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Thawing Summit


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Thawing Summit

28 June 2018 | People's Palace


As the Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Summit was coming to a close, SG Alexsandra Misha Lars Core begin getting ready for one of the most important Diplomatic Meetings in her tenure as Secretary-General of Ahrana, the Diplomatic Meeting with President Duval. As the Asgeirrian Meeting was closing she received a Documenting the time when the President of the United States wanted to come and she was more than happy to allow it. She begun reorganizing everything and called up the Ministry or Fishing and Forestry and asked them to be present for the Meeting and asked that her Assistant get the United States Flag from the Flag Room on floor two and bring them and start placing them out and removing the Asgeirrian ones. She then called the FKI HQ and asked that Security be top notch to avoid what wasn't at the Founding Ceremony of the Confederation of Socialist States.

She got the rest of the file with the Agenda of the Summit and saw that it was going to be not just an interesting one but one that would be remembered for a time after her time. She set the file down and went to change, this time she was opting for something less Militaristic but more traditional, formal and elegant but not to fancy as she hated fancy clothes. She found the Traditional Dress for the People of Lockiee and she put it on.

She then headed back to her office and awaited the State Car to arrive at the Palace Gates.

Alexsandra's Formal Attire No. 1


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The time had come to usher in a new era of Prymontian-Ahranaian relations. Such relations had been crudely tarnished under the previous reign of Greggor Ivanoff, who was now seeing fair punishment in @Variota. While that abhorrent man was out of the picture, President Duval could do nothing to shake the negative image of Ahrana from his perspective. The country had deteriorated from a promising kingdom into a socialist haven, a setting that the United States had desperately tried to distance itself from since the 2017 elections and subsequent turn to more centre-left ideologies. 

Despite the close proximity of Ahrana to Prymont, the President and his delegation would opt for a transit of flight, wanting to arrive sooner and fresher to begin talks. Joining Duval on this historic meeting would be his trusted second hand man, senior advisor Ralph Lowe, alongside Defence Minister Hunter S Grey, Foreign Affairs Minister Lorraine Duval, and Environment Minister Kip Schmidt. Each would have a topic to debate, whether it be air traffic agreements, fishing quotas, embassy renovations, or the future of the political scene in central Argis. Whatever path the conversation went down, today's meeting would go down in the history books as, hopefully, the one that resurrected the once great Prymont-Ahrana friendship.

There was a large, cumbersome weight on President Duval's shoulders. It had been under his reign that the relationship had broken down so bitterly, and now it was his responsibility to reform it. There were countless opportunities for the United States to benefit and prosper with the Federation, but that all depended on this upcoming summit. Icy, sharp matters would be eased, relaxed, and eventually defrosted to create a harmonious, mutually beneficial partnership. The two were close neighbours - it only made sense that they got along like a house on fire.

Changes were immediate and noticeable under the hand of the new Secretary General. She had improved security greatly, something that ATARA and CIS delegate Julian Nordeng would be glad to hear. The relevant airport terminal had been shut down completely, allowing the delegation to breeze through security and arrive at the state car convoy happily and safely. The provided vehicles were comfortable, powerful, and whisked them through the winding Ahranaian roads to the beating heart of communism in Argis. The People's Palace had seen many colossal events in recent history, and it was about to add another to it's extensive history. 

Today, history would be made. Today, Prymont and Ahrana would learn to be friends again.

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As Alexsandra set a read a few things with some music turned on to the Moskovo Orchestra which was playing some old Imperial music since the ban on Music from before the Revolution was lifted by her Administration. She was truly enjoying the moment while thinking on how this Diplomatic New Beginning with the United States would go.

Soon though she heard a knock on the door, it was the Minister of Defense, Minister of the Foreign Ministry and the Minister of Fishing and Forestry had arrived several minutes earlier than what was expected from what was told.

Ah Ministers Olexi, Marsha, and Dimitri do come please do come and take a seat over at the Sitting area I will be over there shortly to discuss a few things before Duval and his Delegation arrives.

As the Symphony written for Gustov II was coming to a close she closed the file she held in her lap, placed it in the desk locked the drawer and walked over to the Sitting Area.

Now, this meeting is the most important thing that will undoubtingly set a mandate on this Administration that will be put in the History Books no doubt. I have made sure that we will leave no stone unturned and that unlike Ivanoff the meeting does not escalate into a fight of fiery Words. So I ask that you do not speak unless the question is directed towards your field or if I hand over the part of the conversation to you. Okay?

Yes Ma'am understood.

As they had that taken care of she walked back to the window to see if the State Car had arrived yet, which it had not but she could see it a few streets away from the Palace Gates. She looked at the Ministers and motioned them to stand up and be ready to shake hands. She walked to the front entrance and stepped out the door to great President Duval and the Delegation he had brought with him.

As the car entered the Palace grounds she begun to wave and gestured to them with a bow as is customary in Lockiee when meeting a formal Foreign Delegation, she walked down the steps to the car and allowed the Guard to open the Car door where Duval was located.

Ah, President Duval its a pleasure to meet you at last. I must welcome you to Ahrana, again, but hopefully under better terms than the last time you were here Mr. President. Please do all come in we have much to discus and much to accomplish with a great outcome for our two great Prosperous Nation.

As she walked with them to the Office which Duval most undoubtingly become so accustomed to in recent times, except this time he would find that the whole office was different in many ways. Alexsandra was a Scholar by heart so the Office was decorated with important Scholars from throughout Ahranaian History. The wall even had some Prymontian Scholars that held some influence in Alexsandra's life. As they walked in she looked at the Butler who brought forth Tea and some cakes to the Formal Sitting Area in the Office she then sat down once everyone else had.

Once again President Duval it is very warming to finally meet you at last and I am glad to see that you have made the trip and all in good health non the less. I hope everything went well at the Airport and that the trip from the Airport was none the less pleasant.....But of course we are not here to discuss such matters instead we are here to begin a new era of Relationship between our Countries!

She looked to the butler to turn the Music down a bit to where it was just white noise in the background, if the sound became to much the Butler would shut it off of course if asked by anyone in the Room.


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  • 4 weeks later...

With all of the Prymontian delegates greeting the Secretary General and taking a seat, the meeting was ready to begin. There was a monumental weight on each of their shoulders; each would have a key aspect of Ahranaian-Prymontian relations to discuss, which would decide the future partnership between the two countries. While it was, and always would be, important for Prymont's interests to be prioritised, this meeting with the new head of state was a chance to start anew with Ahrana. Regrettably, the situation between the two had deteriorated drastically under Ivanoff, to the point where Duval feared it would never be revived. However, Core seemed like a much needed breath of fresh air in northern Argis, and nobody in the room would want to waste that opportunity.

"Thank you for welcoming us here, Secretary General. It's very exciting to understand that our countries have great potential to work together and form something great. With recent events, the United States finds itself in an ever strengthening position in not only our region, but on a worldwide stage. Rekindling what was once a prosperous partnership between us is at the top of my agenda. However, before we get into any of that, I'd like to reassure you that the United States firmly stands with Ahrana. I've heard stories here and there about what happened recently with your Asgeirrian diplomat, and just know that we're disgusted by their actions. It was disheartening to see your country fall into darkness with them, and it's incredibly reassuring to see you reemerge into the light. They're a backwards country indeed with some questionable practices, so I'm glad to see you've put them behind you."

"Now, I understand that, due to certain words between myself and your predecessor, the relationship between our countries is currently strained. It's important for us to ease that strain and work towards a more positive association. I understand that you're opening the borders of the Federation to foreign companies. I've been in touch with representatives from the Kaldestad Aamot Group, one of the leading automotive conglomerates in the world and Prymont's largest and most profitable company. In order to get our friendship off to a good start, perhaps you'd consider permitting the construction of a small manufacturing plant in an industrial area? KAP, the leading company within KAG, is looking to add to it's fleet, and with other factories nearing maximum capacity, they're searching for new alternatives. As the leading global car manufacturer, revenue is high and KAP really know how to run a business. It'd be massively profitable for both sides if a new factory were to be constructed within your borders."

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Core listened to Duval she has never met him nor has she ever been a room with him let alone actually hear him speak.

We would be delighted to have a KAP Manufacturing Plant here in Ahrana it would definitely bring some decent jobs for here in Ahrana which is what we need. They would have to follow the Ahranaian Labor Laws of course which I do not believe is a problem. I believe having such a thing here in Ahrana will develop our Economy and the Money Market further and bring it back to what it was once when it was under the Kingdom.

I believe that we will one day recreate the friendship that our nation's had before the decline thanks to Mr. Ivanoff and his foolishness, I hope that with this meeting and more if we need to, to have the relationship that once our people enjoyed once before.

May I ask what else would you would like to hear and to know about?

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Step one of having Ahrana under the control of Prymont was complete. The Kaldestad Aamot Group were one of the largest technological and automotive conglomerates in the world, and certainly the lifeline of the Prymontian economy. Introducing the company into Ahrana and eventually having it support their economy would, in turn, have Ahrana lean on the United States. Due to KAG being such a vital piece of the Prymontian economic puzzle, CEO Erik Bruun enjoyed good relations, both professional and personal, with President Duval. In years to come, it would take only a simple meeting between the two to make or break Ahrana. This was the start of Prymont's reign over central Argis.

While on the topic of relations between Ahrana and Prymont, the President stepped back from the conversation to allow his sister, the foreign secretary, to take over. "I believe that, while we're on the matter, we may as well discuss current relations between our two countries, and how such relations may progress in the future. I understand that you've recently broken down the strong bond you held for so many years with the Asgeirrians, and we've noticed an opportunity to replace them." Lorraine wasted no time in getting straight to business. She would add another element to the increasingly complex relationship between the two nations, which would hopefully further develop in the favour of the US.

"It must be diplomatically devastating to lose such a critical ally. From what I've been told, the Asgeirrians have reacted quite childishly to the news of the Xara Accord, which was enacted to benefit not only Ahrana and TRIDENT, but the military situation in central Argis as a whole. What is a very positive agreement has been spitefully twisted by your former friends, and I'm glad to see that you've taken the initiative and distanced yourselves from such behaviour. I don't doubt that Asgeirria was a bad influence on Ivanoff, and it's very reassuring to see that you're keen to start anew and right his wrongs."

"Ahrana must be reeling from this loss. As another of your long time allies, the United States wishes to repair the issues we've recently encountered. What was once a very strong, supportive friendship has recently turned to dust, and we want nothing more than to resurrect that greatness. In essence, we'd like to replace Asgeirria, and stand as one of your closest allies. With our proximity to one another it just makes sense. We've such a rich history together, it'd be a shame to see it go to waste. In front of us is the opportunity of a lifetime, to create something magnificent again and really intertwine our nations."

"What I propose is that, over the coming years, Ahrana and Prymont lean on one another through economic, diplomatic, and military means. The United States has an ever-growing economy, is continually strengthening diplomatic relations with countries around the world, and has recently began working with formidable military nations to bring peace to the area. I can offer all of these benefits to you, and ask that you do the same for us. Despite all of our differences, if we come together, we can right the wrongs of central Argis. Together, we can be a ruling hand over the chaos, one that brings peace and prosperity. But we can only do this together."


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Core turned her attention to Lorraine to hear everything exactly and to see where it was going. It was very cunning of the US to bring this up and try to slide into the void to hopefully fill the spot.

As the relations between the Federation and Asgeirria has taken a rather dramatic and distasteful turn I and my Government have yet to decide what will be our next move.

With the Xara Accords being ratified as legal and a true testament of Ahrana wishing peace before conflict and so forth, Ahrana is always and will always be a component of Peace.

As I see it the relationship that our two Countries had never failed only the leader failed to hold pure Diplomatic Talks with Mr. Duval and the lot, I on the other hand want our Countries not to just be allies but champions of the Free World and those who bring Stability to the World where it is needed. I will say that the idea of closely allying ourselves to the United States is on the table and it will most likely not be taken off the table. I too believe that if we are United in a Front that promotes peace that we will truly be the leaders of the Free world here in Argis.


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  • 2 weeks later...

It was surprisingly easy to get Core on board. Under pressure, her predecessor had eventually bowed down, but with the new Secretary General, no pressure was needed at all. A few sugarcoated words, suggestive phrases, and friendly faces was all it took. The new Ahrana would be a piece of cake to work with compared to the old.

Environment Minister Schmidt then took over, deciding to revisit an old topic that'd caused some debate between Duval and Ivanoff previously. The United States were attempting to revive their ailing fishing industry, and needed to create as many domestic jobs as possible. As much as it went against the friendly, supportive nature of their new agreement, Prymont had to limit what Ahrana could do regarding fishing. Lucrative Canamo fish sold for high prices abroad, and was a highly desired dish locally. Gaining control of such an expensive catch was Prymont's next big move in reigning over central Argis.

"Environment Minister Kip Schmidt, a pleasure to meet you, Secretary General. As I'm sure you're aware, our two countries previously saw heated debate over fishing quotas. I do believe that Ivanoff agreed, in part, to meet with the United States somewhere in the middle, but today I'd like to reaffirm these measures. Currently, the United States aims to limit fish intake to 500,000 tonnes per year, regardless of fish, size, weight, etcetera. Currently, due to the decline in the fishing industry, we catch roughly 200,000 tonnes annually. We'll be raising that to our limit through various initiatives in the country, but I'd like to come to an agreement with you regarding your yearly catch limit."

"I'm sure you understand and appreciate that we value environmentalism greatly in the current cabinet. Promoting safe fishing practices and limiting the amount of fish caught only furthers that globally important agenda, and it'd be great to have you on board. Due to your limited coastline, I'd like to suggest a 150,000 tonne limit for the rest of the year, and then a 400,000 tonne limit for the entirety of 2019. After that, we can come together again to review these measures and see if they need adjusting. It may seem somewhat limiting, but the longevity of the fish in the Canamo Sea must be considered a priority. I'm sure there are other industries your people can rely on to make money until we can revive fish populations and expand our limits."

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This was for sure a touchy subject for Core as the base of all food in Ahrana was fish and other meats but mainly fish. The proposed budget would not just affect the culture of Ahrana but the entire Traditions in the Ahranaian Federation.

She took her pin and wrote a side note stating to, "Talk with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries." Even though the Minister for Fishing and Forestry was here he wasn't permitted to answer as he was part of the reason why the talks last time failed 

Minister Kip Schmidt, I applaud the United States and her efforts to protect the environment in the United States. Like Ivanoff had said at the last meeting from my reading of transcripts of the last meeting, the Federation holds the environment in deep conversation and it even holds a special part in the Traditions of the Ahranaian Cultures.

Since the last meeting the Government had begun the talks on restrictions on the Fishing Industry, bowever the Ahranaian Culture is based heavily on Fish and some other meats as well but mainly fish. If I was to implement a 150,000 Limit for weight I would have a uprising on my hands and the Federation does not need that. It's almost that time of the year when the people start catching food to store for the great Winters we have and that would ultimately cut half of their food supply no doubt. Throughout our History Ahrana has always relied on the fish based foods always. With Xara found and recovering from years of neglect it will help with the limit but it would be a huge stretch. So ultimately I would be not okay with implementing the limit but for the Environment I will be willing to do so, it will be a stretch for the people though a huge stretch.

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"I appreciate the concern for your people. Thinking of them in such a way shows a great example of leadership, one that your predecessor was substantially lacking in. If you do find yourselves in the negative regarding your stock, and if we have a surplus..." Minister Schmidt turned to the President, with the two quickly sharing an understanding nod, "then, as an act of goodwill and friendship between us, the United States would be happy to sell some fish to you at a heavily discounted rate. We cannot allow people to starve, but our people must also be paid. I hope you see this as a suitable compromise, and a thanks for your cooperation."

As planned, Defence Minister Grey began to talk, but was immediately cut off by the President. Grey's sharp stare went unnoticed, as Duval repositioned himself slightly to avoid him. The atmosphere in the room had started off very happily, with both sides coming to satisfactory agreements. Duval sensed that Core had been made uncomfortable with the fishing proposal, and while making the decision to allow it, the jolly mood had dropped noticeably, replaced by one of uncertainty and awkwardness. Not wanting to assault the Secretary General further with Grey's aggressive military stance, Duval aimed to calm the room once again, and placed the ball in his counterpart's court.

"I understand that we've done a lot of speaking so far, and I'm thankful for the attention you've given us. Now, Secretary General, is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?"

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Core noticed the sudden switch in the talks when Duval took over from the Defense Minister, it caught Core off guard as she was busy listening and responding to the questions the Delegation from the United States had to ask. She quickly found the piece of paper she had taken note on earlier before Duval arrived.

Well Mr. Duval, I understand that under the former Secretary General the Federation had troops that were in the Hellenic Rus, which I presume will now fall under your Governments Control which would be the best course of action in my eyes. In my Documents the troops had been withdrawn as was requested by you and the Government of the United States, I seek to see if I am able to send some supplies to the Civilians and Troops if it need be that are in need. My main wish is to be sure those People have enough supplies to get them through the Winter. Now I know it wont be exactly the best food as what will be sent are Military Rations with some Civilian Rations but it will last them through part of the Winter.

Also I wish to talk to you about the movements of the Federations Northern Fleet in the Northern Sea, I know from my time in service in the Kingdoms Imperial Guards that the Northern Sea was blocked off and then again it was recently under Ivanoffs Leadership. I want to basically get to an agreement of being able to navigate the Northern Fleet in the Northern Sea freely without a invasion on Right to Navigate. I really hope we can come to some agreement here as this is a top priority for me so we can avoid any future Conflicts concerning this in the future.

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The situation in the Hellenic Rus had always been a tricky one, regarding Ahrana's involvement. Initially, there had been a promise to assist from the south, which had not come to fruition. Once the Ahranaians had finally arrived in the country several months later, Duval had engineered a way that would force them out of the country in a matter of days. This was done to damage Ivanoff's reputation, and to create expenses that would hurt their taxpayers and their budget. Truly, the relationship between the two nations had previously been very toxic, and now it was time to make amends.

"We're very grateful for your recognition of the United States as the rightful leaders of the new Prymontian Rus. It's been an incredibly costly exercise, and we're now seeing the drawbacks in tax hikes and funding issues. Any help that you could provide at all would be greatly received. While the capital and the surrounding areas are rising to sufficiency once again, large parts of the country are still struggling, especially the south where we're still cleansing the country of Circle of Death remnants and restoring order. Embarrassingly, we underestimated how costly this manoeuvre would be. Many charities have been established in the United States to raise funds and send aid to the needy, but we're still in need of more. The upcoming winter will be harsh, and we're quite thankful indeed for your offer. I'd be happy to take you up on that."

Core then took the delegation by surprise, with her attempts at negotiating a right of passage in the Canamo Sea. The choke point between Horizon Island and the western tip north of the Prymontian Rus was vital for Prymont to retain control of those waters. Tens of millions of Prynds were spent every year breaking the ice in the Argic Ocean and creating a safe route for ships to navigate, and the government found that Ahrana were paying significantly less for the same benefits. If they wanted right of passage, it'd have to be earned.

"I understand your concerns regarding the mouth of the Canamo Sea, and I'm glad you've brought it up. The former incident with Ivanoff is one that we'd rather forget. Our countries went through a tough time, and now we're on a new path, so it's time to set things right. The United States would be happy to grant you the right of passage from the Canamo Sea to the Argic Ocean without fear of blockage or invasion, so long as the Federation significantly increases the sum it pays to create a safe route through the icy ocean waters. Currently, Prymont and @Iverica utilise an extensive icebreaking fleet to navigate the waters safely, which costs upwards of thirty million Prynds annually. If Ahrana were willing to pay their fair share of the price, I see no reason as to why we can't come to an agreement. Next year, the Canamo Canal will be completed, and you will no longer need to pay for the icebreakers. Instead, the canal will create a permanently safe path from the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea, which will drastically reduce shipping times and ensure that ships are safe from natural damage such as icebergs. When the time comes, the United States would be delighted to negotiate a discounted rate for the Federation to use the canal."

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It would be my pleasure to help your Forces, the Rus People and your People in the Prymontian Rus to bring some much needed relief to not only to the Rus Peoples but to your troops. Those men and women in the Rus Land are doing the world a great deed and deserve to get some form of fresh food and more Packs for the field. My only thought for the Rus Operation you are carrying out is taking care of the people and the Troops in that entire country. 

If you also permit it I could send some Forces to help your Troops push further South, they would be placed under command of your Generals in that area. If I was to send them under the Ahranaian Army Banner it would be seen by the Public as a Invasion and that is something we cannot afford to do let alone carryout. The Peacekeepers will mainly be sent to help secure towns and such that your forces are leaving and need someone to defend. I hope this isn't seen as doing too little but it is what I can only afford to do currently, hopefully after the next Legal Election the next Secretary General, if not me, will continue with the operation I have proposed to you if your willing to allow it?

Core stopped for a moment took a few sips of her glass of water and refilled her glass before continuing her discussion.


As for the Northern Sea Access, the Federal Government can agree to pay our end of the bill and we will also have our Icebreaker Fleet at disposal to help with the Ice Clearing efforts at a moments notice. I will admit that our Icebreaker Fleet is not as huge as your Countries but the fleet is well upkept and will do its part and plus some if needed. As for the canal, I have been receiving reports of such activities to the West of the Federation and at first I was startled at the reports and thought it was Terrorist Activity, I will admit though that an idea of a Canal that will not freeze over each winter is a promising idea. The Federal Government would like to ask about helping with the building process as its a huge project and with your Government already stretching as mush as it is we would like to help in this effort as well, if you allow us to do such a thing of course. We, the Federation, does not wish to impose on any area we ar enot welcome and would like to avoid a confrontation like in the past.

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