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Letters from Het Huisselant


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OOC: Yes! It is another letters thread! Only difference here is that I'm putting all letters, both from the government and other figures, here. All letters that don't fit in a RP will generally end up here. To remove any confusion, I'll make an index once I get some letters going.


To: King Aiden Redmond of @Seylos
From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva
Regarding: Congratulations on your coronation and an invite to a brighter future.


My dear Aiden, as World's Greatest Diva and as a leader myself, I would love to congratulate you on your coronation. I remember when I was elected, it was so fun. We had a big victory party, there were drinks and food there, lovely. I think you can watch that particular episode of my reality show for free on my website, you should watch it if you haven't. Fun! Anyway, congratulations again! My people tell me that your coronation had a bit of a situation, a bit of a spat. It happens but remember: You're important now! Use that importance to get yourself a nice drink, a nice man and enjoy an evening off! It's what I would do. It's what the people deserve, a relaxed leader.

Now that I have mentioned an evening off, I'll get to the other part of this letter. A new King has be celebrated, no? And no one does a party better than the Variotans, it's a fact. Ask anyone. As such, the government of Het Huisselant hereby invites you and an entourage of your choosing for a state visit. We will be able to use the day to regain strength and speak over joint issues that affect both our nations such as the Greater Serbia situation, the 'Holy' Empire of Derthalen, the general instability of Argis and the brighter future that can be had by increasing ties between our nations. Het Huisselant knows how to take care of its allies, as I am sure your side does too.

And in the evening, we'll just let loose and go wild. Do you like vodka? There's one that tastes just like caramel and it's so delicious, like last time, I was with my personal friend Henk. I'm sure you'll recognize Henk, he's a rising star and is even Variota's current Eurthvision act, anyway, he was like: Do them off of that guy! And he pointed to this, like, deliciously caramel-colored man. I'm not entirely sure what he was, I think he was like half Iverican and like half Fulgistani or something. Who knows after six shots, am I right? Hahaha. Anyway, I ended up doing twelve more out of the guy's belly button and like, it was delicious but also ironic, you know? Doing caramel vodka shots from a caramel-colored man.

Do you like botox or getting your eyebrows done or something? I know a couple of great places, we could totally like get something done together. I did the same with Johanson, Johansen (?) Jonasson (?), let's just call him Jerry, the one of Andalla. Man never looked better after he had some stuff done by my doctor. He looked like a whole different man!

Anyway, just let your personal assistant let my personal assistant know when you're available and they'll set it up and arrange everything. So lovely that we can just use personal assistants for that, it just takes away so much unneeded effort! I've asked them to send along, I'm not entirely sure if they'll snail mail this or whatever, a nice commemorative picture of me from my photo shoot to promote Variotan-made porcelain horses. I've even signed it, you're one of the very few to have one. Keep it, it's a collectors item!



Dina Diva

Commemorative picture

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To: Secretary General A. M. L. Core of @Ahrana
From: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant
Regarding: Reopening of the Variotan Embassy and a possibility to speedily reopen trade

To my esteemed colleague, Secretary General Core,

I am pleased to be able to give you the announcement of the speedily reopening of the Variotan Embassy. We, at the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs, would like to thank your government for ensuring the rapid handling of the necessary forms and paperwork. The Parliament and the people have held a vote in regards to the person that will be filling in the position as Variotan Ambassador to Ahrana and have found a suitable candidate. Dr. Linda Melkboer will be able to start within two weeks, thus officially reopening the embassy. There shall be a small buffet and open bar to celebrate the reopening and new ambassador, to which you yourself are of course invited.

Additionally, there are several Variotan businesses and experts of the Ministry of Economic Issues that wish to visit the nation and find opportunities to fully and speedily reopen trade between our nations. We are sure your citizens will feel sheer joy and happiness when businesses such as Vooters Chestaurants, Altvarna Automotive and Varinco reopen their doors to the Ahranaians that wish to pleasure their souls with our products. Likewise, I am sure that there are citizens and businesses looking forward to receiving the many worthwhile products your nation provides the world. If your government can provide the required paperwork and perhaps a guide or two to allow this trade visit to happen, I believe this will be a great opportunity for both our nations.

I am obviously more than happy to respond to any questions you may have or to provide the needed information to your side in order to ensure the full success of these actions.

To a prosperous future together,

Reemy Loopentlant,
Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant

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To: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of @Prymontian Rus
From: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant
Regarding: Congratulations on winning the election

To my esteemed colleague, Premier Yegerov,

Het Huisselant congratulates you and the National Rus party on your election victory, may your government turn out to be and remain stable and strong. The task of rebuilding the nation and leading it and its citizens towards a brighter future may seem like a daunting task, the political equivalent of having to lead a group of climbers to the top of the mountain while a thick fog is in the air. Keep your mind clear, keep your vision for the nation close to your heart and remember that a good compromise may be best during times, those that do their song and dance properly will always have a chance to turn the nation into their vision and turn themselves into one of the main figures of their nation's history.

While our two nations were not connected thoroughly before the hardships you and your people have suffered, this does not mean that this has to continue. Hard work has to be rewarded and no one can say that the men and women of the Prymontian Rus have not done that; the grace and class that your people have shown in your struggle is to be commended. The path in front of you will be a rough one but we are willing to aid in that regard, aid in working towards a brighter future together. We know that, as we speak, talks and discussions are already being held by Variotan businesses that are waiting and willing to jump into the gap that has been established by the hardships, by the struggle that has seen your nation reborn; not unlike the mythical phoenix. 

To ease the steps and barriers that naturally exist in situations where entities from two different nations work together, such as Variotan businesses opening up and tourists staying in the Prymontian Rus, Het Huisselant wishes to establish an official embassy within your nation. As we know that there is an egalitarian side to the governing of the nation, we are additionally willing to open a consulate in the southern parts of the nation if that is wanted; Het Huisselant seeks to be a friend to all within the Prymontian Rus. The establishment of the embassy will not only serve as a symbol of the official recognition of the Prymontian Rus as the proper government of the land from Het Huisselant but the acceptation of our request would be seen, by myself and my fellow colleagues, as a solid step towards closer relations between our two fine nations.

I am obviously more than happy to respond to any questions you may have or to provide the needed information to your side in order to ensure the full success of the establishment of said embassy, in the event the request is deemed acceptable by yourself, members of your government and any other governmental bodies that will need to be consulted.


To a prosperous future together,

Reemy Loopentlant,
Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant

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To: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant
From: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of the Prymontian Rus


To Minister Loopentlant,

I thank you kindly for your warm letter of congratulations. It is incredibly humbling for myself, my party, and my country to receive such a genuine letter from a respected country, as Het Huisselant very much is. The advice and encouraging words you have provided are greatly received and appreciated - it is important for me to heed that advice, as it has clearly done wonders for your great nation. It is now vital that, in these early stages, opportunities are taken to form great bonds and bring the Prymontian Rus out of it's sad, impoverished state, and into an era of prosperity and power.

As the last foreign minister of the former Hellenic Rus state, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the actions of my former country. They were hopeless, brash, and frankly ridiculous. It came as no surprise to see the state finally fall to what was only meagre opposition in the Circle of Death, but after months of hard work and determination, that plague has been ridden from the land and we can now start anew. As mentioned, it is deeply humbling that Het Huisselant has taken the first steps to correct our mistakes, and I will gladly relish this chance to create something magnificent between our countries.

It is true that my people have suffered, and they are suffering still. It has been a trying year for them, but it is promising to see them remain so determined and motivated to succeed and play their part in rising their nation from the ashes. Despite the best efforts of myself and my party, there are still millions of people enduring hardships, whether that be through unemployment, loss of family members, lack of opportunities in life, or a combination of all three. I now have the opportunity to mould the Prymontian Rus into a country that rewards it's citizens and gives them something powerful and redeeming. I thank you for offering to take this step with me.

The prospect of working together with Het Huisselant is a very tempting one, and one that ultimately cannot be passed upon. The Prymontian Rus has many things to learn from such a diplomatically experienced country, one rich in strong political decisions that only hope to improve the lives of their people. The economic gains also cannot be ignored; I understand that there are Variotan companies waiting to invest in my country, which has great potential to return profit and provide cheap labour. Many of my people are struggling with unemployment, and it would be rather selfish and ridiculous of me to deny them jobs with such prestigious companies as yours. As such, it would be my honour to allow a Variotan embassy in the Prymontian Rus.

I will raise this matter with my fellow representatives in the coming weeks, and will inform you of any progress in due course. For now, I wish you only the best.


To our great Alharun friends,


Iskander Yegerov
Premier of the Prymontian Rus

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To:  Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion ( @Tagmatium Rules)
From: Tanja Groenbos, Foorste Kantorfoerter of het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek of Het Huisselant Variota
Regarding: Received Proposal

To my esteemed colleague, Megas Logothetes Goulielmos,

Het Huisselant has received your letter properly and with respect. It is good to see that the actions done by our people and by our politics are hailed as those of a civilized and cultured nation. We, as a whole, have always aimed to be and have been at the forefront of freedom, justice and prosperity, something that we are certainly proud of with a vigor. It is further more good to see that in these troubling times, the government you represent knows towards which nations it should turn. And in a sense, between the differences, there are also many similarities. We are both governments and nations that are looked at with respect, that have to be kept in mind within our spheres of influence, nations that stand for something.

In regards to the embassy request, Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant has voted positively on it. As we speak, or rather write, papers are being drawn up by the appropriate authorities within the nation to allow for an embassy on our fair soil. While I would advice placement within Grootwaterflakte or Ferrefaaierhafen, law requires me to state that Reierferplattoterp and Kattetralerstatt also remain open as a choice for embassies. Should it be required or deemed beneficial to the establishment of your embassy within Het Huisselant, het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek maintains several staff members that deal specifically with embassy issues. Regretfully, the repressive nature of some nations ensure that embassy staff often get rowdy once they are let loose, so to speak, within Het Huisselant; however, these employees are also well-versed in networking and may aid you with establishing ties with local businesses as required.

We shall await the required paperwork from your government to allow the establishment of an embassy within your nation while we seek out a candidate with appropriate ties and status to be sent towards the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion. Should there be further questions by yourself or a colleague, please do not hesitate to write to myself and/or Het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek.


To a prosperous future together,

Tanja Groenbos,
Foorste Kantorfoerter of het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek of Het Huisselant Variota

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To: Tanja Groenbos, Foorste Kantorfoerter of het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek of Het Huisselant @Variota

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

Your Excellency,

The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and the people of Arhomaneia are greatly pleased by your acceptance of our embassy request. I do not doubt that this will the start of something much greater.

A candidate from the Skrinion ton Barbaron has been discussed between myself and the Amytzantarios, the head of the diplomatic service, and we believe that we have found one. Their name is Probos Andronopoulos and their credentials have been attached to this communication. If upon reading them, you or your government consider them unsuitable, a replacement will be found as soon as possible.

With regards to the location of my nation's embassy, I would request that it is located within Grootwaterflakte, to be better at the heart of your nation's administration. Perhaps, in time, consulates could be located in the historical capital of Ferrefaaierhafen.

Similarly, I have discussed the matter of finding a suitable building with the Eparkheia tes Poleos, the administration of the Tagmatine capital, and we believe that we have one that suits the grandeur of Het Huisselant Variota. I shall forward this information to you.

May this please God,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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A party for your nose!

To:  atoirav@varmail.vr
From: Steven fan'et Nat, CEO of SnuifFuif
Regarding: Gratitude

Dear brother,

The favour you asked for is ready and waiting at the regular location. Thanks to the great service you did, the southern market should be open for production now, lowering our prices. Even with the coffee we'll have to share to ensure that it all stays solid, our prices will remain solidly below those of the others. If this is the future that we can expect when following the line, you can count us in. Tell the Auwe Kar that we'll support his endeavor, I've seen that the facility is active already. Whenever they active, they'll have the full backing of our catalog. Tell mother I love her and that she's free to visit whenever, just don't have her hiding in the back like last time. I nearly crashed against a tree when she popped up.

- Steven

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To:  J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman of Varinco
From: atoirav@varmail.vr
Regarding: Candy

My dear friend,

It has been arranged. You will have the full support of key players within the candy industry, which will help create a market for the candy industry during times when your associates find themselves in other areas as well as ensure the cooperation of local candy enthusiasts. Your contact with the golden camelid was highly appreciated, mother sends her thanks.

- W15-34

To:  Rikkert Boofenheufel, Chief of Police - Provincial Police Force of Ferrefaaierhafen
From: atoirav@varmail.vr
Regarding: Your Plans


Mother has found out about your plans with The Hook. She approves. Mother wants to bring you in contact with a good friend of hers, someone who has the same vision but seeks to use a different method. We shall forward the meeting details when it has been arranged. You have always been a loyal person to the right groups and a loyal friend to mother, even if mother has not been in direct contact with you before. Enjoy the gift we have left behind for you. One last thing, The Hook doesn't need to know that we know. Mother will help you with your adoption process if he doesn't find out. Rest assured that there's no penalty if he does find out, this time anyway.

- A new friend

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