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Request: Valacia


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Nation in Europa: Valacia

Flag: wXjSKII.png

Capital name: Valkyrie (I will change this if it doesn’t fit, it’s a hold over from years ago)

Capital location: On a coastline, preferably.

Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4870-the-republic-of-valacia/?tab=comments#comment-40008933

Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4871-valacian-verified-news/


Culture: Greco/Italian Mix


Climate: Mediteranian

Location: So, this is an old copy of the map I saved before last night before you added Limonia to it, but I’m lazy and at work, so I’m just going to use it. I recognize I will be given three locations to choose from, and I would still like that in case I missed something I like, but I would like to say that I’m particularly taken with these islands. I’m not asking for all of them, I know that’s not going to happen, but I would be interested in maybe the one with the mountain? I dunno, we can talk about it  


History: The Republic of Valacia is a relatively young democracy, about 100 years old at this point. It exists as the after effects of a very successful revolution against the former monarchy system in place in the nation, then called Alleria, and is still feeling the aftershocks of it’s history of rebellions, specifically in that it’s fighting internally against rebel groups that want to install an autocrat, either a monarch or a dictator depending on the group. 


I’ll be happy to answer anything else if I missed anything, but I think that’s everything that needed covering. 

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I'm quite fine with you being on the island chain, however there is a slight overlap as I plan to expand onto the island closest to me (One with the mountain) as a sort of "Sardinia" as my first expansion.

There's also the question of where you'd expand in the future, as the island themselves cover a rather small area, and much of the surrounding land is close/enclosed by other nation.

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That's a valid point. I was thinking I would go north onto the Phallic Peninsula, but looking at it again, I recognize that perhaps that is a bit of a reach with how much distance there is there, at least if I start on the island chain. 

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Made a map to illustrate:


The westernmost island is the one that I'd look at for my own expansion, but (as long as Saale doesn't object) the remaining islands are for grabs. You can then eventually expand northwards, or alternatively start in the north.

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With Saale historically being a Variotan colony before gaining independence, this means that we'll have had some dealings in the past and presumably nowadays too. I'd love to discuss what this means for both our nations @Valacia.

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Dependent on what Saale's answer ends up being, I'll be happy to adjust, but the proposed map from Limonaia looks good to me. 

And I agree, @Variota, from the sound of things we've probably had relations in the past and present. We can discuss that in the Discord or over PM at some point if you'd like. 

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