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MATA Alliance Proposal

Stoned Smurfs

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Greetings fellow nations of Europa. We humbly come before you today to announce a new unity in Europa and to show all how to embrace peace. Times are difficult in Europa and we have seen a tragedy like no other with the massive loss of life in Jaihu and the terrible war crimes committed by a number of nations. We feel that this last event affected everyone in the region no matter if you was involved in the fighting or not. They claim the loss of life in Jaihu was a mistake and a miscalculation. What if the next mishap erases your nation from the map? What if 64,000 of your children was wiped from existence?


After careful review with other nations and a study conducted by a group belonging to a nation outside of Europa we feel it is best for the nations who want peace and stability though out their region to unite militaries and form an alliance against such terrorist acts. We feel with an unconditional unity between nations military would leave any terrorist group vulnerable and could help bring these terrorist acts by other nations to an end. Its a sad time when 64,000 children die in a war within a country that the war was not even being fought on. Without this unity we will not be able to control the spread of violence throughout the region.


Nations willing to sign into the MATA Alliance will have certain obligations and responsibilities they must live by in order to obtain membership. Nations Must be willing to lend military support no matter the size of your nation, whether it be troops or survalence/information assistance. Nations must also agree that once invovled in military action that no single MATA member nation will ever use force against civilian targets. Weapons of Mass destruction, however not banned, are frowned upon in the MATA. Members will be requested to claim and announce all weapons of mass desturction and provide other member nations with detailed lists pertaining to any such weapons. All members must agree to contribute finacially to any nation that has been devistated by war or a natural disaster. Once accepted into the alliance you will receive the full protection of the MATA. All nations will have a say in whether or not to intervene in regional affairs and no action shall be taken until the majority has spoken. Smaller nations and ones with a lack of military will receive help as in training and trading to help boost the size and strength of their military.


Some nations are preapproved but others will have to apply. To apply you must post below.



Thank you for your time,

President Pot of the S.S.S.S.

MATA Member Nation



Current Members


-Phil IV





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Phil IV is more than happy to enter into this allience of nations. It was the terrible massacre in Jaihu that caused us to leave the war in the first place, although the Jaihu were our enemies nad had threatedned us already, no nation deserves the sort of punishment they recieved.


I commit my nation to the MATA in fear over what WMD the next nation can dream up and put into practice, and am glad to have the protection of others in these troubles times.


Although my militery support is weak, as we are still a relitavly eacful nation, this time we are putting into action a plan that will see a faster response to any threat. Our army is still very small, 30,000 men currently, can be bought up to 50,000 if extremely neccecery. Our Navy is still fairly large, and is split into two halfs, the Northern fleet, based in SlavenMouth, and the southern fleet, based in Kosskow.


We are vehemntly opposed to Weapons of Mass destrustion, and while we are wary of nations who have them, we refuse to stock them ourselves. we will be opposed to any nation who uses them, for good or bad, unless we deem it completly nececery. We ask any friendly nations to tell us their WMD limits so we can take it into our accounts.

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The Holy Empire of Tagmatium woul be honoured to join the MATA alliance. The atrosity in Jahiu was struck to close for comfort to the People of Tagamtium, some who have relations across the border.


Having remained neutral in the previous conflict, terrible as it was, the Holy Empire has decided it is now time to act. Thus, the Holy Emperor Theodosius will commit his nation to the MATA in a stand against the hideous weapons unleashed in modern warfare.


To show the support felt in Tagmatium for the MATA, any military support sent will consist of the Holy Emperor's elite Imperial Guard, and any other forces necessary from the People's Guard, the main army of the Empire.


The Holy Empire of Tagmatium doesn't possess any Weapons of Mass Destruction, and will heroically defy any nation, for good or ill, that does possess them.




Theodosius, Holy Emperor of Tagmatium.

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If no other nation has objections, Niederoestereich is willing join the MATA alliance to ensure safety of our nation and its surrounding area. The cowardly and horrendous act committed on the nation of Jaihu must not be tolerated nor should it happen again.


Although Niederoestereich was considered to be fighting for "evil: during the last conflict and fought against some MATA members, we are still willing to join and "mend broken fences".


Niederoestereich does not contain any Weapons of Mass Destruction, but does have some stockpiles of gas weaponry such as Mustard and Phosgene. Although these -could- be destroyed, as it may pose a possible target for terrorist theft


Peace Through Power!!


PM. Kant

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes has agreed to fully commit to the MATA, to commit to the ideals of universal peace and equality for all of humanity. Since the unification of the tribelands, we have long been dedicated to a policy completely eliminating weapons of mass destruction, as we believe these horrific devices are capable of devastating the pristine environment that our traditions hold in high regard. These devices make no distinction between friend and foe, or military and civilian targets.


Our military aid will consist of our advanced intelligence services, highly effective commando cells, and elements of our recently established Tribeland Defense Initiatve, created as a response to the massive destruction suffered by the Jaihuians.


We would like to assure the nations of Europa that, despite our lucrative strategies in disabling our enemies' war machines, we do not condone, support, aid, or abide any terrorist activity and/or terrorist organizations. As we have mentioned, the despicable conduct that terrorist organizations prefer to engage in, including the use of weapons of mass destruction, is something that we of the tribelands consider a grossly dishonourable and shameful act against all of humanity and the environment.


We encourage other nations to support this alliance and to put an end to future wars like the one that has so recently claimed so many innocent lives and honourable servicemen and women.


We also encourage those with massive stockpiles of nuclear, biological, and/or chemical weapons to consider slimming their stockpiles, as we feel these will only attract desperate terrorist organizations, and we would hate to see the world we have thus far coexisted with be wiped out in an instant.

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