely different  Everything is so  verdant.  Its actually somewhat pleasant to breathe here. Strange not wearing a filter mask constantly. Only thing that makes t harder to breathe is the humid air. Also makes the heat much worse. The only thing you pretty much see here are trees, which literally envelope the entire terrain, and the dirt and concrete where the rest of the canal is going to be. I’m exaggerating a bit I know, but it was exactly how I depicted it several months ago. Food here is pretty nice. Roasted pork and jerk chicken certainly beats soylent shakes and prepackaged food. 

The little settlement they had here had expanded quite a bit. Finally, some semblance of civilization. Had a sizeable influx of workers from Asgeirria, Little Flau, Shffackians, Andallans and so on. Construction work will probably progress much faster. With much luck and efficient coordination of equipment and personnel, completion I’d say is estimated to be within the next couple years. The first shipment of exoskelatal industrial harnesses had just arrived and I’m glad my joints will hurt a little less. 

Inks alm st run ing out. I’ll prob bly just text y u as b fore. I’ll s nd you some fo tage I capt red on my dr ne.

Sin c re

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Hi sweetie,

it's your daddy writing you a letter from the faraway country of Manamana!

Remember the castles in the fairy tales I've read to you?

Daddy is building a giiiiiiant castle for you!

Many many people will be living there and it will be really pretty!

One day I will bring your mother and you here and you can be the princess of this castle!

If you want to, you can come visit me during your school holidays!

See you soon, sweetie.


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