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Manamana League

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2qziieS.png Manamana League  2qziieS.png

What started as a bilateral project of the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, over time evolved into one of the largest international cooperations in history. When the two initial nations began digging the Manamana Canal to foster the economies of both nations and to further Technocratic ideas, nobody would have expected that workers from eight ethnically and ideologically different nations would work together in harmony at the site just a few months later. The growing worker's settlement has grown into a vibrant, international melting pot of cultures. Couples form, marriages are contracted and children are born and raised in Manamana. Currently, there are 137.500 men working in Manamana, not including their families and people working in essential services. Now, it is impossible to deny what has happened: a new city has been born out of nothing but friendship and Elegy Superconcrete(TM).

So far, the project was under administration of a Synturian-Sunset-Sea-Islandian council. With a real city under its rule, the assembly decided that a bilateral council can no longer represent the voices of eight different national groups. Therefore, the council invites the local representatives of @Andalla, @Mauridiviah, @Asgeirria, @Shffahkia, @Little Flau and @Selayar to a meeting to establish a new organisation to replace the current council: the Manamana League.

Workforce distribution at the Manamana Canal construction site.

OOC: Whilst this project will certainly foster the economies of all involved nations, please keep in mild that technocratic influences should gain a little popularity in your nations. The project is still intended to serve the cause it was designed to server: spreading technocracy through the world.

OOC 2: All numbers stated are interchangable. I put in ten thousand as a base value sind I don't know how fast population at such places grows. It'd be help me out if y'all would tell me how many workers you intend to dispatch to Manamana. Mauridiviah pointed out that the Panama Canal was smaller and built by 75,000 people, so I wouldn't mind cranking the numbers up to 100,000 if nobody would mind.

OOC 3: After consulting with most Manamana members, we've cranked the numbers up quite a bit. @Shffahkia calculated that if the Manamana Canal was built around the same time and technological level as the Panama Canal, it would require 133.500 workers. Currently, we're sitting at 137.500, which might already be enough, if you take modern technology into consideration. Feel free to edit your numbers in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1msBUzgX9JG1K1mbvWva6z8AJXKhVi30zneXU84k6yG4/edit?usp=sharing

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2qziieS.png Manamana League 2qziieS.png

The offices of the Joint Canal Administration lay atop a hill amidst the worker's settlement. Following the announcement of the upcoming foundation of the Manamana League, flag manufacturers from the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands hastily began producing League flags and shipping them to the city. The roads leading to the offices were decorated in black and gold, confetti and celebrating people everywhere. The administration declared the day to be a holiday for the workers to celebrate the growth of their family and the progress they have made over the course of the last few months. The people cheered when the parade of black limousines passed them in the streets on their way to the offices.

The eight cars parked in front of the building. The first to leave were the local representatives of the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. The two shook hands and ascended the short flight of stairs to the gates of the building where they waited for the next representative to welcome.

The door of the third limousine opened.

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From the third limousine, which is more or less a heavily armored vehicle that's been made to look like a limousine, steps out Adélaïde Larue, the representative of Shffahkia. She walks up the stairs and shakes the hands of the representatives from @Synturia and @Sunset Sea Islands also exchanging pleasantries  with them after which she proceeds to go into the building. 

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After three limousines in a row, it was really time for a mix up. As such it was the perfect time for the Mauridivian delegation to arrive. The government of Mauridiviah had gotten the delegation to Manamana a nice and regular four door car that was silver and not black (the color black is just so depressing). And it was that car that rolled up to the offices of the Joint Canal Administration. Out of the car stepped a the driver and an aide. The representative from Mauridiviah, Sebastián Torres, had now arrived.

He walked up the stairs prepared for the media presence at the event. Unlike his predecessors, he'd come up with a genius solution to the bright and completely unnecessary flashes of cameras: sunglasses. They also had the upside of making him look like a bad***, so they were overall a win.

He finished walking up the stairs and shook hands with the the representatives from @Synturia and the @Sunset Sea Islands, not really down for the fake smiles and compliments today, before he and his aide walked into the building.

"Such weirdos, those two. You know, my cousin says that those two countries don't actually exist, and they're just a cover for the robot takeover led by Prymont." said Marta (Yes, that Marta) once they were out of earshot and in the building.

"Such frivolous nonsense. Prymont wouldn't lead a robot takeover, it'd be Morheim!" said Torres, taking off his sunglasses as it was getting hard to see once inside of the building.


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