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Ahranaian Ministry of Trade


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2r7vibm.gifAhranaian Ministry of Trade


The Ahranaian Ministry of Trade is the Central Registration Administration that gives out licenses to any Foreign Company or Ahranaian Company. In order to operate inside Ahrana the license from the Ministry is needed  to open a Company or to even establish a new Company. Due to recent Laws being established under the new Government of the Federation, Foreign Companies are allowed to open up a Headquarters, Factory or a Industrial Complex inside the Federation Lands.

Any Company wanting to be established inside the Federal Republic of Xara are asked to inquire the Federal Republics Ministry of Trade to establish any Factory, Industrial Complex or Headquarters. The Federal Ministry of Trade for Xara also requires the Company to have a License issued by the Xaraian and Ahranaian Government respectively.


Here under this index will be Companies that are currently in operation in the Federation of Ahrana and the Federal Republic of Xara.


  • Ahranaian Airlines
  • Moskovo International Airlines
  • Petroleum of Tatani
  • United Metalloid of Ahrana
  • Areolift of the Federation
  • The Shipbuilding Union of the Federation
  • Arms Tech Federation



  • Arms Tech Federation
  • United Xaraian Airlines
  • Vulga International
  • Petroleum and Oil of Xaraian
  • Xaraian Metalloid


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In 1981 under the Royal Government Initiative for Airliners, Ahranaian Airlines was established with a Royal Seal for Approval. The Royal Family had their own Royal Aircraft with AA till the fall of the Monarchy, after which the Airline became under the Central Government Control under the Ivanoff Administration until the Core Administration took over. Since then AA has become a Public Own Company, since changing Ownerships over the past few years nothing much has changes in the way Passengers are treated which is top of line treatment.

AA holds a License with the Ahranaian Ministry of trade but not a license with the Federal Ministry of Trade for Xara, therefore a Homebase of operations in the South does not exist except in Moskovo. AA has connections with all International Airports in the World therefore allowing travelers to use a trust worthy Airliner.

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In 1989, the Royal Government issued rights to a plot of land in the Moskovo Prefecture of the Kingdom of Ahrana to be used as what Is now both Moskovo International Airport and Moskovo International Airliner Headquarters for the second leading International and Domestic Flight Airliner in Ahrana to date. Moskovo International (MI) makes itself known over the pride and such quality of excellence it drives for.

Moskovo International (MI) is and has become the most preferred Airliner of Travel next to Ahranaian Airlines which is the competition of MI. The International Airport down the road from the MI Headquarters shares the name as well but is the Federations biggest International Hub and Airport in the entire Country Next to the Vulgus International Airport in Xara.

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Vulga International is the International Airport in Vulgus Supra, FR Xara in the southern part of the Federation of Ahrana. Vulga International is a small Hub that was only just recently open to the public for small flights since being reconnected to the outside world. It is expected that Vulga International Airport will be the size or even greater than that of Moskovo International Airport in the near future. The current plans for the Airport is to bring more Heavy Flights from further away from Xara, as of currently anyone coming from say the Sunset Sea Islands cannot land in Vulga International as the runway is not equipped to deal with that form of aircraft. Anyone coming from a distance further that the area around Ahrana have to fly into Moskovo International then fly from Moskovo to Vulga

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United Xaraian Airlines is a merger Company of three other Airlines two of which are from the Federal Republic of Lockiee, Lockiee United and United Airways, and the newer Xaraian United Airlines (before the merger). 

Lockiee United was founded in 1992 to bring more Tourists to the Grand Duchy of Lockiee under the Imperial Kingdom Regime and was a remarkable idea that indeed worked out like the planners and local government were wanting. Lockiee United became the front runner of Aerospace in the Grand Duchy and even landed a contract with the Imperial Governments Military making Aerojets for the Imperial Air Brigade and Imperial Ahranaian Royal Naval Air Brigade.

In 2000 a sub group called United Airways was created by Lockiee United to help bring in more profit for the company in order for it to still keep the contract with the Imperial Military. United Airways became the second best Airliner in the Grand Duchy and almost triumphed Lockiee United at the top. In 2005 United Airways was given permission to move its Headquarters to the Kingdom of Ahran and to build and grow bigger. That is what it did in fact, United Airways was given Royal Approval for the Imperial Ahranaian Family to use the Airliner for Domestic or International Travel making them number two behind Ahranaian Airlines. Soon in 2009 United Airways grew to the point to where it separated from Lockiee United and was given the Imperial Military Contract instead of Lockiee United. When the Revolution happened the Central Government of the Socialist Federation combined Lockiee United and United Airways to create the United Federation Airways.

Xaraian United Airliners was a smaller company already established in Xara when the Ahranaian Government reconnected with the Xaraian People, the company was combined with United Federation Airways to create United Xaraian Airlines with the Headquarters being established in Vulgus Supra, the Capital of Xara at the time. Now the entire Air fleet of United Xaraian Airlines still bare marks of the merger of the companies. There have been talks to open a second Headquarters in the Heart of Ahrana in the Federal Republic of Ahran like the United Airways had, but nothing is official yet.

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