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Aligning moderators across our platforms

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Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such helpdesk topics as "GDPR updates", "Forum upgrade tonight" and "A Brief Reorganisation".

Tonight, we would like to discuss the important topic of the moderator. Moderators, or "mods" as are sometimes also called, are a valuable and important element of making sure the community stays happy and healthy. 

The Issue

Right now, we have different moderators on this forum versus the Discord server. 

  Forum moderators Discord moderators
Moderator on one     Adaptus
Moderator on both Iverica
Sunset Sea Islands
Sunset Sea Islands

The Solution

These past days we have discussed with both groups about aligning their abilities across both platforms. Having the same moderators on both platforms will make it immediately clear who to turn to in case someone needs help. So we will be changing the roles of the above-mentioned members so they have the same powers across both platforms.

Of course, it remains ever important that the role of moderators is clear for everyone. That's why we created this easy overview of moderator guidelines.

Expect these changes to occur over the next following days.

Have a lovely Tuesday,

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