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Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit


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With the introduction of the new Ahranaian Government comes with the meetings with the said Government, the Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana has sent out formal letters to several nations to begin the formal Process.


As Alexsandra begun prepping her New Office for the first Meeting of several she looked to be sure everything was where it all needed to be. Her Staff were ready and the Palace was ready, after-all they were friendly faces that would be coming first. She only hoped that with recent events the Relationship that @Asgeirria and Ahrana had enjoyed under the previous Government was not gone but still present. As the final things were coming into the Office such as Asgeirrian Flags and a few other things.

She sat down to look over a few Documents that needed her attention while drinking some tea, unlike her predecessor she didn't Drink Alcohol during the day or even more she rarely had Alcohol. She believed it a bad look on the Ahranaians Part when doing Diplomatic Hosting. She picked up the phone for the FKI Barracks and waited for someone to answer the other line...

FKI Barracks 0045, this is Secretary General Lars I was just checking on the Regiments that are to be posted at the Airport for Security for each Diplomatic Visit we get in the coming days and today. How is that going Captain?

Well Ma'am we have each Unit assigned to each Diplomatic Visit and we are about to Deploy the first Unit for the Asgeirrian Vist Ma'am.

Good, see to it they get there as soon as possible, I want to avoid any type of Confrontation about Security for Diplomatic Visits unlike the Ivanoff Administration Understand?

Aye, Understood Ma'am we will be on it quickly.

With that out of the way Alexsandra felt much easier on her mind at the least. It wouldn't be long now till the Asgeirrian Delegation would arrive and take the Ride in the State Car to the People's Palace. She finished the rest of her Tea and begin the fix her Uniform. She wasn't as decorated as Ivanoff but she did her Service in all Honesty and prided herself in her career and what she had done for the Country. Unlike Ivanoff she didn't wear a Cover or all of the nonsense Order Medals that ment nothing. She wore the Service Medals from her time in the Royal Regiments and the People's Army.

Now all she could do was await the arrival of the Delegation.


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Hazel Zhurong arrived with only a single guard as her entourage, an honor bestowed on the Ahranaians for their historical trustworthiness and good hospitality. This meeting was of extreme importance to the Asgeirrian government and representative, as security and stability in the north was paramount to their far-reaching strategic objectives. She was endowed with the authority to make or break deals as she saw fit, acting as an Avatar of the Emperor, and as such, was expected to make trenchant judgements on the viability of a continued relationship in light of recent shifts in the geopolitical climate.

As their vehicle arrived at the palace, she took a moment to admire the architecture of the People's Palace. It was very baroque, a trait she had found to be pleasantly common in Ahrana, especially the government buildings she frequented in her visits to the Argic nation. She continued to admire the building as she stepped out and waited to be summoned. The weather was very agreeable to the Asgeirrians at this time of year, and Hazel was content to wait in the summer sun for as long as was necessary, preferring the warmth to the uncomfortably cool air conditioning of the vehicle she had arrived in.

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As Alexsandra was finishing the preparations for the Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Summit she heard what was gates opening up, she looked out the window and could see it was the Asgeirrian Delagation. Her first Diplomatic Foreign Visit from another Country was here. She was both excited yes but also nervous.

She begun to walk down to the main hall to greet Hazel Zhurong to Ahrana as she was getting closer to the door she begun to run a bit just to beat the doors before they opened and to catch her breathe. She made it before the doors opened and walked forward...

Ah, Hazel Zhurong welcome to Ahrana and welcome to the People's Palace the Administrative Organ of the Federation. I hope the trip from the airport was pleasant and not to horrible. Please do come I have Tea, Cakes, and some other small food items for you to delight yourself to. 

They walked to the Secretary Generals Office and went to the Formal sitting area, as she opened the door it was like she was entering the office for the first time over and over. They walked over and took a seat and the butler held  out a tray of Tea and some other goodies.

So Miss Zhurong, what I hope to accomplish here with this Summit is to reiterate just how much your Country means to the Federation as a whole and what we could except in the near future. Hopefully when we are done here we could say we created a stronger friendship than before. So what is it that I can help explain my Governments commitment to yours?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Legate Zhurong sat, daintily taking some tea and cake from the tray.

"You are a good hostess, Secretary General, though I am quite used to being treated with adult beverages on state visits." She said, joking about the former secretary general's mild alcoholism. Asgeirrian state visitors had always been quite delighted by the former SG's laxness with protocol, a welcome change from the formality of Asgeirrian court.

She shifted from jocularity to frankness almost immediately, 'getting down to business', as it was known elsewhere.

"High Command was shocked and appalled by the recent business with the blockade; we were caught in a quite awkward predicament of having a fleet of Ahranaian ships under our flag being stopped due to the breakdown of support from your government, and with whole business with Xara... We're just not sure if Ahrana is capable of not cracking under diplomatic pressure from major players. We have seen concessions every time an external force has put pressure on Ahrana. We cannot justify supporting the Ahranaian state if it will not support itself. How can you be seen as a reliable ally when you fold so quickly to the threat of conflict?"

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As Core sat and listened to what Miss Zhurong had to say about the Ivanoff Administration and about the Blockade that was in place under Ivanoffs Administration and on how Ahrana could be seen as a reliable ally in the eyes of the Asgeirrian Government. Core took some time to think while Zhurong was talking to know what she would reply with:

Miss Zhurong, the Ivanoff Administration was the one who folded under the demands of TRIDENT not this new Government. I have merely avoided a Bloody Conflict that was sure to follow with that Confrontation. Ivanoff knew what would happen once he mobilized the Southern Fleet towards Xara and yet he did not take in those consideration. In Ahrana we have to still abide by the Statute of Peace that has been in place for many Years, even with the Fall of the Kingdom the Transitional Government and the Socialist Government that has followed that has honored the commitment to the Statute of Peace as it cannot truly be nullified by any Ahranaian Law but only changed. As for Ahrana being a reliable Ally to the Asgeirrian Government, we have not cut back the amount of Naval Trainers we send to Asgeirria nor have we banned trade or any of that sort. We see Asgeirria as the most reliable and only true Ally of the Federation. I am not sure if you and the Government have caught the Speeches and Press Releases from me and the Presidium but Ahrana is getting a new Face one that will either shake those who threaten the boarder and Principles we hold dear or make a new Name in the International Realms. No more is Ahrana going to be seen as a week and fable country that fights its own people no more.

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The legate listened to her counterpart intently, focusing on the meaning behind the words. It was clear that the Ahranaians were in a vulnerable position, still reeling from the blow to their regional influence TRIDENT had dealt. She had to respect the strength and capability for aggressive action TRIDENT had shown.

Asgeirrians, more than anything, responded to strength, and the Ahranaians had much potential in that department, though the amicability of their culture had corrupted their ability to project their power.

Right now the secretary general was doing damage control, talking about new faces, statutes of peace, naval trainers... Alexsandra was so passionate about what she was talking about, if a little naive.

"Of course Asgeirria will support Ahrana through these turbulent times. It is now, more than ever, that your people need the strength of ours to..." she paused, at a loss for words.

'sh*t', she thought, her mind racing, 'terrible time to blank out'.

"...come forward as a guide to the path of parity, peace, and prosperity. Asgeirria has stood the test of time over two thousand years, and we hope to see Ahrana standing by our side for thousands more to come."

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As Core was listening to Zhurong talk and when she went blank Core thought to herself, that is normal when in a Diplomatic situation not everyone can remember what they want to say. 

As she finished she knew what was meant and knew how to respond.

I agree that the times this Country is in is very turbulent yes and that allies are the most important thing that Ahrana needs at this time. If the relationship that was formed under Ivanoff and now revamped by me can stand the test of times then it would a sign from God that our two Countries can form something unknown to the world. 

As the successor to Ivanoff I'm having to fix everything that was messed up and corrupted by the people who rigged Elections and the Government. It's been difficult and Ahrana is having to find not just a few Allies but several nation's that will become Allies with Ahrana. It is the most important time that any relationship Ahrana has with any Country that the relationship be noticed and persued further now more than every. In the coming months Ahrana will be undergoing drastic changes and some may be seen by the Hardline Socialists as wrong and redundant but everything needs to happen and I hope Asgeirria will by our side all the way.

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Hazel nodded.

"Yes, allies that stand by one's side through thick and thin are hard to come by, especially in this day and age."

She paused and took a cookie from the platter, munching thoughtfully.

"Perhaps as a show of continuing good faith and cooperation, you could arrange for a Asgeirrian naval base to be allowed in Xara. We could base ships there for joint training exercises, have a classis there to support the airspace security of both Xara and yourself, and of course having a resident ICE legion would significantly improve damage prevention, mitigation, and repair from natural and man-made disasters."

The legate finished her cookie and rested her back in the chair.

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With a bold request that was no doubt in confliction of what was agreed with TRIDENT Core would have to deny such a thing given recent agreements so forth.

"Miss Hazel, Ahrana is fully committed to support Asgeirria in certain occasions of need yet with recent events and Treaties with some countries I would have to deny the idea doing such a thing. Now I have ideas of securing land either in the area near your country for Research and Military Exercises but allowing your Country to have a small base in the port of Vulgus Supra is not possible at the current time."

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Hazel cocked her head to the side slightly, and delicately wiped some crumbs from the side of her mouth.

"Ah, so Ahrana wishes for Asgeirrian support, Asgeirrian resources, to conduct research in Asgeirrian territory, all the while you make deals with some countries?" She spat out the last two words like she had bitten into rotten fruit.

Asgeirrian Intelligence had kept up with the transition between governments as they could, and from what they could tell, Ahrana was more inclined to bend to the whim of TRIDENT than it was to maintain its own organizational integrity. Dictatorship or not, a very public extradition of a head of state at what amounted to the behest of a larger organization was diplomatic suicide. They hadn't used the man as a bargaining chip, they had wholesale given up what shred of political independence from the influence of TRIDENT they had left. There was a sort of poetic justice to it; Prymont, a small and feeble nation, waiting for the weakness of its neighbor to call its cronies in a bid to bring down the once mighty beast. Like hyenas to a diseased wildebeest.

"Asgeirria has always been a friend to the Ahranaian people, and the friendship has outlasted several of their governments. But I was not sent here to reaffirm Asgeirria's support of your people. I was sent here to make a pragmatic decision on whether or not a continued alliance with Ahrana would be beneficial. So tell me, is an alliance between our nations no longer mutually beneficial?"

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"The Alliance between Ahrana and Asgeirria is a fruitful as it was when the Provisional Government created the Alliance of our nations, Ahrana hasn't turned its back on Asgeirria we value the Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Alliance here in Moskovo in-fact when my Government was coming into Office half of the Ministry was against the idea of keeping such a Alliance alive. I choose to keep the Alliance alive and hoped that asking a Member of the Asgeirrian Government that my good will would've shown my support for the Alliance.

Ahrana hasn't stopped viewing Asgeirria as the ultimate Ally we just have to make other outlets for security in Xara with the rest of Central Argis being against the Federation and her wishes. I can see how the Asgeirrian Government sees this as week and feeble minded and unjust form of reasoning for the motives behind the recent events but let me make this clear and evident. The Core Administration, my Government, will not and shall not be ridiculed and pushed around by States that sponsor Terrorists and Murders of a high degree. I will not be lectured or be manipulated into giving into demands that I do not agree with, the agreements that this Government has made with TRIDENT and her members were discussed by those who needed to be involved and I have made sure that Ahrana benefits from the deal. Furthermore, Asgeirria and her Government were not included in the talks with TRIDENT as Asgeirria has or had no reason to be included as Xara is Ahranaian and Xaraian. The Respectful Governments have allowed Asgeirrian Engineer Corps in Xara and Ahrana to help build the Infrastructure but if the Asgeirrian Government feels as it has been neglected or mistreated then I assure you everything can go back to normal before Xara was incorporated into the Federation. The Naval Trainers and Shipbuilders and so forth can also be recalled at a moments notice and the Naval Co-operation we have will cease and all Ahranaian Tech will be destroyed, but I hope it doesn't come to this as like I said I value the Relationship we endure."

Core wasn't going to take getting her ass handed to her in her own Country let alone her own Office, if the World was to think she was week and feeble then the world was and is going to be in a shocker state.

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She had seen this behavior before, when hunting for bear. Searching for escape from confrontation when backed into a corner, then becoming vicious. All it would take is one quick thrust of a spear, and...

"You say half your ministry was against continuing an alliance, and yet Asgeirria is one of Ahrana's oldest and most loyal allies. Would it not be political suicide to end such an alliance upon coming into office? No, the only group that stands to gain from us ending our alliance is TRIDENT, which means either you're lying or Ahrana is now a puppet state."

Hazel was patient, and she would get what she wanted. Sooner or later, and it would more likely be sooner if she had anything to do with it. Ahrana might have turned a blind eye to it, but High Command saw with perfect clarity the threat that TRIDENT presented. All that could not resist would become puppets to their whim and will. They had seen it all before, they could smell war brewing. Asgeirria would endure, as it had for the past two thousand years. Even the Aroman empire at its height could not bring the Asgeirrians to heel.

But Ahrana was relatively young on the world stage. They had missed the eras of great empires stretching across oceans and eons. It seemed like they changed governments every few months. Perhaps this delightful tart would be replaced with another potato-swilling alcoholic, all the while either ignoring or catering TRIDENT and it's growing influence.

Hazel softened her approach.

"Ms Core, Ahrana's current policy of appeasement is, frankly, irresponsible. TRIDENT doesn't have the interests of Ahrana at heart. They exist to expand their influence and add to their list of puppets and cronies.

Many Asgeirrians, on the other hand, have family and property in your nation. I myself have family here, former Ahranaians now own small businesses in Asgeirria. We have a symbiosis between our two nations, one that will be sorely missed by both sides should that be jeopardized. And as far as I am concerned, Ahrana falling prey toTRIDENeven would end our relationship."

She paused, allowing her words to sink in.

"Alexsandra, I speak now as a friend not only to the Ahranaian people, but also to you. What we are asking for is a plot of land by the coast, not in vulgus supra, to build a port in. This port will be a strategic locus and against foreign incursions, with a shared garrison of Ahranaians and Asgeirrians. Asgeirrian ships will have priority, as Ahranaian ones have in their own berths. In times of emergency, ships will receive equal treatment. We are offering to build an entirely new naval base in Xara, to support operations in the Verde sea. This is not only a small request, but it is beneficial to Ahrana and Asgeirria equally.

However, if the Federation lacks the sovereignty of its own land to grant such a miniscule request, then it is clear that the cause is lost. Our borders will remain open to refugees from Ahrana, but all else will be withdrawn. We cannot afford for our legions from the imperial corps of Engineers to be overrun by pro-trident forces. This is the outcome we desire least, but we cannot afford to be allies with a puppet of our enemy."

Unless Ahrana no longer had control of its own land, there was no reason to deny such a request. To build a naval base at no cost to the host was a very good deal; the host's economy would see a significant boost as naval bases were very expensive projects and the materials for the construction would come primarily from the surrounding cities. In fact, Ahrana had made a similar request earlier in the negotiations, with the inquiry about research in Asgeirria.

"If Ahrana is no longer in sovereign control of its land, your government is welcome to evacuate to Asgeirria until control can be regained. We will dedicate our full military might to the endeavor. But if you are either content as a puppet or simply lack interest in our alliance, then I will take my leave."


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Core felt insulted that such a bold move and statement would be made, one that would call her out even with everything she has done for Asgeirria in recent months since coming to power. The Foregin Ministry, Trade Ministry, Intelligence Ministry, and several others had warned Core of this and it was because of this they felt the Alliance was no longer needed, but Core told the Ministries off and told then it was treason to go against something as old as this. Yet now, she to agreed with the Ministries.

"Miss Hazel, while I value everything Asgeirria has done for the Ahranaian People and Government in recent Years I will sadly once again deny you land in Xara for a Port. It will never and shall not happen, that land in Xara is to be of use for another reason. 

Now with you stating my Government is nothing but a mere puppet state of TRIDENT, unlike Asgeirria in recent months they have offered to double efforts to Modernize Xara and her Port/Capital City, they have also stated that if any Country that has ill relations towards Ahrana that they would aid to a point which is all good for my Country I had opted for those such measures and they agreed. 

Next, I have never since becoming part of Politics been push around and tried to be humiliated by anyone as everyone who thought about trying knew or found out that I am someone who does not back down or know how to give in. I am someone who will win in the end not the other person. So therefore I ask you are you sure you wish to go down this Path Diplomatically and Verbally because im sure you do not wish to do so. Yet I believe you do so lets go there then.

Miss. Hazel, I do not see this ending well so by Verbal Decree witnessed by the Assistant behind you I state the following:

1) All Naval Trainers in Asgeirria will be recalled

2)All Ahranaian Naval Tech and any-other Tech will be torched starting at 10:08

3)The Asgeirrian Consulates will be shut down allowing only a Embassy in the Capital to run all Foregin Operations

4)Any Person that works Asgeirrian Intelligence that is in Ahrana or Xara will be trialed for Espionage and put to a life sentence commute in the Northern Prisons

5)All Asgeirrian Personal in Xara have a week to leave or face Jail time for not heeding the Decree

6)The Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Alliance will be nullified by this Executive Decree by my signature

7)Any violation made by the Asgeirrian Military to any Territory of the Federation or Xara will be seen as hostile and will be met with force instead of Peace.

So I ask you this, would a Puppet state risk an Alliance in-order to defend the honor of the Federation and its People or is this what you call a Cowards move? Please do be carful with you next words."

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"So you are in league with TRIDENT. Our intelligence suspected as much, and now I have confirmed it."

Hazel stood, placing one hand on the decorative knife that hung from her sash.

"You bring dishonor to the people of Ahrana, they deserve more than the base courtesan of foreign governments as a leader. You will pay for your betrayal of your people.

She spat at Core's face, and left.

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With that move she made it was technically considered rude and disrespectful and can be a life sentence or even a death sentence. Core wasn't going to have it.

Please call the FKI at the Vulgus Supra port to apprehend all Asgeirrian Military Personal and to close all Consoulates immediately. Also please inform the Asgeirrian Embassador Delegation at the Airport that a Crime has been committed and that Miss Hazel will face a trial and she will answer to why she done what was done in the eyes of Ahranaian Justice. Personally I want her to sit in a Ahranaian Prison and understand that what was done was not acceptable and unprofessional.

As of today Asgeirria is no longer an Ally of Ahrana and the Executive Order is Official and if the Asgeirrian Government wants to get Miss Hazel then they must formally apologize on her behalf.

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Hazel slid her knife out of its sheath, and hid it inside her robe. She pressed her panic button, and spoke over her throat mic.

"You've heard what they have said. Treachery. I am not safe. Get a message to our men at Vulgus Supra, they need to be ready to evacuate within a week. Pull our men from the country."

The guard had been listening over the mic as was customary, in case of duress. Unfortunately, the chances of such a situation happening here were very low, and he hadn't been paying attention until voices were raised. Nevertheless, he made the call, and readied himself. Afterwards, he stepped out of the car, ordered the driver to lock the doors, and not open for anyone but him or the legate. His ceremonial armor was hot and cumbersome, but he didn't have time to take it off. The meeting had been so short, in fact, that he hadn't had a chance to piss. He hustled along, though, armor clanking. He tried to kick in the doors, almost knocking himself off balance, before he tried the handle and realized it was unlocked.


He opened the door, and stepped through, ceremonial shield raised, unnecessarily shiny spear hafted above it. His eyes searched for the legate as he carefully stepped into the room.


High Command received the message, and turned the Asgeirrian fleet around to evacuate the ICE legions. They sent a message through, short and to the point.

"Ahranaian treachery, FKI hostile, hold your ground, fire if fired upon, evac en route."

All Ahranaian military members were given the option to either stay until the end of their shore leave or immediately back on their boats, but the boats were restricted from leaving their berths until all Asgeirrian personnel were safely evacuated from their country. Any Ahranaian agents attempting to compromise tech aboard Asgeirrian vessels were detained, tried as spies, and sentenced to reeducation accordingly, before their release to Ahranaian officials upon the safe return of all Asgeirrian personnel.

Any Ahranaian personnel currently being held for small infractions would be transferred to their ships.

Any Ahranaians currently seeking medical services would have their treatment completed, and given the option to either stay and complete their treatment, or leave the country as soon as they were capable of travel.

Ahranaian agents that were identified would be apprehended, tried as spies, and returned to Ahrana upon the safe release of all Asgeirrian personnel.

There were no Asgeirrian agents in Ahrana, as it was considered rude have spies in allied nations.

The Ahranaian embassy in Asgeirria was given notice of the ongoing, and further notification regarding delivery of Ahranaian personnel.

Ahranaian nationals were either fitted with unintrusive tracking devices for the remainder of their visit, or refunded any money they might have paid for future services, and delivered to the nearest embassy to be outprocessed.

Charter flights were prepared for the safe transit of these individuals.


The ICE legions were very lightly armed, with a minimal supply of ammunition, food, and water. They recalled whoever they could from the town, and set up a perimeter around their camp. They were trained to fight, but the loss of thousands of highly educated engineers and skilled laborers was an unacceptable outcome. They could only hope that help would arrive before the situation deteriorated.

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As Core walked to her desk she begun writing a letter to the Asgeirrian Government:

To: The Government of Asgeirria

From: Secretary General Alexsandra Core

It is sad to say that your Diplomat, Miss Hazel has violated Diplomatic Protocol and therefore has lost her Diplomatic Immunity in the Federation of Ahrana. 

With and by Executive Decree all ICE Legions in Xara will be given a plane by third party Airliners to travel home, also all equipment will be sent back at a moment's notice and availability by the Ahranaian Military Transport which would be the only way I am comfortable sending back your equipment. 

All Ahranaian Ship Tech is to either be done by the following; Torching, Stripping from Ships or can be bought by the Asgeirrian Government for a reasonable price.

As for Miss Hazel, Protocol calls for her to be arrested and trialed in the court of law. However I am willing to make an exception for the following, the Asgeirrian Government must apologize for the behavior Miss Hazel displayed and a formal letter to be sent to my Office directed to me and a News Release by the Asgeirrian Government publicly stating the apology towards me and the Ahranaian People for her actions.

If this can be done then all is forgiven but the Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Alliance is no longer available for either side to use. 

With deep apologies and sincerity,

Alexsandra M. L. Core

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To: SG Aleksandra Core

From: John Valentino

Dearest madame,

It is with sincere regret that I find that an Accord could not be struck between our nations. High Command informs me that you have chosen the path of cooperation with the group known as TRIDENT. I personally hope that this, in the end, benefits your people as you seem to think it will. However, as the head of a civilized state, I must condemn your association with the perpetrators of grievous war crimes.

As you might understand, Asgeirrians are a very proud, stubborn people. It would be difficult for me to order our troops to stand down and surrender, as such an action has never been taken by an Imperator. I humbly request that you allow our transports to dock at the shore nearest the legions, while the escorts stay twenty miles off your coast. They will then evacuate in an organized and thorough manner, cleaning up the encampment as they go. The transports will go directly to their escorts, and they will leave the Verde sea en route to asgeirria.

As for the tech and equipment aboard our ships, all items belonging to your government and it's people will be rightfully returned. However, as we have already paid a generous amount for the procurement of items installed on our ships, it would not be possible for us to pay a second time for the aforementioned inventory. We will, however, return all your personnel at no cost to yourself, as well as their personal affects.

As for the behavior of my envoy, I apologize for any slight you perceived. The government will issue a statement according to how this uncomfortable transition period goes, hopefully one to your liking, should this transfer of personnel go on without incident.

I appreciate your patience and concern for the peace between our two great nations. I hope that these events have not put undue stress on yourself and your office, and that you will opt for the just treatment of all parties involved.

Yours very truly,

John Valentino

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To: John Valentino

From: Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core of the Federation of Ahrana

In regards to our last transmission I will say the following, all Asgeirrian Diplomats except the ones needed at the Embassy in Moskovo will be asked to leave within 72 Hours of this Transmission. With the Corps in Xara the following can be agreed to, the Asgeirrian Navy will wait just outside the Ahranaian Waters and the Asgeirrian Men will be given a Lift by the Ahranaian Medical Vessel that responds to Humanitarian needs to the agreed point of meeting established by your Government respectfully. The AMS Alexander is not a Military Vessel so therefore it has no actual means to defend against any Military Bombardment, therefore I say this if the AMS Alexander is fired on it is and will be seen as an act of War by the Federations Government.

As for the Tech on your ships, please do keep it as it is just mere tech that will be out of date in the near future. As for the equipment on the ground from your country the Military Transport will pick the Equipment up and transport it to your closest Naval Ship or if we must to your nearest Airport.

Regarding Miss Hazel, she will be given a Federal Police Escort to the Airport and asked for Her Ahranaian Identification Papers that she possess and read the following:

Hazel Zhurong of the Republic of Asgeirria, henceforth decided by the Head of Government and State the Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Alexsandra M. L. Core, you are expelled from the Federation of Ahrana and stripped of Diplomatic Rank in The Federation and you are stripped of all Ahranaian Identification for Diplomats and Foreigners. It is asked that you comply respectfully and that you leave without causing to much commotion. We thank you for what you have done and what your Country has done for the Federation and wish you well in the rest of your life. May the Trip be a swift one and a pleasant one.

I hope this is seen as a gesture of my good will and my Humanity as my protocol calls for her to be trialed but I am willing to allow her to leave on her own two feet and alive and well.

It is sad to see that our relationship has come to this and I hope your people will one day wish to re-establish some connections with Ahrana in the future past our lifetime.

With Honor and Sincerity,

Alexsandra M. L. Core


As Core sat and finished what she would call and label as her last transmission to Asgeirria for foreseeable future she turned and picked up the Blue Phone that calls the FKI.

Tell all units to stand down the Federal Police will handle the situation from here, and make sure the Units in Xara stand down if anyone is killed I will have your Head Undersecretary Greggor understood?

Aye Ma'am understood right away!

She then looked over to the window to allow the Car with Hazel to leave the Palace Grounds with a one head nod the gates opened for the car to leave and the Federal Police were awaiting the Car to procced to the Airport.

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  • 2 weeks later...

To: Alexsandra Core, SG

From: John Valentino, EeP

Dearest madam,

I regret to inform you that, having conferred with the Legate in charge of the ICE Legions in Xara, they will not accept what is summarily an unconditional surrender, to Ahrana or anyone else. I'm sure as you've spent some time in our nation, you understand what exactly it means to ask a unit to surrender under any circumstance. They, and myself, would be ruined for having carried out such a dishonorable act. My final offer on the subject is to have the Asgeirrian fleet stand off twenty (20) miles off your coast, and send in ONLY transports to pick up my troops and the extent of their equipment. There is no reason to decline this offer, as a surprise attack on a former ally would be both uncharacteristic and dishonorable. I am afraid that this is the only way High Command can proceed, and this will not change. There will be no looting, no damage of property, no prymontery of any kind. The ICE legions must maintain their reputation as an international force for peacekeeping and humanitarianism, and any misconduct would certainly tarnish that image. I assure you, all members of our august Corps of Engineers are hand-selected, from the lowest-ranking laborer to the head engineer.


John Valentino




The situation in the Argic region was quite politically precarious for the Emperor, as the breakdown of one of Asgeirria's oldest alliances was quite the nail in the coffin. Having a Legate escorted to an airport and read statements like a criminal was another nail, and if he ordered thousands of Asgeirrian men to disarm and file aboard a foreign ship like prisoners of war, he would likely be violently deposed, and hanged in the streets. High Command had suspected the confrontation of Ahrana's subservience to TRIDENT might end the relationship, but it had gone south quite quickly, and damage control would be necessary. While Asgeirria could, without a doubt, crush Ahrana in a one-on-one war, it was predicted that TRIDENT would join such a conflict to solidify their control of Ahrana, and thus, the Argic region. Conflict was to be avoided, but High Command would not hesitate to bring the enemy to their knees. The optimal outcome they could hope for was a peaceful withdrawal of personnel and equipment, and for the Emperor not to be drawn and quartered.

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As Core received the latest reply from the Leader of Asgeirria it infuriated her knowing that the resilience if the Asgeirrians were strong and that they were probably already planning a War Cabinet for the Government. Core saw the Asgeirrians as War mongers and nothing more, they had used Hazel and knew well in advance how the meeting would go and most likely hoped that a provocation by Hazel would push the Ahranaian Government to the edge of what would ultimately be War. 

The Asgeirrians were definitely a confident people and ones who would not know when to give in, however Core was the same and she never once lost a Battle both Physically and Diplomaticly/Verbally. She was for sure going to make her point made and make sure that if any violations to her demands would result into somothey wouldn't want.


To: John Valentino, Emperor

From: Alexsandra M. L. Core, Secretary General


After receiving and reviewing your last wire I have and my Ministers have come to the following conclusions. 

Firstly, no Asgeirrian Naval Vessel will be allowed no more than 30 nautical miles from the Ahranaian Shoreline. Any violation to this will result in a warning shot from the Battleship APS Alexsandra.

Secondly, once the fleet has arrived the Ahranaian Navy will allow toop ships to come ashore for only 7 hours no more than that. Any deviation or suspicious activity will result in a warning shot from APS Alexsandra.

Thirdly, these are and is the last deal I will attempt to strike with you and the Government. If you refuse the following then I'm afraid the men will have to stay put and follow Ahranaian Laws like the rest of the Foreign Personal in the Federation. Ultimately I urge you to accept this and allow this to be what is followed.

With respect,

Alexsandra M. L. Core

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To: SG Core

From: John Valentino

Dear madame,

30 or 20 miles, it makes no difference to me. Our troops will be fully prepared for embarkment by the time the troop ships arrive. All equipment, supplies, and personnel belonging to ICE will be removed. Anything already built, and materials already delivered for the continued building of infrastructure and other projects in Xara will be left for the locals to continue with the training given them by ICE.



E et P,

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As Core received the last Communication from the Asgeirrian Government she picked up her phone and called the FKI Headquarters to fill them in.


This is Secretary General Core, after recent Communications with the Asgeirrian Government all ICE are to be left to their own devices, I also do encourage some personal to help them load their equipment on their transports. If they refuse the help then step off and allow them to work. Once they are about to disembark make sure they've left nothing behind. UnderstUnderstood? 

Aye Ma'am understood.

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ICE and Hazel complied with the terms well. ICE made sure to clean up trash and other messes in their areas, before leaving on the Asgeirrian transports. Hazel and her entourage arrived at the airport unarmed, where they went through all the processes to leave.

Ahranaian agents and personnel were returned to their home country IAW the outlined executive orders mentioned above. It was a very civil end to a breakdown which might have led to a bloodbath.

Asgeirrians were not a treacherous bunch, nor were they spiteful or begrudging. The borders were not closed to Ahranaians coming to visit family, the sights, or even to make a new home in the nation. The process was a little bit harder now, as the freedom of movement the two nations had enjoyed was no longer in effect. Ahranaian businesses in Asgeirria were grandfathered into changes in tariffs, and Peacekeepers kept watch over any at-risk areas, making sure no violence was propogated against Ahranaian citizens.

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