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Belearean Trade Registry [Belearean Ministry of Trade and Commerce]


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The Belearean Ministry of Trade and Commerce is a department of the Belearean government whose responsibility is to establish a dynamic business environment, register and monitor all trade and commerce of private industry within Beleareas with each other and their foreign clients, partners and stakeholders.

The Ministry shall establish a registry for the conduct of its activities. The Registry shall contain all registered commercial actors not limited to but including SMEs, Corporations, LLCs, and etc.

Registry Contents:

  1. Bel-Aires - a Belearean Airline
  2. Minero - A mining Company
  3. Bel - Mares  - A Marine Transportation company
  4. Wild Boar Bank - A Commercial Banking Corporation
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Belearean - Airlines

Established in June 2000, Bel-Aires is a passenger airline that is devoted to providing quality and affordable air transport within the Kingdom of Beleareas and other countries around the world. It currently charters domestic flights within the Kingdom between domestic airports and shall expand its operations to foreign destinations upon the finished construction of the San Tonio International Airport and the Rehabilitation of the Nueva Vega International Airport.

Routes served

  • All domestic airports in Menorca

From Nueva Vega International Airport

  • Bogd Gioro Liberty International, @Fulgistan
  • Wulumuqi International Airport, Fulgistan
  • All Mauridivian International Airports, @Mauridiviah
  • Slobodan Milosevic International, Beograd, Greater Serbia
  • Vojvodina International, @Greater Serbia *Temporarily Halted
  • Toledo Manile Int'l, @Iverica

From San Tonio International Airport

  • coming soon

From Wulumuqi International Airport, Fulgistan

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Minero Mining Company is a Belearean Corporation that specializes in the mining of iron, manganese, zinc, copper and coal. It was Established in 1943. Its Head quarters are located in Nueva Vega, Menorca and currently operates mines in Foremonte. Minero is an employee owned cooperative and each employee is entitled to vote in its biennial election of board of directors .

it operates the following mines:

  • Azul Iron Mine, Foremonte
  • Terratrix Manganese and Zinc Mine, Formonte
  • Dolce Copper Mine, Formonte
  • Montenegro Coal Mine, Foremonte

It currently provides supply for:

  • Domestic industry and power production


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BEL-MARES is a Maritime Transportation corporation Established in 1856 under the government Ministry of Trade and Commerce as the royal merchant fleet of Beleareas. Government neglect and corrupt official almost drove the department to its abolishment until It was since privatized in 1969. It now operates a fleet of passenger vessels to international destinations as well as bulk goods.

Routes served:

  • Coming Soon
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Wild Boar Bank is the largest Commercial Banking Corporation in Beleareas. It has the largest market capitalization of 48.9 Billion Monedas with a net income of 3 Billion Monedas. It offers the widest array of financial services including small business loans, Housing loans, corporate financing and more.It is also pioneering electronic payment methods in the country.

Its investment division has financial products that serves a multitude of preferences from government bonds to cryptocurrency investments. Its Beleareas Stock Index fund is the best performing equity fund in the domestic market outperforming the stock exchange at-wide.

The Social Investment Financing section has funded a plethora of social interests to fight hunger, homelessness and mental illnesses. It also funds scientific developments that aim to develop vaccines and medical advancements that will improve the lives of millions of Beleareans and people across the globe.


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