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A Response to Seylosian Outrage

"The Mundus Liber Institute continues to consider our placement of Seylos' LGBT rights as "developing" as the proper placement. Although the populace accept LGBT individuals, the fact that there are laws on the books shows that this nation could easily do better, and instead of seeing that the populace have decided to reject our hard work entirely, even going so far as to want to bring diplomatic consequences upon our sponsor nation, who had nothing to do with the survey. Our survey was just merely stating the obvious: It's clear that Seylos is a place that's friendly for the LGBT but legally speaking they're not completely safe, and this could be abused by one cop with a personal vendetta or corrupt corporations to inflict punishment on individuals on this basis.  As such, Seylos has developing rights towards the LGBT. That was our main concern, that's why Seylos was placed where it was, and it was clearly taken the wrong way.

However, we do not apologize because when you see your reflection in the mirror it scares you. We've simply stated the facts as they are, nothing more, nothing less.

Furthermore, King Aidan himself made a short speech that was featured on an SBC Article which was mired in error. First, he states that the survey results are not representative of the Seylosian people, which is true, they're representative of his objective failure as a king. We are aware of the strenght of Seylos' monarchy, and therefore we know that instead of making that speech pandering to the masses he could've removed the oppressive laws that got his nation that ranking in the first place. It is safe to say that Mundus Liber is not impressed by Seylos' new king. He then goes on to attribute the lack of a vocabulary to distinguish the non-LGBT from the LGBT, when in fact English lacks this because for a long time LGBT individuals were not even recognized to exist at all. He lastly ends by saying that what happens between two consenting adults is not the concern of outside parties. If so, we must ask, why does he keep those archaic laws on the book?

In closing, 'As far as we're concerned, these Sey-whatever people can kiss our arse.'"


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Hello! It is that time of the year again, and Mundus Liber has a brand-new survey. Now yes, this survey is being done during one of the most inactive moments of the region and yes it's long, but it'll be remaining open a long time to counterbalance all of that.

Without further ado, I present to thee, the second Mundus Liber Survey!


The results of this may or may not be mapped.


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Here are the results of the Inalienable Right Survey, which took place in August 2018. This survey did not really take into account the results of the LGBT Rights Survey and did miss Euthanasia, but that'll have its own survey, I promise.


Link to the Google Spreadsheet




Here's some collective graphics provided by Google:




The above graph has a lot of colors that aren't very distinct so I'll just put the percentage and color description next to their amount of legal workings hours below, starting with "The government does not regulate working hours"  and going clockwise:

Light blue - The government does not regulate working hours - 40.6%

Dark Green - 18 hour days maximum - 3.1%

Green - 14 hour days maximum - 6.3%

Dark Blue - 12 hour days maximum - 9.4%

Purple - 11 hour days maximum - 3.1%

Turquoise - 10 hour days maximum - 12.5%

Dull Yellow - 9 hour days maximum - 3.1%

Bright Violet - 8 hour days maximum - 9.4%

Dark Red - 6 hour days maximum - 3.1%

Puke Green - Varies for all freemen between 8-11 hour days maximum, slaves work more - 3.1%

Dark Purple - Employees may work up to sixty hours a week, self-employed persons up to 80 hours per week - 3.1%

Pink - 8 hour days is the usual, overtime pay for up to four hours, specialized workers may work up to 12 hours a day - 3.1%




Thanks to everyone who took the survey.


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