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Filteries Political Simulator

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Via someone's else NS Twitter account, I discovered this fun political simulator on filteries.com.

The Filteries political simulator has loads of sliders and options and graphs for you to play around with.

Based on your choices, you end up with a different kind of government, from United States analogue to communist utopia to raw fascism.

I had a go at it for 5 minutes, and this is what it looks like. This is related to the 8 values political test, but with much more detailed results.


You can try it here: http://filteries.com/politics It also pops up on Reddit every now and then.

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This is roughly how Mauridiviah works.... apparently, I'm a Republican Monarchy.




(I later slightly adjusted the Healthcare slide to allow for some private industry, and that put the dot on the political spectrum on the left, it's just it didn't occur to me until after I took the screenshot of the results so :P.)

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Apparently taxes in the Sunset Sea Islands are not very fun. Healthcare and education are free but the tax man will bleed you dry when it comes to real estate and inheritance.

I have yet to figure out how that wheel works, since some values are labled as "NaN", but when it worked, it was similar to @Mauridiviah, only one level further away from the centre.

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It would appear my country works in this simulator.

Important Edit: Hello, so I moved some of the tariffs down and adjusted the sliders a bit to make it more accurate. It turns out that my budget surplus is actually around 2.7% of my GDP. Mind you, I set it to world government (which for some reason reduces the amount you make and makes you more globalist), but I am fine with that surplus.



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